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July 1st European Apartheid begins | At War with its Own People, Ready for Economic Collapse (foto Europe Reloaded)

It’s Official! On July 1st, the EU Becomes a Huge Concentration Camp

The Health Passport should be officially implemented from July 1st to allow Circulation again between the Different Countries of the Union.

Indeed, an Agreement has just been reached between Members European Parlement and Member States on the Health Passport which will allow, with the help of a QR Code, to indicate that its Holder has been Vaccinated, that he has passed a Negative Test, or that he is Immune after being infected by Covid19.

Let’s not fool ourselves. This European “Ausweis(ER: ID Card) is nothing more than a Permit to leave the European Open Air Prison in order to be able to circulate again between the different European Countries.

It thus ratifies the creation of Alpha+ and Beta+, in other words, a gigantic European Apartheid, depending on whether one has been Vaccinated or Not.

This Measure completes a whole repressive and Liberty Destroying Arsenal such as Tracing, Tracking, Geo Localization, All Out Policing, various and varied Lockdowns, the wearing of Muzzles, Curfews and, last but not least, Media Propaganda and Social Network Censorship.

Any Resemblance between this new Nazi land and its Model would be purely coincidental. So who can still believe that Europe Today is about Peace? Wouldn’t it rather be at War?

A Europe at War with its own Peoples to establish its Domination before its Economic Collapse scheduled for this year, Prelude to the Great Reset of the Davos Madmen in order to set up the Digital Currency and the Universal Income, Carrot of total Submission of the whole Middle Class, Future European Zombie Class.

This Nightmare Scenario does not prevent, on the contrary, the Euro Kommissar Didier Reynders comparing this Agreement to the Election of a Pope by Tweeting, enthusiastically.

White Smoke! we have an Agreement on the Proposal of the Commission of European Certificate Covid.”

We have reached this New Instrument in record time to Safeguard Free Movement for all Citizens,” he congratulated himself.

It is true that there is something to be said for this “Passport,” which is nothing more than a simple Permission to leave the European Prison, a Prelude to a probable next more sophisticated Sesame Open!, such as a subcutaneous Digital Chip, a Schwabian Transhumanist Version of the current Electronic Bracelet for Prisoners.

The Commissions Response to COVID 19 (foto EuropeLoaded)

Chief Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen emphasized that the Certificate would be “a Key Element on the way to a safe and easy Resumption of Travel throughout the European Union”.

In other words, a little sweetener between two Strokes of the Shillelagh on the Snout.

But let’s leave the Final Word to the inarticulate Towel Bearer for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, in a great lyrical Burst.

Europe moves forward United with the Digital Covid Certificate (…) A strong Signal for Tourism and Recovery!

It’s certain that with all the Restaurant Owners on the verge of Bankruptcy, 75% of whom Klaus Schwab has predicted will disappear, Tourism will take off again.

However, there is only one Shadow in this Wonderful Picture. Despite the Health Pass, each Citizen could be subject to Quarantine. Because the 27 Countries, emphasizing that this remains a National Prerogative, want to keep this Possibility in Case of Appearance of a Variant.

However, it is well known that Variants ignore Borders, so Quarantines are still likely to be on the European Menu despite this so called Pass for Freedom. The Devil is in the details.

This Health Pass, which, let’s remember, is nothing more than a hidden Act of Coercion to be Vaccinated, is on the Menu of the European Leaders’ Summit of May 24 and 25 in Brussels. The Agreement will have to be approved by the Parliament at the next Plenary Session from June 7 to 10 in Strasbourg.

This will allow the Agreement to enter into force on 1 July,” confirmed Spanish Member European Parlement Juan Fernando López Aguilar, the Parliament’s Negotiator, at a Press Conference.

No doubt that all the Kapos of this now Union of the Locked Up will vote Unanimously with Raised Arms to validate this Ausweis with enthusiasm.

No doubt, they think, all Europeans will agree to Stop Living to Avoid Dying.

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The Liberty Beacon, May 23, 2021

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