Front Nieuws | Michael Snyder – Why are Large Groups of Animals, Insects and Birds Suddenly Walking in Circles All over the World?

Schapen lopen in Cirkels (foto Front Nieuws)
Sheep Circle Walking (video Telegram)

Why are Large Groups of Animals, Insects and Birds Suddenly Walking in Circles All over the World?

By Now you have Probably Heard of A Very Strange Phenomenon that has taken the Internet by Storm in Recent Days. Large Groups of Animals, Insects and Birds have been Reported Walking in Circles around the World, and Speculation abounds as to Why this is Happening. Some of the Possible Explanations that have been Suggested Include Attributing this Strange Behavior to Disease, Changes in the Earth’s Magnetic Field, Tainted Food, Parasitic Brain Worms, Experiments at CERN, an Impending Pole Shift, or Spikes in Electro Magnetic Radiation. Personally, I don’t know what to think. Something Very Strange seems to be Happening, and Hopefully we’ll get More Answers in the Coming Days, writes Michael Snyder

In Early November, A Group of Sheep in Northern China began Walking in Circles.

This went on for Almost Two weeks , and Images of this Behavior have Spread Rapidly on Various Social Media ()

Bizarre Video Footage Captured on a Chinese Farm shows A Group of Sheep Walking in Circles for Nearly Two Weeks without Stopping. The Strange Behavior has Puzzled Observers and the Sheep’s Owner as they try to Determine What’s Behind It. The Images were Taken Earlier this Month in Northern China.

A Closed Camera on A Local Farm Spotted Hundreds of Sheep Walking Clockwise around their Pen. Not All animals Joined in First, but First Watched the Action from the Middle of the Herd before Falling into Line with the Rest of the Herd.”

Even our Major Corporate Media has Talked about the Sheep in China, but in Many Cases they’ve decided It’s Something to Laugh About .


Hopefully there is A Very Simple Explanation for Why the Sheep Walked in Circles for So long.

According to an Expert Interviewed by Newsweek, this could just be a Case of the Sheep getting Extremely Frustrated at being Cooped Up for So Long ()

One Possible Explanation comes from Matt Bell, Professor and Director of the Department of Agriculture at Hartpury University in Gloucester, England.

“The Sheep seem to be in the Box for a Long Time, and this can Lead to Stereotyped Behaviour, with them Circling around Repeatedly due to Frustration at being in the Box and Being Limited [to where they can go]. This is Not Good. Then the Other Sheep come in because they are Herd Animals and Bond or Join their Friends,”
Bell told Newsweek.

Maybe Bell is Right.

But why do so Many Other Animals, Insects and Birds also Walk in Circles All over the Planet?

What we see is Not Limited to One Group of Sheep in Northern China.

This seems to be Something that happens All over the World, and so we need an Explanation that can explain it.

I did find an Article that attributes the Fact that some Pigeons are Circling around the UK like “Zombie Like Creatures” to a Certain Viral Disease ()

AViral Disease has turned Pigeons in the UK into Zombie Like Creatures, causing them to Develop Twisted Necks and Walk in Circles, Animal Experts say.”

This Disease is Known asPigeon Paramyxo Virus” , and we are told it “Can Affect Pigeons, Chickens and Poultry ()

Thunberg’s Rise was Monitored by Cameras from the Start.

“There has been an Increase in the Number of Grounded Pigeons at the JSPCAAnimal Rescue Center in Recent Weeks, Many of Which are Showing Neuro Logical Symptoms such as ATwisted Neck, Circling or Being Unable to Stand,” said the Animal Rescue Service in St Helier, Jersey.

The Disease appears to be Pigeon Paramyxo Virus, which is described as “an Invariably Fatal Viral Disease that can Affect Pigeons, Chickens and Poultry.”

This may Therefore Explain Why Many Birds Walk in Circles, but it does Not Explain Why So Many Sheep, Chickens and Insects are Affected.

What we need is A Theory that can Explain Everything we’ve seen.

Below I have shared a Number of Videos that Supposedly Document this Phenomenon. As you can see, there are Certainly a Lot of Images ()



I wish I could tell you Why This is Happening.
But I can’t.

Maybe this is All Much Ado about Nothing.

Let’s see if this Inexplicable Behavior continues.

How Inefficient is German Wind Energy?

Without A Doubt, we live in Very Strange Times, and I think they will Soon become Much Stranger.

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction, and I think we’ll see Things Happen in the Next Few Years Far Beyond What our Science Fiction Authors have Ever Imagined.

So if you think Things are Crazy Right Now, Just Wait and See, because it won’t be Long before Events on this Planet get Really Bizarre.

Translation by Front Nieuws

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