Fredrik Knudsen – Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole

Deep Blue versus Kasparov, 1997, Game (6) (foto Wikimedia Commons)

How you make a computer blink? (foto Pinterest)

Kasparov versus Deep Blue (foto Giphy)

Man versus Machine (foto Gifer)

Deep Blue (chess computer) (foto lixingge | Dribble)

Deep Blue versus Kasparov (foto Gfycat)

Start Screen Deep Blue (foto IBM)

1*gHVaCrFw3EWRdW4pMCUx5g (foto IBM)

Gary Kasparov (foto

Sacred Blue! Deep Blue (Computer) versus Garry Kasparov Game (1) (foto chess

Deep Blue versus Kasparov Game (5) (foto Twitter)
Human End Game (foto Tumblr_)

Deep Blue and Kasparov Game (6) (foto

the first computer to ever defeat a reigning world champion in chess (foto Medium)

The Final Deep Blue Move (foto Gfycat)

Brilliant (1) (foto Gfycat)

Brilliant (2) (foto Giphy)

Kasparov Loosing ro Deep Blue (foto Gfycat)

Wizard Chess (foto Tumblr)

Checkmate (foto Tumblr)Computer Vision (foto Gifer)
Kasparov versus Deep Blue Checkmate (foto Veja)

Deep Blue Chess Wins (foto Gfycat)

February 10, 1996 IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats world champion Gery Kasparov (foto Reddit)

Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole

Published 30 okt. 2020

After an electrical engineer enters the field of computer chess, his creation captures the attention of the world as he attempts to defeat the world chess champion.



Music by Ryan Probert​
Graphic Design by Christopher “Arcaxon” Malouin Monjaraz​
Saxophone by Naomi Sullivan​
Vocals by Rachel Nicholas​
Chess Personality” Paintings by Anton Oxenuk​
Gambit” Chess Robot by DerEineSchwarzeRabe


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