Eric Zuesse – Why US Must Be Prosecuted for Its War Crimes Against Iraq

George W Bush War criminal (foto

George W Bush (foto Marxist Lenist Party of Canada)

George W Bush (foto Marxist Lenist Party of Canada)

George W Bush wanted (foto Progressive Rags)

George W Bush wanted (foto Progressive Rags)

Tony Blair War criminal (foto Facebook)

Tony Blair War criminal (foto Facebook)

Tony Blair is A fucking war-criminal (foto

Tony Blair is A fucking War criminal (foto

How many civilians they killed?Dare to compare (foto YouTube)

How many civilians they killed? Dare to compare! (foto YouTube)

The reason why the US Government must be prosecuted for its War crimes against Iraq is that they are so horrific and there are so many of them, and international law crumbles until they become prosecuted and severely punished for what they did. We therefore now have internationally A lawless World (or “World Order”) in which Might makes right,” and in which there is really no effective international law, at all. This is merely gangster “law,” ruling on an international level. It is what Hitler and his Axis of fascist imperialists had imposed upon the World until the Allies US under FDR, UK under Winston Churchill, and USSR under Joseph Stalin defeated it, and established the United Nations. Furthermore, America’s leaders deceived the American public into perpetrating this invasion ( and occupation, of A foreign country (Iraq) that had never threatened the United States; and, so, this invasion and subsequent Military occupation constitutes the very epitome of “aggressive War unwarranted and illegal international aggression. Hitler, similarly to George W Bush, would never have been able to obtain the support of his people to invade if he had not lied, or “deceived,” them, into invading and Militarily occupying foreign countries that had never threatened Germany, such as Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia. This Hitler’s lie based aggressions was the core of what the Nazis were hung for, and yet America now does it.

As Peter Dyer wrote in 2006, aboutIraq & the Nuremberg Precedent (

Invoking the precedent set by the United States and its allies at the Nuremberg trial in 1946, there can be no doubt that the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was A War of aggression. There was no imminent threat to US security nor to the security of the World. The invasion violated the UN Charter as well as UN Security Council Resolution #1441.
The Nuremberg precedent calls for no less than the arrest and prosecution of those individuals responsible for the invasion of Iraq, beginning with President George W Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleez[z]a Rice, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

Take, for example, Condoleezza Rice, who famously warned We don’t want the smoking gun to be A mushroom cloud ( That warning was one of the most effective lies ( in order to deceive the American public into invading Iraq, because President Bush had had no real evidence, at all, that there still remained any WMD in Iraq after the UN had destroyed them all, and left Iraq in 1998 — and he knew this; he was informed of this; he knew that he had no real evidence, at all: he offered none; it was all mere lies (

So, the Nuremberg precedent definitely does apply against George W Bush and his partners in crime, just as it did against Hitler and his henchmen and allies.

The seriousness of this international War crime is not as severe as those of the Nazis were, but nonetheless is comparable to it.

On 15 March 2018, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas JS Davies headlined at AlternetThe Staggering Death Toll in Iraq ( and wrote that “our calculations, using the best information available, show A catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion,” and linked to solid evidence, backing up their estimate.

On 6 February 2020, BusinessInsider bannered “US taxpayers have reportedly paid an average of $ 8,000 each and over $ 2 trillion total for the Iraq War alone” (, and linked to the academic analysis ( that supported this estimate. The US regime’s invasive War, which the Bush gang perpetrated against Iraq, was also A crime against the American people (though Iraqis suffered far more from it than we did).

On 29 September 2015, I headlined Gallup:Iraqis Are the Saddest & One of the Angriest Populations in the World (,” and linked to Gallup’s survey of 1,000 individuals in each of 148 countries around the World, which found that Iraq had the highestNegative Experience Score.” That score includessadness,” “physical pain,” “anger,” and other types of misery and Iraq, after America’s invasion, has scored the highest in the entire World, on it, and in the following years has likewise scored at or near the highest on Negative Experience Score.” For example: in the latest, the 2019, Gallup “Global Emotions Report” (, Iraq scores fourth from the top on “Negative Experience Score,” after (in order from the worst) Chad, Niger, and Sierra Leone (Gallup has been doing these surveys ever since 2005, but the first one that was published under that title was the 2015 report, which summarized the 2014 surveys’ findings). Of course, prior to America’s invasion, there had been America’s 1990 War against Iraq and the US. regime’s leadership and imposition of UN sanctions (which likewise were based largely on US regime backed lies (, though not totally on lies like the 2003 invasion was), which caused massive misery in that country; and, therefore, not all of the misery in Iraq which showed up in the 2015 Global Emotions Report was due to only the 2003 invasion and subsequent Military occupation of that country. But almost all of it was, and is. And all of it was based on America’s rulers lying to the public in Order to win the public’s acceptance of their evil plans and invasions against A country that had never posed any threat whatsoever to Americans — people residing in America. Furthermore, it is also perhaps relevant that the 2012 World Happiness Report” ( shows Iraq at the very bottom of the list of countries (on page 55 of that report) regarding “Average Net Affect by Country,” meaning that Iraqis were the most zombified of all 156 nationalities surveyed. Other traumatized countries were immediately above Iraq on that list. On Average Negative Affect,” only “Palestinian Territories scored higher than Iraq (page 52). After America’s invasion based entirely on lies, Iraq is A wrecked country, which still remains under the US regime’s boot, as the following will document:

