Front Nieuws – EUROSTAT: Extreme Excess Mortality in Europe, Except Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

EUROSTAT: Extreme Excess Mortality in Europe, Except Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

he EU statistics authority “ Eurostat ” has published disturbing figures: in December 2022, excess mortality in European countries has increased by an average of 19% – compared to the average for the years 2016-2019. In addition, a sharp increase compared to November 2022 is evident, when excess mortality was “only” plus eight percent. Also interesting: in comparison, it was 30% higher in 2020 and 24% higher a year later, but this trend also seems to hold for 2022, reports Unser Mitteleuropa .

Extensive Correlation between Excess Mortality and Vaccination Coverage

Germany (+37% / approx. 77% vaccination rate – VG recorded the highest excess mortality (OS) in December 2022. Austria (+27% / approx. 76% VG), Slovenia (+26% approx. 59% VG), Ireland (approx. 82% VG) and France (both +25 percent / approx. 80% VG) also showed peak increases.20% more deaths (compared to the 2016-2019 average) occurred in the Czech Republic (approx. 65% VG), the Netherlands and Estonia (both +23% / approx. 64% VG) and Denmark (+22% / approx. 82% VG), as well as Finland (approx. 79% VG) and Lithuania (approx. 68% VG) (both +21 percent).

Iceland (approx. 83% VG) and Ireland (approx. 82% VG) are also among the top. However, Spain (approx. 86% VG) and Portugal (approx. 93% VG) do not confirm this correlation. However, no data is available for Sweden with its notorious special pathway to herd immunity (ca. 74% VG).

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria: Laissez Faire versus Covid

Significantly, however, the opposite phenomenon occurred in the eastern EU countries: There was (almost) no excess mortality: only in Hungary is there no clear link between OS and OS (a small increase of 2.8% with a OS of 64% ). However, Hungary also had the most liberal covid regime in the entire EU. Which would be an explanation.

Oxford study vaccine side effects: Risk of myocarditis in younger men up to 14 times higher after vaccination than after infection

My Assessment of the Corona Situation as an Austrian Abroad in Hungary

Since the summer of 2021, despite Covid, public, political and economic life in Hungary has been largely normal: shops, hairdressers, restaurants, schools have been open since then. to use on this forum.

“Since Covid at the latest, I am happy to have given up my residence in that post-Metternian state of Austria. In the Hungarian country I adopted, the Corona measures are carried out casually, pragmatically and on my own responsibility.

No one here would get the absurd idea that Orban was concocting a secret plan to imprison his entire people in a giant gulag. Because the people here have always been considerate of each other (…)

Guest article by Elmar Forster on philosophia perennis.

In Romania (approx. 42% VG) and Bulgaria (approx. 30% VG ) there is practically no OS.

Logic of the Vaccine Proponents: Pandemic Measures prevented Deaths that are Now Being Overtaken

However, the explanation of the vaccine proponents sounds helpless: namely that “in the Central and Eastern European countries, the excess mortality during the pandemic was very high” – as Zoltán Kiss, a research doctor at the Hungarian University of Pécs, says.

In some Scandinavian countries (Norway), according to vaccination experts, there would have been the strange phenomenon that there was less excess mortality during the pandemic than in previous years. The strange explanation for this: More lives would have been saved during Covid in these countries than before the pandemic, thanks to very strict pandemic measures, a disciplined society and an advanced health system.

In other words, Covid was much less dangerous than conventional epidemics because there were no significant losses from flu or pneumococcal infections due to masks and distancing measures. Therefore, especially older, chronically ill or more sensitive patients would have survived – emphasized Zoltán Kiss.

And further: But now these patients would face it and thus be exposed to a higher risk of death, which was missed or insignificant for two or three years.

Poland and the Czech Republic Puzzling

However, the data from Poland and the Czech Republic remain puzzling because the excess mortality was much higher both during Corona and now, in December 2022. The adventurous explanation for this: possibly an upper respiratory epidemic could reach these countries in several cycles.


Share of Population with COVID 19 Vaccination by Selected Countries Worldwide as of December 20, 2022.

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