Front Nieuws | Victor Baranets – The NATO Catastrophe in Ukraine: Russia has Killed 200 NATO Officers with Kinzhal Missiles on A Secret Bunker

The NATO Catastrophe in Ukraine” Russia has Killed 200 NATO Officers with Kinzhal Missiles on A Secret Bunker

The Military Departments of the US, UK, Poland and Some Other NATO Countries prefer Not to Say A Word about What Happened near Lviv in Early March. When Journalists, Who have Learned of the Terrible Calamity, ask the Generals and Politicians about it, the Answer is EitherNo Comment” or A Sly Reference to “Ignorance” about the Incident. But Still the “Cat out of the Bag” starts to come. Various Sources are Increasingly Leaking Information to the Western and Ukrainian Press, As Well as to Social Media, which is Very Close in Detail and makes it Possible to Present A Credible Scenario of an Extremely Painful Drama, Even Tragedy, for NATO and its Allies, writes Victor Baranets.

The Bunker of NATO Officers

And this Scenario looks like This. Near Lviv, A Hundred Meters Deep, there was A Reserve Command Post of the Former Carpathian Military District. NATO Generals and Colonels took A Liking to this Well Protected Bunker Equipped with Modern Communication Systems when they decided to Move to the Ukrainian Rear at the Start of the AFU’s Military Operations in Donbas (2014), where it was More Convenient for the NATO to Consult Allies in Kiev and Develop Operational Plans with them. The Secret Underground Location also gave the “AdvisorsA Sense of Security, Even after Moscow Promised to Hit the Decision points with the Launch of its Special Military Operation. It was Effectively A Joint Command and Control Headquarters Made Up of NATO Representatives and Officers from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In Addition, this Headquarters was Very Well Shielded by Air Defense Systems, which gave the “ResidentsEven More Confidence in their Safety. Moreover, they considered themselves Completely Invulnerable under A Metre High Reinforced Concrete Shell]

US Helps Russia Destroy NATO Command Post Deep Underground in Ukraine (video Dutch Digger News | Telegram)

Probably for this Reason, the Sense of Vigilance was Also Lost. Sometimes Dozens of Cars Gathered at the Entrance to the Headquarters, Even in Broad Daylight, and this did Not Go Unnoticed by Russian Space, Aerial and Undercover Reconnaissance. At the Beginning of March, the Russian General Staff knew that an Attack Plan for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was being Developed in theUnderground” and in Kiev. It was Enough to Determine the Most Favorable Moment for the Attack on the Lair of the NATOBranch” in the Lviv Region, As Well as Thoroughly Study the Flying Tasks of the Russian Hypersonic “Dagger”. And, of Course, Thoroughly, to the Minute, to Check the Time of Take Off of the “DaggerCarriers, Fighters MiG 31.

The “DaggerAccomplished the Task

Why were the “DaggerMissiles Chosen? Because such A Bunker is Invulnerable to Conventional Missiles. And it made No Sense to send the Bombers to the Site Even with One and a Half or Five Tons of Bombs. The Ukrainians could Shoot Down the Planes, and it would Hardly be Possible to Hit the Target. ADaggerLaunched Even from A Distance of 2 Thousand Kilometers, Grenade Head, 500 KG! goes to the Target with an Insane Speed, 10 or Even 15 Times Faster than Sound! while there is No Air Defense System in the World that it could Intercept. And the “Dagger” is also A Very Accurate Weapon, A Sniper, its Deviation from the Center of the Target, Only One Meter! He dived Many Tens of Meters into the “Pit” of the First Rocket () And that is, Remember, A Ton of Explosives!

NATO Officers Disaster in Ukraine

None of the “Teachers and Students” who were in the Underground Bunker Survived. And there were More than 200. Including, say Some “Well Informed” Western Journalists, Several US Generals and Senior Officers. And there were also British, Polish and Ukrainian.

And here you have the “Cat Out of the Bag” that I Already mentioned. Pronews, A Greek News Portal Close to his Country’s Defense Ministry, reported that “Dozens of Foreign Officers were killed in an Attack by Kinnzhal Hypersonic Missiles on A Joint Ukrainian-NATO Command and Communications Center“. It was “A Disaster for NATO Forces in Ukraine“.

And that is Not All. Some Kyiv Web Sites have also rumored that after the Disaster, Representatives of the AFU Ministry of Defense and General Staff were Summoned to the US Embassy, ​​where they were ReprimandedFor Insufficient Security of the Command Center,” and were Also Given A List of the Fallen Senior and Senior American Officers and were Ordered “To take Them Out of the Ground at Will.” The Corpses of those Killed by the Explosions and those who Suffocated are Still being Excavated ()

According to “Leaks” on Ukrainian Social Networks, Only 40 Bodies have been Recovered So Far from under the Ruins of the Devastated Center. The Rest of the Dead are Still under the Rubble.


And Here we can Not but Recall that on March 9, the Russian Ministry of Defense published A Modest Announcement in its Official Telegram Channel that in Response to the March 2 Terrorist Actions Organized by the Kiev Regime in the Bryansk Region, the Russian Army Carried Out A MassiveRetaliatoryAttack. The Agency emphasized that the Kinnzhal Hypersonic Missile System had been used.

According to Nikolay Sorokin, Director of the Institute for the Study of National Crises, this “Retaliatory Attack” had Other Consequences. He believes that the Destruction of the “Think Tank” of the Impending Ukrainian Offensive may have delayed it. This Version has its Reasons. After All, the Offensive is Still Postponed.

But Why are the Capitals of the NATO Countries Silent about the Terrible Situation? Probably because they are “Ashamed” to Acknowledge the Slap in the Face from Moscow. Or because it would be an Open Admission of the Active Participation of NATO Troops in Hostilities against Russia.

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Front Nieuws, April 17, 2023

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