EwarAnon – The Lost History of Earth (Full Five hour Documentary) + Idem

George F Cram – Diagram of the Principal High Buildings of the Old World, circa 1884 (foto Wikimedia Commons)

The Tallest Buildings with the Burj Khalifa added in (foto Wikimedia Commons | Vox)

The Lost History of Earth (Full Five hour Documentary)

Published  21 jun. 2021


Second Series What On Earth Happened? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sLM4…

His new channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDx5JfJxkbHxxtbzlDACPA,
This is (1) t/m (7) of the LHE series. There is another series called What On Earth Happened which goes (1)(13), I believe I have mixed the two up, and I think Ewar is currently working on episode (8) (feel free to correct me if there IS a LHE(8) already out somewhere and it’s not confused with the WOEH series (8). If YouTube does not remove this (looks like they removed it many times from many channels) then I will hunt down and compile the other stuff (I’m still new to this person, and I have a bit of a raised eyebrow while in discovery mode).

Also the other mirrors of this video are infested with bots so watch for them in the comments below before I catch and clean them. Also I do not remove real comments. I am noticing some of them in my notifications but when I go to reply they are gone and are NOT on the video. If your comment is removed please know it’s not me (unless you attack someone or the collective like a douche bag with verbal diarrhea, that’s about the only time I remove stuff).

Not much impresses me anymore, not many videos or bits of intel are ‘new‘ anymore, however every once in a while I’m left pleasantly surprised. It was hard to want to watch this seeing the length, but damn this guy did a great job and the five hours fly’s by. I had to mirror it, shout out to Ewaranon (I believe this is who put this together) and team for the work. Tthis is not monetized by me, copyright claims are already in, it’s not Ewar monetizing it either, it’s the music he used so I’m happy to help make those composers some backpay money and credits with my currently un-utilized outreach on top of giving Ewar some light).

Most of you that have been down these rabbit holes will recognize a lot of this info, but please watch to the end as the last hour is the most potent, and there’s many jewels throughout that reaffirm my own theories and videos with great tidbits (especially re frequency, electromagnetism, mercurian energized water grids, civilization resets, faked history, star stations, structures as aether ion harvesters, etcetera.

Hope you guys are starting to get up from under the spell of 2020, I’m slowly doing better, and look forward to reconnecting with this channel and you guys somehow and someway in the near future. I know it’s hard to stay relevant for more than two minutes in this fast world now so I’m glad to see my subs still growing despite no new content.

The replay value and potency of subject matter is to thank, and some talent and expressionisms as the cherry on the truth cake. All of our collective and individual curious minds that are fascinated by this shit are also to thank for the organic virility of our rediscovery and deprogramming. We can’t help it. It’s an instinctual progression for those that have receivers capable of seeing, hearing and feeling reality versus having it dictated. I do feel it’s just a matter of time before another tipping point is among us as a collective and 2020 helped fast track this mass awakening.

Special thanks to FlatFact for the research in the last hour of the video, here’s more https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL85o1ka5TKaVek3X0uGK-yKbSLbfH0VGX More

Love, Norb.


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The Lost History of Earth (Full Five hour Documentary)

First published at 18:06 UTC on June 27th, 2021

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Friday 25th June, 2021
This Video was Created by and Credited to ‘EwarAnon“, and Uploaded to his Telegram Group EWARANON.


It was sent to me in a Link by several viewers after I released my Video (145) about our Doomed Reality. I had spoken about seeing more land extending outside of our Doomed Section, and in this incredible Documentary that breaks down all the Lies we have been taught by our Captors about our histories, Ewaranon also showcases at around the Four Hour Mark, research by an incredible Guy whose Channel is called “Vibes of Cosmos” This Part will blow your mind about the Map of our Earth, and how it has been Hidden in Plain Sight all this time

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