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From Balfour to Present (1917 – 2023), Western Duplicity Protects Israeli State Terrorism and Genocide

The Cynicism and Duplicity of Western Governments in the Face of A Horrific Daily Slaughter of Palestinian Civilians is Monstrous.

Hundreds of Men, Women and Children are Killed Every Day by Non Stop Israeli Aerial Bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Hospitals, Mosques, Churches and Family Homes are Targeted without Warning . This is Pre Meditated State Terrorism, All with the Full Support of the West, writes Finian Cunningham .

Hospitals are So Overwhelmed by Victims that Bodies can Not Even Be Identified Nor Given the Final Dignity of A Shroud. The Mutilated, Bloody Corpses are Left on the Hospital Grounds. Petrified Children have their Names Written on their Hands in Case they are Killed so they can Be Identified, as Matt Kennard Reported. The Situation is Heart Breaking and Completely Profane.

Gaza’s 2.3 Million Residents are at the Mercy of Falling Bombs. Last Week, Israeli Authorities Warned People to Move to the Southern Part of the 40 Kilometer-Long Coastal Enclave, Supposedly Out of Harm’s Way, but the Airstrikes Hit Supposedly Safe Zones.

Palestinians are Also Hunted Down and Shot Dead in thr Other Enclave in the Occupied West Bank. Journalist Lubna Masarwa reports from East Jerusalem. “It feels Like the Entire State is Now Screaming for Genocide () The Situation is Terrifying. We are Entering A New Era that Feels Even Worse than Military Rule () The Worst Horror is the West’s Silence and Complicity in Israel’s Unspeakable Massacres.”

This is A Genocide Being Carried Out in Real Time that Western Media are Showing Glimpses of On their Screens , Yet Western Governments Refuse to Call for A Ceasefire by the Israeli Regime. Tel Aviv Knows it has A License to Commit Mass Murder from Western States and their Morally Reprehensible Leaders.

As the Slaughter of Palestinian Civilians Increases, Western Political Leaders are Fully Complicit in War Crimes. But their Complicity has the Added Contempt of Trying to Appear Benign.

This week, US President Joe Biden and Five Other Western Leaders Issued A Joint Statement Reiterating their Support for Israel’s “Right to Defend Itself against Terrorism,” with the Added and Completely False Caveat that Israel “Adheres to the International Law, Including the Protection of Civilians”.

Palestinians speak the Language of Violence that Israel taught them

Compliance with International Law? By A Regime that Shamelessly Kills Children Every Day in Full View of the World?

Along with Biden, the Other Signatories were Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

These Political Leaders have Already Expressed their Unwavering Support for Israel’s “Self Defense” in Previous Separate Statements. But Now they Felt it Necessary to Issue A Joint Statement with the Added Apparent Concern about the Rising Number of Civilian Deaths. That Concern is Undoubtedly Prompted by Public Protests around the World, including in Western Capitals, against Barbaric Israeli Military Violence.

The Apparent Concern of Western Leaders is an Abject Deception. If they were Truly Motivated to Stop the Killing, Washington and the Others could Unreservedly Demand that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Immediately Stop the Murderous Attack. Far from it. The United States has Vetoed A United Nations Security Council Resolution Calling for A Ceasefire, while the US Flies Emergency Supplies of Military Weapons to Tel Aviv. The Reason for the US Veto? Because the Wording did Not Mention Israel’s “Right to Self Defense.”

On Top of the Violence, Palestinians in Gaza are Being Starved by an Israeli Blockade. Hospitals are Running Out of Fuel for Generators and Life Saving Equipment. A Few Trucks Carrying Humanitarian Aid have been Allowed to Enter Gaza from the Egyptian Border.

Yet Western Leaders Doubled Down on their Cynicism, Declaring in their Joint Statement. “The Leaders Welcomed the Announcement of the First Humanitarian Convoys Reaching the Distressed Palestinians in Gaza and Pledged to Continue Coordinating with Partners in the Region to Ensure Sustainable and Safe Access to Food, Water, Medical Care and Other Assistance Needed to Meet Humanitarian Needs.”

Race War against Palestinians turns into War of Wars

Will US and Russian Naval Forces Clash Off Gaza coast and other Questions?

UN Officials in Gaza say the Meager Aid Being Allowed in is Far Too Little and Comes Too Late to Meet the Needs of More than Two Million People. They describe it as “A Drop in the Bucket” of Desperate Needs. To put the Latest Convoy of 17 Trucks Allowed into Gaza into Perspective, before the Latest Siege of the Enclave, which Began More than Two Weeks Ago, 500 Trucks per Day would Normally enter the Area from Egypt.

Hamas’s October 7 Gun and Rocket attacks, which Killed at Least 1.400 Israelis, were A Shocking Atrocity. But these Crimes do not Justify the Subsequent Mass Murder of Palestinian Civilians in Gaza. This Week, the Death Toll in Gaza rises to 5.000, with More than Half of the Victims Being Children and Women. There are More than 12.000 Injured. There is A  Greater Ulterior Motive Here, the Complete Eradication of Palestinians and Palestine as A Future State.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who Previously Called Palestinians “Human Animals,” said this Week that the Military Assault on Gaza was Likely to Continue for Several Weeks. A Ground Invasion by Western Backed Israeli Forces is Imminent. The Death Toll among the Civilian Population is Expected to Escalate.

The Incitement to Regional War by this Western Sponsored Genocide is Reaching A Point. Arab Countries, but also Iran and Turkey, will Inevitably be Driven to Intervene by the Anger of their People.

Despite Fueling the Danger of A Wider War through their Complicity in the Genocide of the Palestinians, the Cowardly Western Politicians Added this Despicable Statement. “The Leaders have Committed to Continue Close Diplomatic Coordination, Including with Key Partners in the Region, to Prevent the Conflict from Spreading, Maintain Stability in the Middle East and Work towards A Political Solution and Lasting Peace.”

Israel is Nothing More than A Non Stop Bombing Campaign with A Flag

The Cynicism and Duplicity of the Western Powers are Reminiscent of the Infamous Balfour Declaration that the British Government Published More than A Century Ago .

In November 1917, then British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote to Zionist Supporter and Wealthy Banker Lord Walter Rothschild “His Majesty’s Government Look with Favor on the Establishment of A National Home for the Jewish People in Palestine.”

That Ill Fated Policy of the British Government Led to the Creation of the Israeli State in 1948 from London’s Colonial Possession of Palestine. For 75 Years, the Colonialist Extermination of Palestinians has Been Ruthlessly and Ruthlessly Facilitated by Western Governments, First by the British and Then by the Americans. Of Course, the Genocide was Peppered with Platitudes about Peace and Human Rights.

The Balfour Document Further Stated with False Magnanimity “It is Clearly Understood that Nothing will Be Done which may Prejudice the Civil and Religious Rights of Existing Non Jewish Communities in Palestine.”

Britain’s Betrayal was to Carve out A Zionist sState in A country Populated by A Majority of Arabs. Yet this Blatant Violation was Presented by London with A Cynical and Disingenuous Concern for Palestinian Rights.

From Britain’s Betrayal More than A Century Ago to Today’s Complicity in Israel’s Genocide of the Palestinians, there is A Gruesome Continuity in Western Deceit and Guilt.

2023  Translation  by Front Nieuws. Permission to Reprint in Whole or in Part is Gladly Granted, Provided Full Credit and A Direct Link are Given.


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Front Nieuws, October 25, 2023

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