FLAT EARTH BRITISH PHOTO DUMP – Flat Earth British (FEB) S Origin S Unknown! What Goes Up Must Come Down!

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Flat Earth British (FEB) S Origin S Unknown! What Goes Up Must Come Down!

Live gestreamd 11 juli 2022

The Celtic Tartarian Channel

What go S Up must come Down! Did you notice the State of our Skies?
Today FEB Think Tank presents Magnified Samples of Air, and Rain, and Silt from Washing Green Salad et cetera.
You have to see this Creepy Rankness!
Everything from Tiny Black Pyramid S to Wire Looking Worm Things.
Could this be Anything to do with the Thumping Great Chemtrails Splattering our Blue Skies? Part (2) of this PostWhat S the Origin S of the North American Indian? In Theodor De Brys Works from 1500 S we find the Inhabitants are Large Freaky Looking Cannibalistic Whitish People. No SupposedNative Americans‘ appear in Any Text from 1500 – 1600 Period S, and Later. So Evidence shows they Arrived in America Recently but from Where?
I propose these Peoples could have Arrived from the North Lands The Hyperborea Recently, and that the Apocalypse that Happened Here also Happened There.
Could the Native Americans be Hyperborian Survivors? We examine the Evidence. Buckle In, and Enjoy this Live Presentation.
Peas & Wuv!

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