fundifferent1 – Beyonce “Countdown” vs Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Geüpload op 9 okt. 2011

This video highlights work used in Beyonce’s “Countdown” video. Watch the original video and see if you can spot the “inspiration.” (I highly recommend watching them side by side in Windows). Or watch the split-screen video here:

HISTORY: Beyonce’s “Countdown” video was “inspired” by several other works of art, including dance moves by Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Call it an homage, inspiration, reference, plagiarism or whatever, the fact still remains that many young people in the States have never heard of De Keersmaeker or of the choreography used in the video and no credit to the originals is ever given in the video. Hopefully, this video will show off the originals and pay some respect to both Beyonce and the original dancers, choreography, filmmakers, etc. Enjoy!
UPDATE: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker responds to Beyonce’s video: And to be clear, dramatic works, including choreography, CAN be copyrighted, especially if they are filmed.

Films: “Funny Face” (with Audrey Hepburn), “Achterland,” and “Rosas Danst Rosas.” The latter two done by De Kersmaeker.