Front Nieuws | Bruno Bertez – Read this Text, if you are European it will Hurt you, you will Suffer, but you Must Read it “What you See Now is the Death of Europe”

Read this Text, if you are European it will Hurt you, you will Suffer, but you Must Read it “What you See Now is the Death of Europe

It would be Necessary to Oblige Every Pseudo Journalist Specializing in Covid, Money, Finance, Economics, Geopolitics, Diplomacy, in Short Every Shorthand Typist in the Service of the Elites, to Read this Text and to have him or her do A Written Interview, with A Critical Analysis. This Quality Text exposes A Point of View that Hurts, but you Need to Know  () You are Worth it! writes Bruno Bertez.

Written by A Russian.

We have become the World Champion Victim of the Sanctions, and have Surpassed the Former Leader Iran. The United States and the European Union have Laid All their Cards on the Table, even detonating Mines that Do Them More Damage than Us.

An Example is the Freezing of Dollars and Euros from our Reserves. We lost $ 300 Billion, which we will have Again in About A Year. The US and the EU have Lost their Reputation because an Arbitrary Default of the Dollar and the Euro will Automatically Lead to the Gradual Withdrawal of Dollars and Euros from the Category of Reserve Currencies.

So Called “Paper Money” (Fiat) is Really Just A Receipt, A Promise to Deliver Goods in the Future. Imagine that you are bringing Sam A Cart of Manure. Sam gives you A Receipt. I, Sam Smith, Passport So and So, Resident there, Promise to Deliver an iPhone 14 to Vasilij in Perfect Condition. The Next Day, after Shaving, you come to Sam for an iPhone. And Sam tells you, you are Russian, Get Out of Here before I draw A Sex Organ on my Receipt.

This is What Happened to the Dollars and the Euros. The Whole Village saw that Sam’s Receipts were Not Reliable, because as A Merchant Sam did Not Keep his Word.

The Americans and Europeans would Not Be So Affected if the Ruble Collapsed. They have Already Frozen the Gold Reserves of Other Countries, Iran, Venezuela, Syria. Investors were Very Annoyed by This, because Investors are Not Gooled, but the Situation was Different, Small Amounts were Involved on A Global Scale and the Financial Systems of the Countries Attacked Collapsed in A Chain after the US Attack. The Freezing of the Gold Reserves of the Small Unrewarded Countries was Seen Not Only as A Fraud, but Also as an Aggression, an Arbitrary Expression of Violence. Investors were Ready to Accept This.

But the Ruble did Not Collapse after the US Attack, on the Contrary. At the Moment as I write this Article, the Ruble is Trading at Around 78 or 80 Rubles to the Dollar, which isn’t Much of A Difference from October’s 79 Rubles to the Dollar, and Still Lower than the Peak the Dollar Jumped into. the Middle of the Currency Crisis of 2014 – 2015.

In Fact, that Stolen $ 300 Billion bought us A Unique Historic Opportunity to Create our Own Reserve Currency, the Energy Ruble. Maybe it was Worth the Effort and Punishment.

The Americans, on the Other Hand, Turned Out to be the Hapless Hunter in the Joke, slipping A Double Barrelled Shotgun into the Den. The Hunter tried to Shoot the Sleeping Bear and pulled the Trigger, but the Gun Missed and the Bear Woke Up.

For Example, the United States and the EU have Already used Almost All of their Financial and Economic Weapons against Russia. But Here the Game is Not at All in their Favor: it’s like Trying to Bite through A Car Wheel with Uour Teeth. In Fact, this is Why Western Politicians are Now Arguing So Hysterically. Russia is A Problem that is Destroying their Financial System and that they can Not Solved.

The Main Reason Why The West has Found Itself in Such an Unenviable Situation is the Natural Change in Our World.

In the 21st Century, the Once Powerful West has Donned Leather Armor and Adorned its Ass with Multi Colored Feathers, and the East, Led by China, has Gradually Taken over the Industrial and Technological Leadership of The West.

