God’s Roadmap to the End – Afghanistan Withdrawal: Evil Plan Predicted Nine years Ago | Will Only Get Worse! + The Rapture: Timing and Events Leading Up to our Blessed Hope!!

The Afghanistan Withdrawal: An Evil Plan Predicted Nine years Ago | It Will Only Get Worse!

With The US’s sudden Departure from Afghanistan, I believe we have seen how this CIA Plan, that was shown to us in the I Pet Goat 2 Animation, has now come about. The Taliban has reportedly gained Control over much of the US’s Military Arsenal in Afghanistan and can now use these Abandoned Weapons and Ammunition to bring about more Terror and Violence. All of this of course Part of a Plan that was hatched long ago and that leads to what comes next!

The Violence and Terrorism that will sprout from this, could be what would be addressed in an Anticipated Address by Trump next month around the 22nd or 23rd when the Focus of this Address would be “Peace and Safety” and where he may have been Reinstated as US President.

If you would like to dive a little deeper into this, please watch the Video below in which More Details about this Plan are Uncovered.

The Rapture: Timing and Events to Watch for Leading Up to our Blessed Hope!!

The Rapture (foto YouTube)

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God’s Roadmap to the End

Chapter Index

0:00:00 Introduction
0:15:45 Short Summary of Expected Events
0:20:05 Detailed Summary of Expected Events with Evidence
1:14:53 Samples of how September 23rd are shown in Predictive Programming
1:52:33 Halloween Rapture Dreams
2:39:00 Closing

What happens when the Predictive Programming, Dreams and Visions all align with what we read in the Bible and show us a clear path to a soon happening event that has been anticipated by our Enemy for Centuries and for which he is now ready to act to deceive the World?

In this video, we look at very likely Events to watch out for leading up to the catching up of the Church that would confirm the Timing for us. This Video may be lengthy, but please use the index to watch those Sections that may interest you

Series about Understanding the Rapture | VERY IMPORTANT TO WATCH!!

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