Truth Warriors – 9/11 Hologram Planes Hid Antigrav Drones! + Nathan Flach – 9/11: Enhanced WTC1 “spire” (NIST FOIA, ABC Dub3 #46)

9/11 Hologram Planes Hiding AntiGrav Drones! 100% Proof!

9/11 Hologram Planes Hiding AntiGrav Drones! 100% Proof! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Sunday, August 5, 2018 at 7:26 PM EST

In one of the most censored videos on Youtube, Richard Hall shows what I believe is 100% PROOF they used holographic planes on 9/11! They used these obviously holographic planes (no paint schemes, wings disappear etc) to hide the real payload! I believe the real payload was an antigravity drone full of explosives. This drone looks like a small flying saucer. There are no known bombs or missiles that look exactly like a miniature flying saucer so I believe the deep state used one of their antigravity drones to make the explosion. We know they’ve had secret antigravity craft since at least the 40s! Tesla had the patent for them 100 years ago!

One thing this video proves is they used holographic planes. We see footage from a helicopter where the holographic nose section of the airplane goes through the twin towers with no resistance and out the other side disappearing before they cut to a black screen in a panic! Somebody messed up! Obviously it would be impossible for the aircraft to go through the entire building of massive solid steel beams that would have ripped the aluminum plane to shreds and come out the other side intact! Obviously they never found the cockpit in the street either! Here’s the money shot! LOL

911 Nosed Out (foto Before It's News)

911 Nosed Out (foto Before It’s News)

They never found any plane parts found initially except an engine and this was NOT the correct engine! It was planted there. People actually saw this being unloaded from a van and there was a dolly beside it used to unload it! Here’s proof the engine was the wrong one by an expert!

All data so far seem to indicate that the Murray Street engine is not a JT9D-7R4D engine, as would have been on Flight 175 (and the Murray Street engine certainly is not a GE CF6 engine from Flight 11).”

So how did a 7-series 747 engine wind up on Murray Street?

CREDIT TO Christopher King

No other plane part was found except a landing gear part neatly wedged between two buildings! This wasn’t found until many years later and still had a rope attached where it was lowered down between two buildings! You can make this stuff up! Ropes are’t used in aircraft design! No way this part could even get there due to parabolic physics of falling bodies. Obviously more planted evidence to fool the sheep!

Landing Gear from 9/11 Plan Discovered

Obviously more planted evidence to fool the sheep! (foto Before It’s News)

Spread the truth about 9/11! This video shows 100% there were holographic planes camouflaging the REAL payload which was a very advanced drone in the shape of a flying saucer. It’s clearly shown in the video above that only has 2400 views when it should have 24 million hits! Alex Jones, controlled opposition has always cut off ALL callers who mention holographic planes! He’s also censors all information of directed energy weapons which is how they turned the buildings to dust! Here’s proof!

You can’t turn this massive steel structure to dust in midair with ANYTHING but some kind of a directed energy weapon from space! Judy Woods has the evidence and Alex Jones will never show the evidence to his flock of course. His job is to lie and censor key information for his true masters. Nobody else would lie and censor real truth you can see with your eyes right HERE! Jones is only allowed to tell some truth. He spends most of the day talking about himself!

9/11: Enhanced WTC1 “spire” (NIST FOIA, ABC Dub3 #46)

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Enhanced WTC1 north tower video. Original taken from IC911Studies’ NIST FOIA release 14. Download enhanced clip:


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