Front Nieuws – Another Genocidal Bio Weapon Injection Victim covers ‘Pfizer Flop’ Live TV, Why would FDA hide Pfizer Vaccine Safety Data for 75 Years unless they Cover Up Genocide?

As Another Genocidal Bio Weapon Injection Victim covers the ‘Pfizer Flop‘ Live on TV, Why would the FDA hide Pfizer Vaccine Safety Data for 75 Years unless they Cover Up Genocide?

Pfizer issued A Statement after that Online Project Veritas Video in which A Pfizer Executive brags about Mutating  COVID via “Directed Evolution” so their Company can Profit for Decades at the Expense of the Western People, but that Statement says Nothing about the Increasing Number of People around the World are Now Doing thePfizer Flop,” As Seen in the Above Gif Image and Video Below of Greek TV Reporter Konstantina Klokotara Collapsing Live on Air, writes Stefan Stanford .

Although, as we’ll explore in this story, Pfizer admitted that the injections carry the possibility of “The Injected” being affected by “Side Effects,” which we’re seeing everywhere now, including more of the following as the first few they mention

Severe Allergic Reactions
Non Serious Allergic Reactions such as rash, itching, hives or swelling of the face
Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle
Pericarditis, inflammation of the inside of the heart

With the terms “Myocarditis” and “Pericarditis“, medical terms most people had never heard of before the “Vax” was rolled out, but now terms that we hear in the news almost every day as we hear more and more people about new developed heart problems, you should know that nowhere in the statement does Pfizer admit that their “Vaccine” caused any deaths, nor does it take responsibility for all these people who “Die Suddenly.”

And with those “Severe Allergic Reactions” they talked about in their statement, do you think that’s why the Epoch Times is now reporting that the Food and Drug Administration FDA has advocated on behalf of Pfizer for the clinical trial data to be hidden for 75 years and that they are now being sued to release the raw data? Now what could be in that data that is important enough to want to hide it? Things that make any sane person realize that this stinks to Heaven.

Media pushing “HIV VariantNarrative as Cover for Vaccine Induced Immune System Collapse

With the FDA also moving to an annual COVID Jab that they say will be based on new strains that are expected to be dominant that year, proving once again how much that whole process has been AHit and Miss in More Ways than One Shot” and is an episode of “Russian Roulette,” this grieving mother recounted on camera how that Game of Russian Roulette turned out for her family, telling the interviewer bluntly

“We were for Vaccination. We thought the People who didn’t want to get the Vaccine were Stupid. And One Day my Daughter drops Dead.”

How many more parents have experienced similar tragedies as the FDA and CDC and WHO literally Cover Up Genocide? And when you consider that the FDA has covered up 75 years of Pfizer Testing Data, which will dust virtually everyone alive today by the time it finally gets to be seen, also consider the United Nations‘ final sprint around the 1st Amendment, with the UN poised to criminalize anyone who spreads so called “Misinformation” that causes Social Disorder and hatred, as heard in the 1st video below by Clayton Morris.

If the globalist devils have their way, and the United Nations determines what is “Truth” and what is “Misinformation,” they will have the same powers as Mass Murdering dictators in history. So now that more and more angry Lefties are popping up in Twitter Messages that sound A lot like Mike O Mara, who, as we reported on ANP, was Pro Vax, got the Jab and now dies a horrible Slow Motion Death , killing him describing it all on Twitter in A series of alarming posts describing how his body is literally falling apart. Just think of the UN’s attempts to criminalize Mike’s recent Social Media posts below, genuine posts describing his budding death that the UN could call “Disinformation“.

Hackers break into Vaccine Manufacturers’ Servers, There Really are “DEADLY BATCHES” Among the Jabs

Mike O’Mara Kicked off Facebook. For sharing my story. For speaking about what is happening to so many. For seeking means to save lives. I hope that at some point this world will change and that one day humanity will be strong enough to resist different viewpoints, opinions and beliefs.

Mike O’Mara A big part of me is convinced I‘m already dead and in Hell. That has to be. I try to do everything, try to live, but in the end I lie there in pain, my body useless and atrophied. I don’t think I deserve it, but that’s not for me to judge. Maybe I‘ll be released at the end.

Mike O’Mara Yet another, one of many like me. Abnormal presentation. Passed 4 [Electro Myo Grafie] EMG‘s. Post Vax, got aggressive, Atypical ALS. Was gassed all the time. RIP, Vicky.

And with Vicky and Mike just two of A Zillion Victims of this Vax Genocide already maimed or killed, their lives ruined or destroyed by AVaccine” that every day looks more and more like A Weapon specially made for Depopulation , how many people who have been told by their Governments and Employers to “Do the Right Thing” are already here, names and people we will never know, and how many will follow in the near future?

And why are US Government Agencies such as the CDC and FDA actually hiding this “Depopulation” that is happening right now, which is nothing short of Genocide? Surely if there is any Justice left in the world, the Perpetrators who carry out this Mass Murder deserve the same fate as any Mass Murderer, and those who Cover It Up deserve the same Fate as anyone who covers up Mass Murder.

Nearly twice as many US Vaccine Related Deaths in the first three months of 2021 than all Vaccine Related Deaths combined over the past decade

So while MainStream News outlets like The Atlantic continue to publish stories like this one titled “Twitter has Bo Answers for #DiedSuddenly,” in which they report “The Latest Anti Vaccine Conspiracy Theory is booming on Platforms that have No Interest in Spreading it.” stop,”

Then why don’t they publish stories about the much harder Truth, which is that News Outlets like theirs have Lied to us Every Step of the Way, and that those Endless Lies have ruined or ended countless Americans and People around the World because they who have taken Vaccines?

So while CDC Executive Director Tom Shimabukuro tells A COVID Panel in the 2nd video below that the Injections cause Debilitating Illness, “We understand that Illness is Disruptive and Stressful, especially under those Circumstances,” they continue to be the “Lethal Injection” when it comes to push “Answer” no matter how many people around the world drop dead on Live TV, or in their sleep, as so many have done.

So with three or four stories every day of people in their prime just dropping dead unexpectedly, with No Prior Warnings of A future heart attack or stroke, we’ve reached A point where the BIGGESTPre Warnings” we need to act on let’s be anyone who has had the Vaccines or the Boosters at all, because all of them have played A very strange Game of Russian Roulette, where the “Losers” of the “Game” are often not determined until months after “The Game“.




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