For His Glory – 8 Year Old Swedish Boy S Vision from God, Jesus! Word by Word Translation in Description Box!

For His Glory (gif Reddit)

8 Year Old Swedish Boy S Vision from God, Jesus! Word by Word Translation in Description Box!

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For His Glory

Trinity Richt Published on Mar 27, 2018

My son was given A vision of A earthquake this friday the 30’th of march and rapture on Sunday the 1‘st of april. I translate from Swedish. Sorry about my English. God bless you.

This is not by me it S by tarichar8,he deserves the credit.

On Friday, we will be at our houses, then at 7 am in Sweden, everybody will be taken to the base of this mountain in Egypt. If they are asleep, then they will be awakened. And when we stand at the foot of this mountain, it will start to crumble at the earthquake. When this happens we will get 2 hours to warn them that this is an act of Jesus. This will be on Fri, the 30th of March. And after these 2 hours we will all be going back to our homes. And on Sat, it will be given as the last time to witness to people. Then on Sun April 1st, the day of rapture, all of sudden, even if you are in the house, you will start to get light, you will be like A ghost and you will float thru the ceilings and the floors if you are in an apt. Ghostlike. This will be A light beam, (as he points at the picture) that you will be transported thru the sky. As we pass thru the earth S sky, we will go across something that he can T describe, and as we go across this area we will be transformed, we will become angel like. And once we have passed thru this area, we will be in heaven. We will look beautiful as if we are going to A party or celebration. We will be A lot more beautiful then we ever were on earth. After 7 years, there will be 3 raptures total, this one that he describes and then 2 others. We will come back with Christ, and we will be like the angels, and down on earth there are A lot of demons, and people that have chosen to stay on the earth, who didn T want to choose God. When Jesus speaks, his words turn into fire, and they go out of his mouth to the devil, and humans and demons jump in front of the devil to protect him from the flames. When the fire hits them, they become like smoke. And when it hits the devil he becomes like one big cloud of smoke. It takes 2 days for the smoke to pass. And then God will recreate earth to A new earth. In the new creation on earth, it doesn’T matter if you fall, it S impossible for you to hurt yourself. You can T hurt yourself in the new earth. The trees will have fruits growing on them, and many things will grow. You will have 2 homes, one house in heaven, and one on the earth, and you can live in both houses as you choose. There will be new trees in heaven growing new things as well. There will also be ordinary trees growing ordinary fruits. Heaven doesn T follow the rules like earth trees. Carrots can grow on trees in heaven for example. Every favorite food of yours can grow in Heaven.