Esoteric Atlanta – The Curious Life and Death of Eva Peron AKA Evita! IS THERE MORE TO THE STORY??

Evita (foto

Peron El Hombre del Destino (foto. Quora)

Eva Peron (foto Blingee)

Eva Perón (1) (foto Tumblr)

Eva Perón (2) (foto Tumblr)

Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands with Juan and Eva Perón (foto Koninklijk Huis | Tumblr)

The Curious Life and Death of Eva Perón (aka Evita)! IS THERE MORE TO THE STORY??

Published 23 jul. 2021

Eva Perón was a girl born into Poverty that ended up becoming the the First Lady of Argentina. Her Story has been told over and over again in the Movies and on the Stage. But, is there more to the story than meets the eye? Who really was Evita?

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The Novaks had a Literary Agent – Martha Knight. An American in her late 40’s, she was tirelessly working to turn the Novel into a Bestseller. Sadly, Martha’s Job seemed like a Sisyphean Task at times. Let’s just say the Novel needed a lot of Work. Martha knew the Truth about the Family but she saw it as – yet another – Layer of Fiction, a shrewd Publicity Stunt to create an Aura of Overly Convoluted Mystery. Needless to say, it was a Healthy Psychological Response. The poor Literary Agent had no Idea who she was really dealing with as she analyzed Every Single Word in the Novel.”


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