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The American Abrams Main Battle Tank is Not Winterized (Video)

A Video shows that the Main American Main Battle Tank, the M1 Abrams, is Not Winterized and Loses its Off Road Capabilities Even in Light Snow Conditions

Russian Television has devoted A Segment in its Weekly News Roundup to the Video, which has been Online for Months but is Only Now Going Viral on Many Platforms. The Video shows that the M1 Abrams can Not Climb Even Small Hills in the Snow, but Simply slides Back Down, writes Thomas Röper.

US Military M1 Abrams Tank can’t Climb Snow Mountain

Published 29 jan 2022

Krankzinnige Feiten

A Video is Gaining Popularity on the Web, which shows the Unsuccessful Attempts of the US Armed Forces M1 Abrams Tank to Climb the Mountain.


I translated the Russian TV Report about this Video and the M1 Abrams Tank.

Start of Translation

The Main Tank of the US Army has Proved Useless in the Winter

This is A Critical Moment for the Kiev Regime. More than 7.500 Ukrainian Army Armored Vehicles have Already been Destroyed in the Battle. There is A Problem with Substitutions. America is Still Forcing them to Fight. In Response, Volodymir Zelensky demands More Money and Tanks. Especially Tanks. General Valeriy Saluzhny, Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, says he Only needs 300 Tanks to Defeat Russia. And Also Armored Vehicles and Howitzers. But Nothing works without Tanks.

I know I can Beat this Enemy. But I need Resources. I need 300 Tanks, 600 to 700 Armored Cars and 500 Howitzers. Then I think it is Very Realistic to Reach the Border on February 23,” says Saluzhny.

Are 300 Tanks A Lot or A Little? By Comparison, when Ukraine left the Soviet Union, it had Three Tank Armies, the Western Military District and the Equipment Withdrawn from East Germany. In Total No More and No Less than 6.500 Tanks. That was in 1991. Since Then, Ukraine has Sold Tens of Billions of Dollars Worth of Soviet Weapons and Equipment, but at the Beginning of the 21st Century, the Country still had At Least 4.500 Tanks. At the Beginning of the Military Operation, the Ukrainian Army had About 2.000 Tanks. Another 500 Tanks were Brought in by NATO Allies from Encampments of the Former Warsaw Pact Countries via Poland. These were Also Soviet Tanks. During the Military Operation, we Destroyed More than 1.500 of them. Ukraine Managed to Restore, Repair Some of them. But Now we have Destroyed A Significant Part of the Repair Facilities there. As A Result, Ukraine Still has Just over 1.000 Tanks. Their Consumption is Large.

Russia is Losing the War!” Real? Is Putin’sMaster planScrewed Up, or is it Running Smoothly for the Kremlin?

They have Gone Begging because America insists on Continuing the Bloody Harvest and Demands that NATO Allies, Primarily Germany, Supply Ukraine with German Leopard 2 Tanks. It is Understandable that A Rather Heated Discussion has Erupted in Germany. After All, the Association is Obvious. Leopard Tanks with Black German Crosses in Ukraine and Donbass. Add to that the Support of Stepan Bandera and Andrei Melnyk, Leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

“This is an Interesting Approach that you are Taking Here. German Tanks against Russia in Ukraine. By the Way, your Grandfathers tried that with the Melnyks and Banderas Back Then, and What was the Result? Indescribable Suffering, Millions Dead on Both Sides, Finally here were Russian Tanks in Berlin, and Two of Them are Here at the Door. You should Walk Past it Every Morning and Remember That,” German Member of Parlement Peter Bystron told the Bundestag.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck also Feels the Historical Connection, although he is More Reserved. “You Know Our History and for Obvious Reasons we are A Bit More Reluctant to Supply Arms.” And he adds that it would be Easier for Berlin to Supply Tanks to Ukraine if Washington did it First. Earlier, Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself had Taken A Similar Position on the Margins of the Davos World Economic Forum. He Reportedly Even Told President Joseph Biden this, but Biden did Not Promise American Abrams. He has Three Reasons for this.

“First A Nuclear War, then the Football World Championship.”
Zelensky, A Dictator in A Drug Intoxication


The First is that the Abrams Weigh 55 Tons. The Heavy Abrams could Sink into the Greasy Ukrainian Black Soil. That would be Nice! But Even in Winter, this Desert Colored Abrams looks like A Cow on Ice. You Better Not Embarrass Yourself.

The Main Tank of the US Armed Forces has Proved Unsuitable for Winter Use. The Video ofUS Army M 1 Abrams Tank Unsuccessfully Trying to Climb A Snowy Hill is Enjoying Great Popularity on the Internet, even though the Heavy Combat Vehicle, the Main Tank of the US Army, has Enormous Power. The Armored Vehicle was Only Stopped by A Few Inches of Snow, the Tank Just Started to Slide and Slid Back Down. You can See the US M1 Abrams Heavy Tank’s Failed Attempt to Climb the Hill in the Available Video Footage. In Total, Several Attempts were Made, but the Heavy Combat Vehicle was Never Able to Overcome this Obstacle. This indicates that the Tank is Not Suitable for Winter Use, Especially for Traversing Difficult Terrain. Experts have Previously Stated that the American M 1 Abrams Tanks are Not Suitable for Winter Use. This is Also Due to the Fact that these Vehicles are Not Designed for Use in Snow and Low Temperatures, which is Confirmed by Other Videos.


Second, the Abrams Tank’s Gas Turbine Engines draw A Lot of A Special Jet Fuel, they Break Down Frequently, and Repairs are Difficult and Expensive.


And Finally, Third, to See Abrams Burning in the Ukrainian Steppes is Morally Difficult for the Delicate American Soul and would be Public Relations (PR) for the Wrong Side. Let the Leopard Burn. They’ve been Burned Before. It wasn’t A Big Deal, they Just Made New Ones and Painted Crosses on them. According to American Logic, the French LeClerc Tanks, the British Challenger Tanks and the Swedish Archer Self Propelled Guns can Also Burn.

However, the Germans remain Opposed to the Transfer of the Leopards Themselves through Third Countries. They’re Not Ready. But the British and the Poles seem to Want to Take the Lead in NATO by Each Sending A Tank Company to Ukraine. The Poles could Send A Leopard Company without German Permission, but So Far they Have Not. And the British A Company of their Challengers. That would be 14. If the Tank Flow becomes A Reality, A Swarm of Disparate Tech Exotics will Appear on the Ukrainian Steppes, Requiring Very Different Driving Skills, Different Spare Parts and Even Different Fuel. All in All, it’s A Major Headache. Will this save the Kiev Regime? Probably Not.

In the Case of Zelensky, German Caution leads to Outright Hysteria. In A Panic Attack, he records More and More Videos in which he does Not Even Talk to Scholz, but to his Shadow. “Guys, You are Adults. You can Talk there for Another Six Months and Compare your Influence, Okay? But In our Country People Die Every Day. Can you give me Leopards? Come On, Give it to Me! Come On, Give it to Me! We’re Not Attacking. If Anyone is Concerned: these Leopards will Not Enter the Territory of the Russian Federation. We Defend Ourselves.

End of Translation

2023 Translation by Front Nieuws. Permission to Reprint in Whole or In Part is Gladly Granted, Provided Full Credit and Direct Link is Given.

Front Nieuws, January 23, 2023

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