Let’s See How the High Tech Exports of the Different Countries have Changed over the Years:

Year 1990 The United States is the Leader, Japan is Second, Germany Third. China is Not Even in the Top Ten.
Year 1991 China is the Leader, the US is Second by A Narrow Margin, Germany and Japan are Close behind the US.The Difference between First and Fourth Place is Small.
Year 2019 China is Leader. Germany is in Second Place, 3.5 (!) Times behind. Singapore is Third. The United States ranks Fourth, about 5 Times behind China. China’s High Tech Exports exceed Those of the Top Ten Western Countries Combined.

The People are Very Inert, Especially the Adults, so the Western Politicians are Still Mentally Alive in It, in the Mid 2000‘s, when the US and China were Fighting on an Equal Footing.

However, 15 Years have Passed since Then and the US has Fallen Behind, they are Completely Hopeless. They are Held Up Only by the Sluggishness of the Dollar, which was A Fully Fledged Reserve Currency before the February Default.

Have you Heard of Wenzhou? Can you Find it on the Map? I’m Sure you Can’t. Anyway, Recently Wenzhou was Considered Backward, Even the Term “Poor as Wenzhou” Existed. Today, Thanks to Resurgent Capitalism, Wenzhou is Booming. There are Many Factories of Various Industries, For Example, the City is A World Center for the Production of Low Voltage Equipment.

Here’s A 14 Minute Video for You, you could Also Just drive A Car through the Streets of Wenzhou, without A Quadcopter Parade Shot of Newly Built Skyscrapers or Other Embellishments for Tourists.

Wenzhou is Called East Jerusalem Due to the Large Number of Churches and the High Percentage of Christians


Again, I want to Draw Your Attention to the Fact that by Chinese Standards, Wenzhou is A Small City, A Backwater, A Regional Center of Zhejiang Province. 9.5 Million People is A Piece of Cake by Chinese Standards, Almost A Village.

The Zhejiang Clothing Company Semir Garment, the Brands Semir and Balabala, which you Do Not Know, unlike the Dolce and Gabbana Gays), the Shoe Company Aima, the Household Appliances Factories General Electric and Schneider Electric, Yes, Yes, it All comes from There,, are Located in Wenzhou, as Well as the Steel Mills of the Shagang Group. They Even Launched the Metro Three Years Ago.

And for Comparison, Brussels, the Capital of the NATO Butchers.


With All my Love for the Historic Streets of Old Towns, it’s A Hopeless Province. The United States and the European Union are No Longer at the Level where they can Hope to Compete with Asia.

And While We Only Look at China, there is Also India, whose Population is Almost Equal to China’s, and Where the Top Technology is Now Developing at A Very Fast Pace.

In the West, it is Customary to Joke about India in the Traditional Forms of Toilet Humour. But India is Big, it has about 5 Million Programmers Alone. And since Everything is Fine in the Well Oiled Indian Brain, Quantity Inevitably turns into Quality.

But there is Also Indonesia with A Population of 280 Million. Pakistan, 230 Million. Brazil, 210 Million () and in Every Country Now There is the Internet, there is Access to Education, there are Opportunities to Build Factories and Laboratories.

The West Only thinks of Itself as “The Whole World” because it hasn’t been Punched Enough Already.

Coincidentally, Russia is Now Giving it that Blow. With the Support of Asia, Africa and Latin America. And the West can Do Absolutely Nothing against Us, because it is Also behind Us in the Number of Nuclear Warheads.

We don’t Have as Many Nuclear Weapons as we did in the Soviet Era, but we have Enough to Send the United States into the Stone Age if Necessary. As A Result, the US is Wobbling on A Chair, Biting its Nails, Shouting Swear Words () Yet Not Crossing Certain Boundaries.

America’s Position seems Hopeless.

