Esoteric Detective – Phil Schneider, Geologist and Engineer

Philip Schneider, Geologist and Engineer (foto

Philip Schneider, Geologist and Engineer

Published 13 mrt. 2021

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Philip Schneider was a geologist who came forward in the 1990’s with a story that captivated the UFO community.

In the 1990’s he spoke of how he had worked in a top secret Underground Base and that they were being built all around America he stated that inside those Bases was amazing technology that was being hidden from the public.

He also spoke that when he came out publicly that there were many attempts on his life one such example was when he was almost run off the road and show that he had also been repeatedly warned by governments agents according to his testimony not to talk about his former job helping to build Underground Bases and that if he continued to talk harm would come to him

Sadly Philip was found murdered in his apartment in Wilson, Oregon and 1996 he was found with a plastic bag over his head and wire wrapped around his neck.

Here is one of Phillips’ Schneider’s most interesting public lectures I hope you enjoy it.


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