Giovani Zanolino – Grateful…

My father gave me all the art he could give, I left the art academy unbroken and confident, I travelled to discover my roots and identity, I’ve searched and Ive worked diligently, and in some capacity, I’ve avoided being a complete slave to the monetary system… This year, I’ve been acknowledged as Yu’i Korsou (child of Curaçao) which is huge for me. I was named one of France’s 24 best undiscovered artist and I also received the privilege of working with the second master artist in my life, next to Philippe Zanolino, Rob Scholte of the Rob Scholte Museum is the first other artist of masterclass I will make duet work with. Not only am I very excited about all the art we will produce… But I’m also honored to fall into an art pattern… Where artists some way or another find each other, inspire each other and instill power in each other… Where new techniques are developed through trial, error and miracle. When a new series is a new serious look at the self. Where a body of work, is so much more then the body of man. Where the little person is allowed to do big work… Where the shattered soul can piece itself together, where the lonely can find love, where the lost can find their way. Art is about learning to fly and every second of every breath, I’m blessed to be a part of it. Avanti!

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