Graeme & Tom Yorston – Rosemary Kennedy, Lobotomised for Being Different (Documentary)

Rosemary Kennedy, Lobotomised for Being Different (Documentary)

Published 19 feb 2022

Professor Graeme Yorston

This Video is One of the Saddest Stories of the 20th Century.
Rosemary Kennedy, the Younger Sister of John F Kennedy was Born with A Mild Intellectual Disability in 1918.

Although she was Happy, Personable and Vivacious, she could Not Keep Up with her Eight High Achieving Siblings. She was Sent to A Dozen Different Schools and Traipsed around Every Doctor and Psychologist in New England in the Hope of A Cure.

She had A Brief Period of Happiness at A Montessori School in London, while her Father was Ambassador to the UK, but the War Cut this Short. When she Returned Home she went into A Decline and her Father had her Lobotomised at the Age of 23, and she had No Contact with her Family for the Next 20 Years.

This Video explores the Shocking Views about Intellectual Disability held by Many Societies in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the Limited Treatments Available for Mental Disorders at that Time. The Details of her Lobotomy are Presented with a New Analysis of Some of her Behaviour by A Neuro Psychiatrist with Experience of Complex Mental Disorders.

I will Also Explain Why Dr Walter Freeman, Who was Involved in Rosemary’s Lobotomy and Who went On to Perform 4.000 Other Surgeries, has Been Described as the Most Scorned Doctor besides Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele.

Discovering More for Your Self

Kate Clifford Larson’s Biography of Rosemary is Detailed and Authoritative, but More than That, It Captures the Tragedy of Rosemary’s Life, the Daughter Who Just Wanted to please her Impossible Father. Jack El Hai’s account of Walter Freeman, the Lobotomist, is a Fascinating Read as Well for Anyone Wanting to Know More about One of the Darkest Chapters in Medical History. These and Others are Available through my Amazon Store.

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Video Produced by Professor Graeme Yorston and Tom Yorston.


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