Front Nieuws – UN declares War on “Dangerous” Conspiracy Theories: “The World is NOT Secretly Manipulated by the Global Elite”

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UN declares War on “DangerousConspiracy TheoriesThe World is NOTSecretly Manipulated by the Global Elite

The United Nations has Declared War on Conspiracy Theories, Labeling the Rise of Conspiracy Thinking asDisturbing and Dangerous” and Giving the Public A Tool Box to Help Anyone who dares to Suggest that World Governments are Anything but Perfectly Fair, Honest and Transparent. toPrebunk” and “Debunk,” writes Baxter Dmitry .

The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel should Not Be Associated with “Alleged Conspiracies.”

UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congres to launch the Campaign called #ThinkBeforeSharing Stop the Spread of Conspiracy Theories.

The UN wants you to know that Events are NOT Secretly Manipulated behind the Scenes by Powerful Forces with Negative Intentions”, and if you come across Someone who thinks the World Elite is Plotting to Consolidate Power and Dictate World Events , You Must Take Action.

According to UNESCO, “if you are Sure you have Come AcrosConspiracy Theory” on the Internet, you should “Respond” by Immediately Posting A Relevant Link to A“Fact Checking Web Site in the Comments.

Let Alone the Fact thatFact Checkers” are Mostly Uneducated and Unqualified Sluts who perform “Fact Checks” from their Lazy bedroom between posting far-left political content on personal blogs and getting high

What are They? Why do they Flourish? (foto European Commission)

UNESCO also offers Advice to Anyone who Encounters A Real Conspiracy Theorist in Person. Under No Circumstances should you Allow Your Self to be Drawn into A Discussion with the Conspiracy Theorist, according to the UN Agency. “Any Argument can be Taken as Evidence that you are Part of the Conspiracy and Re Inforce that Belief and the Conspiracy Theorist will LikelyArgue Hard to Defend his Beliefs.”

Instead, you should Show Empathy“, avoid Ridicule Them“, and If You are A Journalist, you should Report them to Social Media and Contact Your Local National Press Council or Press Ombudsman.”

Curiously, Hidden in the Fine Print, UNESCO admits that Conspiracy Theories do Exist . Under the Heading What is A Real Conspiracy?” the United Nations Bureaucrats explain that Real Conspiracies, Big and Small, DO exist.”

According to the UN, it is Only A REAL Conspiracy Theory if it is “Excavated by the Media“.

Farmer S son Jouke who was Almost Shot Dead by A Police Man speaks out

“They are More Often Centered on Individual Isolated Events, or an Individual, such as a A Murder or A Cup. They are being Dug Up by Whistle Blowers and the Media, UsinguVerifiable Facts and Evidence.”

There is Only One Problem with the UN S Definition of A TrueConspiracy Theory. The Media has been Bought and Paid for Entirely by the Elite. It is the Elite that are Conspiring against the Masses.

Ask Your Self, when was the Last Time the Media exposed A Conspiracy?

Also ask yourself, when was the last time the Media covered up a conspiracy?


We’re All Conspiracy Theorists Now (foto Steve’s Real News Corner Telegram)

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