Follows The Way – Daniel and the Four Beast Powers | The True Identity of Daniel’s Endtimes Fourth Beast Revealed | Video Blocked by YouTube in U.S. and Canada | Why?

Daniel and the Four Beast Powers (foto YouTube)

Daniel and the Four Beast Powers (foto YouTube)

Daniel and the Four Beast Powers” is the prophetic CLASSIC that reveals the TRUE identities of the four Daniel seven beast powers; including – and most importantly – the “dreadful and terrible ENDTIMES fourth beast. It is a timeless work of prophetic Bible research. This is a MUST WATCH video in order to understand what is happening in the world TODAY; and, to understand the madness that is taking over the world and America TODAY. More importantly, you can KNOW the NEAR future of America and plan accordingly.

See the video that has been BLOCKED by YouTube in the US and Canada (why?): the countries that made up the original BioRegion #1 of the Club of Rome. Just chance?

This DVD documentary is an expose of one of the greatest frauds in Biblical PROPHETIC interpretation that appears to be willful and very deliberate by a multitude of self-styled “prophetic experts” in American christendom today. It is the result of a fantastic apostasy away from the real truth that was warned about by Jesus Christ. These beast powers are presented to the American christian (IF THEY ARE EVEN INTERESTED) as the ancient powers of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. This is totally and completely denied by the prophet Daniel and the angel that helps Daniel in the interpretation of the vision. All of the points that prove these are not ancient powers are totally omitted by today’s prophetic scholars.

So then, who are they? This DVD will not only show you who they really are, but also will prove it, and prove beyond all doubt, by scripture alone. These four beasts are here on earth RIGHT NOW, and they are fulfilling their roles with 100% accuracy and will continue to do so right up to the end. The vast majority of christians, however, have bought into the lie of ancient powers, hook-line and sinker, and are oblivious to the danger they are in as the fourth beast is now rising up and taking the world. This is a powerful DVD, and was sent to over 1.000 ministries in America who buried it in an attempt to hide their monstrous deceptions from their followers. It is one of the most important documentaries we have ever made, and one you need to watch in order to understand what is happening today.

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