firstfridaysrevival – BREAKING | Footage From Inside Aussie COVID Concentration Camp

New Regional Quarantine Facility (foto Before It’s News)

BREAKING | Footage From Inside Aussie COVID Concentration Camp

Published September 5, 2021

The National Guard is hiring Internment Resettlement Specialists. Let that sink in.

Editors Note

The National Guard has now removed the Job Listing. However, we have captured the Screenshots to Validate. The Organic Prepper acquired this Link from Indeed posting this Position for the National Guard on August, 16th 2021.
Join the Team in Prison, your Fellow People.

Internment Resettlement Specialists (foto Before It’s News)

With Biden’s Sudden Withdrawal from Afghanistan, you might think that is the Reason for the Resettlement Aspects of these Listing except they appeared Before the Withdrawal. What does an Internment Resettlement Specialist do? According to the National Guard Website Overview Internment Resettlement Specialists are Primarily Responsible for Day To Day Operations in a Military Confinement Correctional Facility or Detention Internment Facility. Job Duties Supervise Confinement and Detention Operations Provide External Security to Facilities Provide Counseling Guidance to Individual Prisoners within a Rehabilitative Program Manage and Maintain Prisoners, Internees, and their Programs.

Skills Learned

Military Laws and Jurisdictions Self Defence and Use of Firearms Interpersonal Communications Skills Search, Restraint and Custody Control Procedures. Why is there a Need for Internment and Resettlement Specialists?
Job Position Listings for such Position were available in the Following Locations.

Lancaster, California Washington DC Denver, Colorado Edinburgh, Indiana Monticello, Minnesota Parkville, Maryland Asheville, North Carolina Auburn, New York Sioux Falls, South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota.

Locations of FEMA Encampements (foto Before It’s News)

Either the National Guard very quickly Filled those Positions, or someone is attempting to hide something.

The Links now all state. Zero Jobs Found.

So, why on Earth would a Military Branch primarily designed to remain within US Borders need Internment and Resettlement Specialists? Although we have seen several Deployments of the National Guard to the Middle East within Recent Years.

Recent Historical Events to consider

We’ve witnessed the Exponential Growth or Big Brother Style Surveillance throughout the World over the past two years. Part of this has included developing Lists of those willing to get Specific Papers and those who are not. The Demonisation of those Refusing to get Vaccination Papers is Ongoing. We’ve discussed the very Real Potential of another Lockdown coming this Fall. Many didn’t comply with the Last and, likely, even more, won’t abide by any Upcoming Ones. Just look at the Massive Protests taking place throughout France, England, and other Nations Worldwide. Then the American Government created a Course discussing how to Mass Quarantine Rural Americans Effectively. And, the Idea of Banning Interstate Travel for Those who Refuse the Jab.

Another Jab Sign (foto Before It’s News)

Another Possible Measure discussed is changing how the Federal Government reimburses Treatment for Unvaccinated Patients who become ill with COVID 19. The CDC recently presented a Document for Consideration of The Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID 19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings. The Document describes the Shielding Approach. The Coming COVID Vaccine Is The Mark of the Beast Second Holocaust?

Being Singled Out (foto Before Its News)
Internment Resettlement Specialists in the CDC Covid Camp  (foto Before Its News)

CDC Covid Camps have No Plans to allow Healthy People to Leave

Revelation 2:1-29 ESV
To the Angel of the Church in Ephesus write ‘The Words of him who holds the Seven Stars in his Right Hand, who walks among the seven golden Lamp Stands.“ ‘I know your Works, your Yoil and your Patient Endurance, and how you cannot Bear with those who are Evil, but have Tested those who call themselves Apostles and are not, and Found them to be False. I know you are Enduring Patiently and bearing up for my Name’s Sake, and you have not Grown Weary. But I have this against you, that you have Abandoned the Love you had at first. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; Repent, and do the Works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and Remove your Lamp Stand from its place, unless you Repent.”

Before It’s News. Sunday, September 5, 2021 21:03

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