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The Dutch Demonic Embryo Act

Our Government is Paving the Way for Sickening Embryonic Experimentation in the Name of The Science

It’s Needless to say that I Distrust my Government. Anybody who has Ever seen Any of my Interviews or has heard me Speak about the Dozens of Violations of the Rule of Law that Our Government has Committed over the Years, would know That. Think about the Horrific Covid Restrictions, the Eradication of the Presumption of Innocence and Recently of course the Expropriation, Theft, of Our Farmers’ Land. In Short. The People Who Rule Us Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart. We know That, but What comes Next shocked me Beyond Belief.

Two Days ago, I was A Guest at Dutch YouTube Channel BLCKBX and Lawyer Sven Hulleman spoke about our Government’s Plan to Alter the Dutch Embryo Act’. The Current Embryo Act aims to Regulate Artificial Insemination and IVF et cetera. and has remained Unchanged since 2002. But it’s about to Change dDastically in the Near Future, if things Go According to Our Cabinet’s Plans.

So What Reasons do they Give to Want to Change the Law? Well, you Guessed It. ‘‘To Update it to the Current State of the Science’’.

Aha! THE SCIENCE! After the Past Three Years, I can Imagine All of your Internal Alarm Bells Go Off when you Hear Those words, and they should be. Because our Cabinet, led by Mark Rutte’s Neo Liberal Hell Party. the VVD, and Sigrid Kaag’s Democratic Party, D66, adding Another 6 would Be Fitting, is Now Looking to Make Major Changes this the Embryo Act, including

•  Lifting the Ban on the Creation of Embryos for Purposes Other than the Creation of A Pregnancy.

•  Changing the Definition of ‘Embryo’ taking into Account the Sevelopment in the Field of ‘Embryo Like Structures’ (ELS) and Allowing for Two Types of Experimental Human | Animal Combinations that Currently Fall Outside the Scope of the Embryo Act.

Yes, Please Do Read That Again.

In Other Words. Our Cabinet wants to Legalize Creating an Embryo for Purely ‘Scientific’ Purposes. AKA, they want to Make it Legal to Create Life Outside of the Womb, Keep it Alive for the Sole Purpose of Experimenting with It and then Killing It Again After 28 Days. And with that Life, they want to be Able to Conduct Animal Human Crossovers Experiments.

How? Well, Two Options.

Either they use Fertilized ‘Left Over’ Embryos from Women who Opted for IVF. or they will be Working with What they Call ‘Embryo Like Structures’, which are Structures of Stem Cells that Mimic All or Oart of the Development of an Embryo, but are Created without the Need for an Actual Egg or Sperm Cell.

All they would Need for That are ‘Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells’ (iPSC) that are Derived from Skin or Blood Cells and have been Reprogrammed Back into an Embryonic Like Pluripotent State that enables theDdevelopment of an Unlimited Source of Any Type of Human Cell needed for Therapeutic Purposes.

Sounds to me like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World No Longer can Be Classified as Fiction.

What’s Interesting about This, is that, as per Usual, this Proposal to Change the Embryo Act gets Presented to the People as Necessary and Morally Good.

We don’t Follow the Current State of the Science, We’ll Never Solve Certain Medical Issues and We won’t be able to Save Lives’, is What they Say.

The Dutch Council for Public Health for Example Argues for the Deregulation of ‘iPS Chimeras’, Which involves Inserting Human iPS Cells into an Animal Embryo, For Example, with the Hopes of Cultivating Human Organs for the Purpose of Trans Plantation Medicine. Well, Who could be Against That, Right? If you lose Your Kidneys, you’d Want A Transplant Too, Right?

And Of Course, don’t be Worried, it will All Be Done under Close Supervision and Strict Safeguards from the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO).

What they Fail to Mention However, is that it was the CCMO itself that Argued for the ‘Necessity’ of Amending the Embryo Act. And What they Also Fail to Mention When they Try to Lure you in with their Pretty Words about ‘Progress’ and ‘Saving Lives’, is that in Order to ‘Save Lives’, they’ll be Creating Life to Then, Experiment with It, Mutilate and Kill It.

