Front Nieuws | Dr Tau Braun – The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is Here, and it’s Known as VACCINE DAMAGE

 The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is Here, and it’s Known as VACCINE DAMAGE

Dr Tau Braun, A Clinical Psychologist and Consultant to the United States National Counter Terrorism and Emergency Management, made this Claim in an Interview with James Grundvig on the April 6 Episode of “Unrestricted Truths: Defcon 5” on the American Media Periscope Network, writing Kevin Hughes .

According to Grundvig, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has long been Involved in the Military and Zombie Apocalypse Predictive Programming and preparing the American People for A Zombie Pandemic.

Grundvig and his Co Host Josh Reid discussed with Braun why the Human Race is turning into Zombies and how this relates to the Wuhan Corona Virus COVID 19 Vaccines.

The Zombie Apocalypse is Already happening. It’s called Vaccine Damage. It’s Already happening with these People who call themselves Long Haulers for the Most Part,” Braun said.

Long Haulers refer to People who have Long COVID. Braun noted that the List of Long Haulers is getting Shorter and Shorter because the Recovery Time to get over Exposure to the Chemical and Biological Weapon COVID 19 i Different than if it were Placed in A Lipid Nano Particle. This Highly Charged Cationic Lipid Nano Particle introduced into the Human Body moves through Every Organ to escape the Human Immune System.

People are Now in A Kind of Zombie Fight

Braun pointed out that A Deliberate Attack with Low Grade, Tranquilizer like Vaccines has been done to control the Behavior of the Population.

And in A way this is like spraying A Population of People. And we’re All in some Sort of Zombie Fight Right Now. We are Not Ourselves. We don’t react the Same Way. Our Behavior is Slow for the Amount of Threat hanging over us,” Braun said. “We are the Proverbial Deer in the Headlights and it is Everywhere because the Spike Protein is Now Ubiquitous. So we have to Constantly Fight against that Effect of Zombification.”

The Clinical Psychologist noted that the Biology of Someone Injured by the Vaccine is Similar to Someone who has been Poisoned. The Poison in the Vaccine mimics the Effect of Hibernation and puts People in A Form of Suspended Animation, or A Zombie State.

In this Zombie State, the Venom replicates the Spike Protein, which copies Parasitic Behavior as it reproduces in the Human Body Shut Down in the Hibernation Process. “Think of Everything we need to counter Living People who have Essentially Lost Their Souls,” Braun said.

Reid warned Viewers that this Agenda will be Forced upon the American People. He said that at Some Point Another Plandemic is coming and the People behind It are preparing Everyone for the Digital Slave System.

Watch the Video below to learn More about the Zombie Apocalypse Now taking Place in America.


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bull shit

Adrian W

Grundvig and his Co Host Josh Reid discussed with Braun why the Human Race is turning into Zombies and how this relates to the Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID 19) Vaccines
I am dropping out here. The American Media is still talking about the Wuhan Corona Virus while many insiders know that the “WuhanVirus was made in Fort Detrick, Maryland, and was brought to Wuhan with the Military Games in October 2019 by so called athletes who were participated in these competitions.
SARS 2 Geo Political Bio Weapon. US Energy Department blames China but hides Role of Anthony Fauci, DARPA &
Bill Gates in Wuhan.
By Man Made SARS Cov 2 for Gold VACCINES: Metabiota, CIA, Joe Biden, Gates, Rockefeller intrigued in Ukraine, China and Italy.
The Huge Plot began in 1999 in the luxurious Villa Serbelloni on the Shores of Lake Como.
Huge NWO PLOT to take Control of the Brain: SARS Cov 2 by Fauci, Graphene by DARPA, Obama, Vaccines by Gates,Biden and EU
THE CHAPTERS OF THE RESEARCH (1) | In Memory of Franco Trinca and Domenico Biscardi (2) | The Dangerousness of Lipid Nano Particles (3) | SARS Cov 2 Artificial from the Fauci’s Apprentice Sorcerers (4) | Barack Obama’s DARPA Brain Project (5) | Graphene Microsensors and the Brain (6) | Genetically Modified Cells that Respond to Light (7) | Investigations into Graphene Flakes in the Brain in Europe (8) | Experimental Gene Sera from Biden & Gates (9) | Graphene in the Anti Covid Vaccines biden-eu/
COVID from Ukraine? Pentagon Covered Up Over Ukraine War Crimes, NYTimes
Jonas E Alexis, Editor in Chief,  April 7, 2023
Mass Killings of Civilians, Targeted Killings of Religious Leaders, Press and Labor Leaders, Torture of Prisoners of War and Mass Shooting of Civilians (…) that and Complicity in making Bio War Weapons, including COVID 19.

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