China is Preparing to Crush the United States Economically, and There is Little Chance of Détente, as the West has Behaved Absolutely Bestially towards China over the Past Few Centuries, and since The West will Clearly Not Think about its Behavior until it becomes A Full Fledged Crisis, A Complete and Devastating Defeat.

The West can Not Do Critical Damage to China because it would Require Isolating China from Russia, which is Technically Impossible, we Share A Land Border with China. We Provide China with Food and Hydrocarbons, Which is More than Enough for an Economic Victory over the United States, Whatever Blockades the United States puts in Place.

There is No Way to Destroy Russia First and then China, Militarily Russia is Too Strong.

Perhaps, if the Americans had Not Been So Aggressive, if they had Not Moved NATO Bases to The East, if they had Not Tirelessly Formented Revolutions and Civil Wars on the Territory of the Former USSR, their Hegemony could have Lasted A Little Longer .

Living in Peace, However, is None of the Americans’ Business. They are Stupid, Arrogant and Greedy. The United States has Begun to Exacerbate the Conflict with The East and, it seems, Lost.

Do you Remember when I told you that we would Become the Spearhead of China, Aimed at the Heart of The West? And you Wonder Why Russia? Well, as you can See, it was Not Possible to Imagine Otherwise, Geography is Inevitable.

Putin has Tried to Befriend Europe, he has Offered them All Sorts of Options that would have been Beneficial to Them, but No, it has Not Worked. Even the Germans, Logical and Thoughtful People who Calculate Everything on A Calculator, could Not Help Giving in to the General European Russophobia.

Europe has Chosen its Fate. And Fate chose Russia. What you See Now is the Death of Europe. Even if It is Not about Nuclear Attacks on Industrial Centers, Europe is Doomed.

In A Situation in which European Industry has to Do without Cheap Russian Energy Carriers and Raw Materials, and China will Receive the Same Energy Carriers and Raw Materials at Reduced Prices, There can No lLonger be Any Real European Competition with China.

The Result will be thatLliterally Everything will Collapse There, After Industry it will Be Agriculture, Prosperity and Social Security will Collapse, there will Be Hunger, Banditry and Chaos. I Do Not Even Believe that the Transition to Nazism can Save these States. Decadence has Gone Too Far, Too Many Parasites have Come to Feast on European Profits.

And in All This, the Europeans will Blame the Russians. That is Why they will Come at us, Get A Slap in the Face, Wash Off the Blood , and Come at us Again

At Some Point it will End in the Vitreous of Some European Capitals, and the Sinking of the “Island of the Villains” Below the Water Level in the English Channel. They are Stupid, they will Not Calm Down. History shows that they Learn Nothing.

Nobody Cares about Ukraine. Ukraine is Just A Place, A Battlefield where Russia has Decided to Fight Europe.

They have Applied the Concept of “Little Bloodshed on Foreign Territory”. It is A Pity for the Normies, but They are to Blame, they Really wanted to Please, to Serve the Euro Elites, and Now they have Done it.

By the way, Europe Fully Accepted the Proposed Terms and Went to War, Now the Czech Republic is Shipping about 1.000 T72 and BMP1 Tanks from its Stocks to Ukraine. Now They are Transported on Railway Platforms.

By the Way, this is Not Bad for us, we have A Chance to Destroy most of this Cargo in Transit, the Rest will Crash and Break, and NATO will Lose Another Thousand tanks. That’s What this War is About.

2022  Translation  by Front Nieuws. Permission to Reprint in Whole or in Part is Gladly Granted, Provided Full Credit and Direct Link is Given.


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April 11, 2022 at 4:06 PM

Wonderful” Explanation, Totally Agree!
The West is Doomed, Own Fault but Bad for 20 – 30% of the Inhabitants Who have A Different Outcome in Mind and can Still Think for Themselves.


