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I did not plan to have this video released for at least another month, but I pushed myself this weekend to finish it because my PO Box is shutting down on June 28 and I am giving everyone one last opportunity to put something in the mail if they choose. The box expires on the 30th but I am closing it and turning in the key on Friday the 28th so if something gets there afterward I am not going to receive it and it will probably be sent back to you.

Gary Gileno
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What you are watching: This has been released in 10 different videos since early 2017. The scenes are not in chronological order however the 10 blocks are. The earliest part of video took place right after the Trump election and the end of the video is what’s happened most recently. Each block is anywhere from 6-14 minutes in length.

This video is being uploaded prematurely as I wasn’t planning on releasing this for at least another year or two but since I won’t be obtaining this footage much anymore there’s no reason to just sit on it especially considering that I do still have a youtube channel. When it comes to the subject of illegal immigration, leftistm, and the disease of the SJW this video is my magnum opus.

It’s also important to note that after the Trump victory in 2016, the left in California had a full blown meltdown and much of what is in this video occurred in the months following the Trump win. But we are now coming towards the end of the first term and the left has all but declared victory in California. There are hardly any events to go to anymore where I would be able to obtain this kind of footage so even if I were to continue doing this I wouldn’t have as many opportunities anyway.

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I am writing this to let everyone know that I am semi-retiring from this world. I say semi, because I have been politically involved off and on for over 15 years and never seem to get away from it fully no matter how hard I have tried in the past. People have been ridiculing me for years telling me that I need to get out of California. I don’t necessarily need to get out of California, but I DON’T need to fight for her anymore. As I have said repeatedly over the years, I never intended to fix California but was trying to warn the rest of the country of what was to come. People did not heed that warning. Part of heeding that warning was that people needed to mobilize in their communities and stop California from happening to their towns yet I have received emails from all over the country about how what I show in my videos has already happened where they live.

American’s live a life of great comfort. There is always plenty to eat, water always comes out of the faucet, and people living in poverty have cars, flat screen TVs, cell phones, internet, and cable. Because of this, there is no real incentive to fight the creeping tyranny. And besides, who’s got time to fight for something stupid like silly freedumb amiright? This has always been my greatest problem. People just don’t have time to fight for this country. I always hear all this silly talk of civil war and it’s just that. It’s silly. It’s silly because I am suppose to believe that the people who won’t give an hour out of their week to fight for this country are the same people who are going to go out and risk prison or death to fight in a civil war. It’s never going to happen.

For years I have tried to get people to join me at the events and what have I heard 1000’s of times? I can’t make it. I have to work.

At different intervals, the issue of my making money doing this has come up and I have heard 100s of times how I am some freeloader who needs to find a job. It never use to bother me until just recently. It bothers me now because I’ve realized that the people who say I am only about money are the same people who have told me in the past they couldn’t fight for their country because going to work and making a living was more important. I DO NOT HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO SACRIFICE MYSELF SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE A CARE FREE LIFE.

I have no regrets about the choices that I have made over the last 6-7 years but to say that I have made a sacrifice is an understatement.

The point that I am making is that the public has failed me.

I have less people working with me right now than I did 2 years ago. For the last few months I have been posting my events publicly and not one time has anybody that I hadn’t met previously shown up.

The 2018 November election was a huge turning point for me and it’s what has caused what you are seeing today in regards to grindall61.

California got trounced just as I expected it would to the point that fighting isn’t even worth the time anymore.

I decided to keep going because it’s all I know at this point.

Recently, there was a special election where someone I know personally was running for office. I knew he wouldn’t win but when he lost 70-30 that was all I needed to know. It doesn’t matter what I do or what victories I have had, at the end of the day we’re going to lose elections 70-30 because that’s just how it is in California. This election was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

I have come to realize that out of all the victories that I have been involved in and all that my teams have accomplished, things are significantly worse right now than before I started. It’s as if we never existed.

There have been questions as to why I deactivated my social media accounts. The reason has to do with my personal facebook page. I can no longer handle people that I know personally throwing all their convictions and personal beliefs out the window because Donald Trump has adopted much of the enemies platform and “we must support Trump no matter what he does.” I recently could no longer handle seeing that crap in my Facebook feed and so I turned it off.

People constantly ask me if not Trump than who? America is not going to be saved. I tell my wife on a regular basis that America is already over, people just don’t realize it yet. There is no political solution for the problems that we have in this country. Something much more severe than an election is going to have to occur to turn this ship around and that brings us back to the conversation about people being too comfortable. People are too comfortable and as long as they are comfortable they aren’t going to do anything and that has never been more evident to me than it is right now.

I also recognize that there is no one person in this country who has been more responsible for people leaving California than me. I know that if I never made these videos thousands of people would have never been exposed to my information and would probably still be living here right now. So with that, I will no longer contribute to the exodus of California.

I am not going away completely because if I see something and I have my camera I’ll take video and upload it if it’s interesting but I will no longer go out of my way to serve people who won’t go out of their way for this cause.

Lastly, YouTube and the way it has been behaving is part of the reason why this is happening but only a small part. I have been dealing with YouTube and their bullshit for almost 7 years. And it’s the culmination of the 7 years that gets to me more than what has occurred recently.

I have done my part in fighting for this country. Someone else is going to have to pick up my slack and make the sacrifice. I am now going to be like everyone else and am going to be a spectator in the most spectacular crash in world history.


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