G5 – Death of Dr Frank Plummer and the Bio weapon Corona Virus

Dr Frank Plummer (foto Gumshoe News)

National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC), Fort Detrick, MD (foto Gumshoe News)

National Interagency Bio Defense Campus (NIBC), Fort Detrick, MD (foto Gumshoe News)

Death of Dr Frank Plummer and the Bio weapon Corona Virus

Frank Plummer, 67, died in Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesday 4 Feb 2020, where he was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Manitoba Kenya research collaboration. The BBC reports that he died of a heart attack. G5 wrote in an email to me saying “Plummer was neutralized. As have been others not recorded. His alcoholism and the culture of the Winnipeg Lab are not true.

I refer you back to a recent piece I wrote (https://gumshoenews.com/2020/01/29/2019-CoronaVirus/) concerning Corona Virus being linked to other US manufactured Bio Weapons such as SARS, MERS, Ebola, HIV AIDS, Lyme. And that’s apart from the development of LSD, Crack Cocaine etc. And apart from the S40 contaminated Sabine Vaccine after the Salk Vaccine etc.

The initial development of all these Weapons occurred in US labs as Fort Detrick. From there they went to government labs in Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, Big Pharma Usual Suspects, and various labs in Canada. The Rockefellers originally funded Canada, together with hidden government funds from Canada, the US, and the UK. France and the Netherlands were also connected.

On 18 October 2019, ‘Event 201 was staged in New York City. An international conference funded by the Gates Foundation and involving Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security [sic], and the World Economic Forum. It was determined that a World pandemic would initially kill some 65 million. Johns Hopkins had been experimenting on pigs and extrapolating that data.

Frank Plummer was funded additionally by one recorded transfer of CAD 8.3 million from the Gates Foundation. They would know what is happening in those facilities.

Corona Virus was in vaccinations with HIV, packaged as a vaccine, sent from US facilities. Plummer was contacted and sent a sample of Corona Virus from [a patient in] Saudi Arabia isolated on 4 May 2013.

The Wuhan Corona Virus Samples were initially taken to a facility in Rotterdam in 2019 where they were identified.

Saudi Arabia is meant to have used this Weapon in the Middle East and African states in which they have been conducting genocides in the form of religious cleansing. The Winnipeg Facility experiments included those concerning Ebola and Uracine.

Geoff Soule also disappeared from the NML (National Biological Laboratory) at Winnipeg.

Frank Plummer was taken out in Nairobi on 4 February 2020. He had been working as head of the Winnipeg Microbiology Research Laboratory since its inception in 1999, until he was removed in 2014.

One of his researches was Deep Cover Chinese Intel operative Xiangguo Qiu. She was removed in July 2019. And subsequently disappeared. In March 2019 she sent courier carried samples of Ebola, Henipah, and Corona Virus to a government laboratory in Wuhan where it was further weaponized and ‘accidentally’ released.

DARPA is involved with Corona Virus.

Dr. Francis Boyle (hidden on the net) was a researcher. He fled and has disappeared. He was a US government microbiologist and exposed the ‘development of lethal, genetically engineered Bio Weaponry‘, as part of an ongoing agenda, initiated and pushed through US Military Intelligence, with Big Pharma, and Military Intelligence in many countries.

FVEY [Five Eyes] Australia is involved. Boyle advised that many vaccines contrary to claims have been developed and laced with Corona Virus. As with that for HIV. Plummer had experimented with SARS Corona Virus and HIV Corona Virus.

All samples are held by ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) where the stolen UN WHO Smallpox stocks (about which I have written, https://gumshoenews.com/2019/12/17/the-web-beyond-the-OklahomaCityBombing/) were taken.

ATCC is the World’s prime biological culture repository. From there samples are sent to the four designations of BSL (Bio Safety Level) laboratories. From BS Level 1 housing and experimenting with for example e coli, to BS Level 4 researching (experimenting) with Corona Virus etc.

Bill Gates and Globalist Entities, together with the usual suspect governments, fund The BS Level 4 laboratories. Wuhan is one. Established to develop Lethal, Offensive Bio Weapons, and block identification, management, and vaccine development as Bolivian Hemorrhagic, Marburg, Ebola, Lassa, CrimeanCongo, Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) etc. (Don Rickles was removed by an NF).

There are 13 BS Level 4 facilities in the US (this is, Bio Weapons Laboratories), and this is apart from the Chemical Weapons Laboratories, and the Atomic and Radiation Laboratories and arsenals.

Wuhan, as Saudi Arabia and Florida, as I previously wrote, are predominantly accidents. Anthrax in the George Walker Bush Dick Cheney era was a False Flag.

Kosovo, Kurdistan, Ghouta, Khan Sheikhoun, etc., are US Genocidal War Crimes as was the Oil for Food Program.


Mary Maxwell

Mention is made, in the above article, of Prof Francis Boyle as a microbiologist. I know of a law professor by that name. Here is a video of him (born 1950, educated at Harvard).

Julius Skoolafish

GREAT interview – I hadn’t seen it. Isn’t Eva K Bartlett extraordinary? This video pretty much sums up everything about DPRK, Syria and (a little on) Yemen, and certain alternative (fake) Media controlled opposition.
Around 16:00 Professor Boyle: “Everybody (…) knows that Human Rights Watch is bought and paid for by George Soros.
Global Research gets a worthy endorsement.
https://www.Global Research.ca/
Apart from her YouTube channel, Eva can be found here at “In Gaza.”

Dee McLachlan
February 9, 2020 at 9:23 PM

Dee McLachlan
February 9, 2020 at 9:24 PM
German scientists say Corona Virus can survive for nine days on surfaces.”

Dee McLachlan
February 9, 2020 at 9:27 PM
This is quite unbelievable. The spraying of streets.

Dee McLachlan
February 9, 2020 at 9:29 PM

Dee McLachlan
February 9, 2020 at 9:37 PM
At 11.10 is the exchange of food to those in quarantine, locked up.

Mary Maxwell
February 10, 2020 at 6:18 AM
Regarding “the death of a doctor,” you may wish to re read Gumshoes article on the much loved autism doctor, Jeff Bradstreet, and the comments. WOW, that’s almost five years ago now.

February 10, 2020 at 11:41 AM
Alex Jones interviewed Dr Francis Boyle last week. He confirmed this Corona Virus is definitely Bio engineered. He thought its release was probably accidental.

February 10, 2020 at 12:58 PM
I guess this is it.

ctually this looks more like it:


is one of a number of newsboys who makes a living out of hawking dietary supplements and “survival packages” to the psuedo informed & gullible. Critical stuff, like when & how to use defiance & compliance re government officials, never gets so much as a mention

February 11, 2020 at 9:47 AM
All told, his popularity is based on his appeal to the lowest common denominator.
And as Francis Boyle is well and truly ensnared by the “rights” mantra, he fits in perfectly.

February 10, 2020 at 4:50 PM
Is it the Corona Virus that is going to kill us or is it the Corona Virus Vaccine thats going to kill us??

Fair Dinkum

Wouldn’t hurt to also watch your step either, I reckon.

February 11, 2020 at 12:25 PM
The Western Main Stream Media Monopoly has been silent on the recent ‘Military World Games’ late October 2019 (three months ago), Guess where? Hubei Province, Wuhan city. The USA finished way down the medals tally list without winning a gold. but it does appear that they won a gold for Bio Warfare.

Gumshoe News, February 9, 2020


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