Twan, This 20 – 30% will Largely Survive. ‘Survival of the Fittest‘, Those who can Adapt to Changing Circumstances can Survive. These are Probably the Unvaccinated, the People Who saw this Coming and Prepared as Far as Possible, Starting with Protecting their Natural Immunity.


Prep Precisely and as Quickly as Possible, the Snake Kaag will Not Like This Very Much and Read the Story of that Bosnian Carefully How to Surviv  🧐 🤔 😜 💉 🖕


Seen the Video of Wenzhou. Good Music Underneath in the 1st Half, but it’s A Big Concrete Mess There. Who wants to Live There Now? It All looks Slick, but there are Simply Too Many People Living on Top of Each Other. That Video of Brussels is Typical of the Western Decline, All that Old Stuff. Furthermore, Very Good Article, but it does Not Make you Happy How we are Doing Now.

April 12, 2022 at 10:27 AM

The Sanction Genie can’t be Put Back into the Bottle, and the World is Now Slowly Marching toward A Commodity Backed Rather than “Faith” Backed Currency System, which is Running Out of Faith which Each Passing Day.”
Matt Piepenburg
The Value of Money Based on Only Air, Trust, Such as the Euro and the Dollar, will Continue to Decrease Day by Day.
Paper Money Eventually Returns to its Intrinsic Value, Zero.

April 12, 2022 at 12:59 PM

Let your Children learn Chinese!
Chinese Scientists develop World’s First Hybrid AI Chip, CGTN
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C Hendrikx

Front News Taken Over ??

April 22, 2022 at 12:52 PM

USA, et cetera. Playing Everyone against Each Other. Sow Hostility and Doom Thinking. And Here in NL No Jokes are Made about Computer Geniuses from India and the Indian Architect Ashok Bhalotra, Recently Deceased, was Also Very Much Celebrated Here. It was England that Colonized India and those Jokes will Probably be Made There. Frustrated as the English are by the Many Pakistani People with English Passports who Chose to Live in the UK, just like the Surinamese in NL. Long live Colonization. Who Orchestrated All This with Far Sightedness. And the US Dollar Backed by Gold??? At Least that was Abandoned Years Ago. Now A Deal with Gaddafi’s Son, So Maybe they Confiscated All those Billions that Gaddafi had Hidden in the Desert. I Still Remember when they got Rid of Germany’s Parked Gold Several Years Ago. Also, during 9/11, A Lot of Gold seems to Have Disappeared from Building 7. And Authors keep Trying to Come Up with Political Interpretations without having Any Knowledge, Occult Matters, of What is Really Going on. Anyone who Still wonders How China Suddenly got So Many Millionaires should watch the movie China Blue. And the Apple iPhone is Also Notorious. Workers who Massively chose Suicide instead of Working There. Apple Solution? Stretch Nets around the Building.

JH Coolen

The Greed and the Downfall of Europe you didn’t have to Learn for that is My Opinion Also the Elite will Lose Everything. The Poor who Already have Nothing will Not Have to Fight for their Freedom that comes Naturally we Now have to Be Smart and Take Advantage of the Failures of the Rich. Let them Go to War themselves. Then you should See How Quickly such A War would Be Over.


Mother Nature has Long bBeen Making Short Work of This.
All over the World and What’s Worse is that they’ve Known This All over the World for A Long Time.
This is All Distraction.
And the Great Thing about This is that you can Call Those People who Live in those Areas where There are All these Natural Disasters Right Now.
By theWway, I‘m Not Saying that this is Due to Global Warming! It might Really Help, but I think this Always happens Once Every Few Years. But it’s Very Easy to See that it happens.
It is Really Very Cold in Most Places and We are Still in an Ice Age that Many People do Not Know.
This is Very Easy to Check.
And these Other Claims that are Here are Really Not Easy to Verify at All.
I am Against War Anyway and I think in General the Population itself Hardly wants War Anywhere.

Front Nieuws, April 11, 2022

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