Glenn Canady – Michael Shrimpton on 100% Fake Obama Birth Certificate!

x2436ab – UK Barrister Michael Shrimpton on Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate

Gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2015


In a hilarious clip, former UK Barrister Michael Shrimpton tells the truth about the biggest fraud in American history – Barack Obama! After this information came out, the UK government destroyed this man. They framed him with child porn charges I’m quite sure. The government also charged him with reporting false information he was given about a nuclear attack on the London Olympics! I love how he says, “I’m not a medical man but usually when a woman is going to give birth in August, we like to see her pregnant in July!” The woman Obama claimed was his mother was NOT his mother according to Shrimpton’s British intelligence sources and his grandparents were not a genetic match to him either!

Listen to how many people knew about the fraud known as Barack Obama – Rudy Guiliani, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton to name just a few! EVERYBODY knew this guy was totally fake and illegal to run for President. You’ll never hear the truth from the fakes such as Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh or even the super fake Sean Hannity who said “I’m satisfied with the Obama Birth Certificate!” Anybody who watches these three and expects truth is a moron. All mainstream news is FAKE, all of it!

Obama had a bogus birth certificate and of course he was a homosexual who serviced older men for drugs according to his high school classmates! Here’s that information.

Save these videos patriots and share them everywhere! Usually things don’t last long once put them out and exposes truth!

WeNeedASavageNation – Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Recalls Him as Gay, Cocaine Smoking Dishonest Hustler

Gepubliceerd op 8 nov. 2013

Classmate of President Obama back in Hawaii recalls him as a gay, cocaine smoking hustler.


Tony Heller – Joan Rivers: Obama Is Gay, Michelle Is Transgender

Gepubliceerd op 15 nov. 2018

A few weeks before she died of complications during routine elective surgery, Joan Rivers said Barack Obama is gay, and Michelle Obama is transgender.


Statement of Clint Eastwood about Barack Obama (foto Before It's News)

Statement of Clint Eastwood about Barack Obama (foto Before It’s News)

Before It’s News, Thursday, August 1, 2019 21:16

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