EwarAnon – What on Earth Happened to Ewar?

What on Earth Happened to Ewar? (foto YouTube)

What on Earth Happened to Ewar

18 jun. 2021


This is what happened to Ewar’s original Account. I’d appreciate if the Smears and Attacks stopped now please. Both my two other Accounts have had Strikes. I doubt it’s the Ccontent. These Guys have made the Aftermath of me releasing the first Volume of my Series a really bad Experience. I never wanted to upload this Video as I do not want to fuel Drama but as the smears seem to be continuing I feel the need to defend myself. It’s ridiculous and childish and I’d like it to stop. This Type of Behaviour should not be encouraged or supported within this Community. And I am asking for it to stop now so I can rebuild my Following and start releasing Content again. If you do not like what I put out or think it’s a Knockoff that’s absolutely fine – just live and let live.


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