Frank Richardson & Maurits Binger – The Black Tulip (1921) + Christian Maudet – Idem (1964) (French,  English Sub) + Burbank Films – Idem (1988) + Mahmoud Gamal – Tulip Fever (2017) (English, Arab)

The Black Tulip (1921)

Published 20 Oct 2021

Silent Film Appreciation

Author Jen Yanamora Tulip Black Tulip (1921) (Film)


De Zwarte Tulp

Gepubliceerd 16 feb 2018

Eye Film Museum

Director Frankland Richardson | Production Country The Netherlands | Year 1921 | Production Company Granger Binger Film | FLM77930 | Film from the Collection of EYE, Amsterdam

Cornelis van Baerle, like Most Men of Fashion in Seventeenth Century Holland, is ABulb Enthusiast. He is Competing for A Big Prize Offered by the Burgomaster and Aldermen of the City of Haarlem to the First Producer of A Black Tulip. He is Also Godson of Cornelis de Witt, Who with his Brother Johan, Controls the Destinies of the Republic. A Strong Royalist Faction is Scheming to Restore the Monarchy with Willem III, Prince of Orange, as King. In View of the Possible Success of this Move, De Witt puts Van Baerle In Charge of Some Important Documents, Without his Knowing their Contents. ARival Bulb Grower, Isaac Boxtel, overhears this Arrangement. The Royalist Schemes Succeed and Cornelis de Witt and his Brother are Thrown into Prison in The Hague. Cornelis sends A Letter to Van Baerle Telling him to Destroy the Documents and Making it Clear that he is Not Cognisant of their Contents. Meanwhile, Boxtel has Informed against Van Baerle as Harbouring the Correspondence, and Just as he Receives De Witt’s Letter he is Arrested. In the Prison the Gaoler’s Daughter, Rosa, Actuated by Pity and Then by Love, does What she can to Soften his Lot, and Helps him in his Attempt to Get his Three Bulbs, which are Wrapped in De Witt’s Letter, to Bloom. The Prison is Stormed by A Mob Incited by Ticelaar and the De Witt Brothers are Done to Death. Although Van Baerle is at First Condemned to Death, the Prince commutes his Sentence to Imprisonment in the Loevestein Fortress. There One of the Flowering Tulips is Destroyed by the Gaoler Gryphus. With the Collusion of Gryphus, Boxtel Steals the Second Bulb. In Haarlem, Rosa and Boxtel Both Claim the Prize, the Girl Having with her the Third Bulb Still Wrapped in De Witt’s Letter. The Prince of Orange Arbitrates, and to Confront the Other Claimant, has Van Baerle Released. After Hearing Rosa’s Story, the Prince decides in Favour of Van Baerle, Whose Innocence from Any Political Crime is Proved at the Same Time by the Letter. At the Feast of the Tulip, Cornelis is Given the Prize and also Rosa’s Hand in Marriage.

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The Black Tulip (1964) (French,  English Subtitles)

Published 29 Oct 2020


Author john S

In 1789, when the Revolution went on, A Bandit named “Black Tulip” held the Surroundings of Village Roussillon in Fear. The Poor People Respected him as Robin Hood. Black Tulip_(1964)  (Film)


Black Tulip (1988) (Full Movie)

Gepubliceerd  20 jan 2021


Watch Black Tulip (1988) Full Movie on FamBrand As A Man Sets Out to Plant the World’s First Black Tulip to Win A Contest, an Alchemist tries to Cast A Spell that will Give him Unlimited Power, and One of the Ingredients must be A Black Flower!

Writers Alex Nicholas, Paul Leadon

Starring Brian Anderson, Phillip Hinton, Paul Johnstone


Tulip Fever (2017 – 2018)

Gepubliceerd 16 Nov 2018

Video Mahmoud Gamal Cinema4TV

Author Mahmoud Gamal Cinema4TV


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