Hal Turner Radio Show – Mexico Military Massing near US Border

Mexico Military Massing near US Border

Video has Come In to the Hal Turner Radio Show which shows A Very Significant Number of Mexican Military Troops and Armed Vehicles Massing Just South of the US Border in the California Area, LAST NIGHT.

No Word from Anyone as to Why.

No Word from Sources in US Government if this is Related to Drug Cartels or Some Other Domestic Mexican Law Enforcement Action  () or if this is A Military Operation instead of Law Enforcement.

Here is the Video that was Sent In.

Clearly this came from Social Media and the Caption in Spanish Translates toWaiting for the War Cry

But () War with Whom?

Given the Vast Movement of US Military Equipment, Personnel and Aircraft Yesterday, One wonders What’s Really in Preparation.

As is Well Known, the US has Severely Depleted our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Less than HALF its Capacity.  We have Also Depleted our Artillery and Missile Inventories, Giving All Away for Free to Ukraine.

Over 100.000 US Military Troops are Now Out of the Country on NATO’s Eastern Flank Staring at Russia.

Hundreds of Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers are Also Gone, Out of our Country, Given Away to Ukraine or Assigned to NATO over in Europe.

What is Someone Who knows All This, has Decided that Maybe NOW might be A Good Time to Try to Invade () Us?

Hal Turner Radio Show,  18 June 2023


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