What’s Mind Blowing about All of This, the Christen Unie, A Christian Party is Part of the Current Government and has Done Absolutely Nothing to Stop this Plan. Washing their Hands in Innocence they’ve Chosen the Easy Way Out by Not Technically Co Drafting this Law, but Simply Staying Quiet on the Sideline and Relying on Left Wing Opposition Parties to Vote in Favor for it so it’ll Come to Pass without their Explicit Support Anyway.

In Fact, the Only Party in the Dutch Parliament that Asked Any Substantional Questions is the Reformed Christian Party, the SGP.

The Members of the SGP Group asked Whether One should Make Protectability of Embryos Dependent on Other Interest.

‘‘Does this Not Lay the Groundwork for Instrumentalizing Human Life in the Interests of Others in A Way that is Undesirable?’’

The Answer given by Our Minister of Health (D66) was Of Course Completely in Line with the Moral and Intellectual Incoherence Typical for Modern Liberals. He answered

‘‘The Core Objective of the Embryo Act has Been and Remains to Strike A Balance between Respect for, Incipient, Human Life on theOne Hand and the Importance of Other Values Such as the Progress of Medical Science and the Quality and Safety of Future Medicine on the Other. With this Core Objective, the Protectability of the Embryo is Not Absolute, but can be Balanced against Other interests Important to Society.’’

Asking What fForms the Moral Basis for the ‘Protectability’ of the Embryo, our Minister answered

‘‘The Ability to Grow into A Human Being underlies this Protectability. This is True for the Embryo Act in its Current Form, and I have No Intention of Changing It.’’

Of Course, he has No Intention of ChangingIt, because he knows that the Experiments that he Now Wants to Regulate on Human  Animal Embryos, Cybrids, that contain About 99.9% HumScope of the Embryo Act, these Creatures, wouldn’t be Eligible for ‘Protection’.

And that’s Where we Get to the Core of All of This. Stating that ‘The Ability to grow into A Human Being’, is What gives an Embryo ‘Protectabilty’ orWorthiness of Protection’, is A Morally and Intellectually Hollow Statement. And it’s A Dangerous One Too.

First of All, Following this Reasoning the ‘Protectabilty’ or Worthiness of A Human Life gets Determined by the Government. Meaning the Government can Also Take it Away. That Concept does Not Sit Well with Me and It Definitely did Not Set Well with the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. It is the Very Reason Why when they wrote The Declaration of Independence, they stated

‘‘We hold these Truths to Be Self Evident, that All Men are Created Equal, that They are Endowed by their Creator with Certain Unalienable Rights, that Among These are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.’’

What This Means Is, you don’t Have Rights because the Government gave Them to You, but because You are Created by God. And that’s Something One can Take Away from You.

But Premisse that an Embryo deserves Protection because it has the ‘Ability’ to Become A Human Being. We have to Realize that This Already negates the Fact that an Embryo IS Human Life. It negates the Idea that from the Moment of Conception, Life is Formed and is Worthy of Protection.

And That’s What happens in A Society that has Become Estranged from God. In A Society Where People No Longer believe That God is Real and that He is the Creator of Life and that We are Created in His Image. Anything Goes. We start to Play God Ourselves.

Because If Life is Not Sacred and we can Do with It Whatever we Want, then Why Not Mix Human Cells with Animal Cells? Why Not Grow A Baby Outside of the Womb? Why Not Create an Entire Army of Motherless Babies that you could Use for Your labor? Or Maybe Even for Warfare? If it’s aAl for the Greater Good, and we can Decide What that Greater Good is, then What’s the Problem?

I’m making an Extreme Argument Here, but Just because it’s Extreme, and we don’t Like to Think that It could Happen, does Not Mean that it won’t Happen. We Can Not Shy Away from the Fact that People do Evil Things in the Name of Good. We have to Be Very Careful, because Once the Rubicon gets Crossed and we Start to Intervene with Human Nature, with the Creation, It won’t Be Easy to Get Back from It.

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