Bush’s successors, Obama and Trump, failed to press for Bush’s trial on these vast crimes, even though the American people had ourselves become enormously victimized by them, though far less so than Iraqis were. Instead, Bush’s successors have become accessories after the fact, by this failure to press for prosecution of him and his henchmen regarding this grave matter. In fact, the Defense One site bannered on 26 September 2018, “US Official: We May Cut Support for Iraq If New Government Seats Pro Iran Politicians(, and opened with “The Trump administration may decrease US Military support or other assistance to Iraq if its new government puts Iranian aligned politicians in any ‘significant positions of responsibility, A senior administration official told reporters late last week.” The way that the US regime has brought ‘Democracy’ to Iraq is by threatening to withdraw its protection of the stooge rulers that it had helped to place into power there, unless those stooges do the US dictators’ bidding, against Iraq’s neighbor Iran. This specific American dictator, Trump, is demanding that majority Shiite Iraq be run by stooges who favor, instead, America’s fundamentalist Sunni allies, such as the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia and who hate and loathe Shiites and Iran. The US dictatorship insists that Iraq, which the US conquered, serve America’s anti Shiite and anti Iranian policy objectives.The US threat, to withhold aid if Iran aligned politicians occupy any ministerial position, is an escalation of Washington’s demands on Baghdad.” The article went on to quote Asenior administration official” as asserting that, “if Iran exerts A tremendous amount of influence, or A significant amount of influence over the Iraqi government, it’s going to be difficult for us to continue to invest.” Get the euphemisms there! This article said that “the Trump administration has made constraining Iran’s influence in the region A cornerstone of their foreign policy.” So, this hostility toward Iran must be reflected in Iraq’s policies, too. It’s not enough that Trump wants to destroy Iran like Bush has destroyed Iraq Trump demands that Iraq participate in that crime, against Iraqs own neighbor. This article said that, “There have also been protests against US meddling in the formation of A new Iraqi government, singling out Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk for working to prevent parties close to Iran from obtaining power.” McGurk ( is the rabidly neconservative ( high GW Bush Administration official, and higher Obama Administration official, who remained as Trump’s top official on his policy to force Iraq to cooperate with America’s efforts to conquer Iran. Trump’s evil is Obama’s evil, and is Bush’s evil. It is bipartisan evil, no matter which Party is in power. Though Trump doesn’t like either the Bushes or Obamas, all of them are in the same evil policy boat. America’s Deep State ( remains the same, no matter whom it places into the position of nominal power. The regime remains the same, regardless.

On April 29th, the whistleblowing former UK Ambassador Craig Murray wrote (

Nobody knows how many people died as A result of the UK – US Coalition of Death led destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and, by proxy, Syria and Yemen. Nobody even knows how many people Western forces themselves killed directly. That is A huge number, but still under 10% of the total. To add to that you have to add those who died in subsequent conflict engendered by the forced dismantling of the state the West disapproved of. Some were killed by Western proxies, some by anti Western forces, and some just by those reverting to ancient tribal hostility and battle for resources into which the country had been regressed by bombing.
You then have to add all those who died directly as A result of the destruction of national infrastructure. Iraq lost in the destruction 60% of its potable drinking water, 75% of its medical facilities and 80% of its electricity. This caused millions of deaths, as did displacement. We are only of course talking about deaths, not maiming.

UK’s Prime Minister Tony Blair should hang with the US gang, but who is calling for this? How much longer will the necessary prosecutions wait? Till after these international War criminals have all gone honored to their graves?

Although the International Criminal Court considered and dismissed possible criminal charges against Tony Blair’s UK Government regarding the invasion and Military occupation of Iraq, the actual crime, of invading and militarily occupying A country which had posed no threat to the national security of the invader, was ignored, and the conclusion was ( that “the situation did not appear to meet the required threshold of the Statute (which was only Willful killing or inhuman treatment of civilians ( and which ignored the real crime, which was aggressive War or the crime of aggression ( the crime for which Nazis had been hanged at Nuremberg). Furthermore, no charges whatsoever against the US Government (the World’s most frequent and most heinous violator of international law) were considered. In other words: the International Criminal Court is subordinate to, instead of applicable to, the US regime. Just like Adolf Hitler had repeatedly made clear that, to him, all nations except Germany were dispensable and only Germany wasn’t, Barack Obama repeatedly said that “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation(, which likewise means that every other nation is dispensable.” The criminal International Criminal Court accepts this, and yet expects to be respected.

The US regime did regime change to Iraq in 2003, and to Ukraine in 2014 (, and tried to do it to Syria since 2009 (, and to Yemen since 2015, and to Venezuela since 2012, and to Iran since 2017 ( just to mention some of the examples. And, though the Nuremberg precedent certainly applies, it’s not enforced. In principle, then, Hitler has posthumously won WWII.

Hitler must be smiling, now. FDR must be rolling in his grave.

The only way to address this problem, if there won’t be prosecutions against theduly elected’ (Deep State approved and enabled) national leaders and appointees, would be governmental seizure and nationalization of the assets that are outright owned or else controlled by America’s Deep State. Ultimately, the Government officials who are elected and appointed to run the American Government have been and are representing not the American people but instead represent the billionaires who fund those officials’ and former officials’ careers ( In A Democracy, those individuals the financial enablers of those politicians’ s‘electoral’ success would be dispossessed of all their assets, and then prosecuted for the crimes that were perpetrated by the public officials whom they had participated in (significantly funded and propagandized for) placing into power (for example, both Parties’ Presidential nominees ( are unqualified to serve in any public office in A Democracy).

Democracy cannot function with A systematically lied to public ( Nor can it function if the responsible governmental officials are effectively immune from prosecution for their ‘legal’ crimes, or if the financial string pullers behind the scenes can safely pull those strings. In America right now, both of those conditions pertain, and, as A result, Democracy is impossible ( There are only two ways to address this problem, and one of them would start by prosecuting George W Bush.

Originally posted at The Saker (

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910 2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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