Eric Zuesse – Why Trump Will Probably Win Re Election

Throughout this election season in the United States, there have been many indications that the stupid voters who chose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in 2016 are doing it yet again and chose Joseph Biden over Sanders, and that they thus handed Trump the victory in 2016 and are repeating that performance in 2020. A new poll shows it clearly.

Just like happened in 2016 when Democratic Party voters who were predominantly Blacks and or seniors swallowed the propaganda line from the billionaire controlled ‘newsMedia against the electability of Sanders, those voters have done it yet again ( and thus are re electing Trump by having passed over the only candidate who could have beaten him: Sanders (, A 22 June 2016 Bloomberg News report right after Hillary had won the nomination headlined “Nearly Half of Sanders Supporters Won’t Support Clinton” (, of course, that was being reported too late for the voters to be able to do anything about it; and this is how the billionaires work).

Unlike Biden and Hillary, who have had broad support but tepid support, Sanders has had support which is not only passionate but is also broader than does Trump. A close reading of all of the polls, both in 2016 and in 2020, indicates that the passion factor is crucial to electoral victory (bringing a candidate’s voters to the polls, or “turnout”) but hasn’t been receiving the attention it deserves in the billionaires’ ‘news Media; and, therefore, the stupidest voters haven’t even noticed it, but went instead for what they had been deceived to think ‘the more electable’ candidates: Hillary in 2016, and Biden in 2020.

This fact is now receiving yet another powerful confirmation in an ABC News poll published on March 29th, headlined “Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll” (

It says:

strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters at just 24% is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC | Post polls. More than twice as many of Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about supporting him, 53%.

It’s even worse than it was for Clinton in 2016:

There’s déjà vu in these results: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found herself in largely the same position four years ago. She, too, had a slim lead among Democrats for the nomination and ran essentially evenly with Trump among registered voters. And she lagged in enthusiasm, with a low of 32% very enthusiastic in September 2016. Biden is eight points under that mark now.

Furthermore and also confirming earlier polls

Eighty three percent of Democratic and Democratic leaning seniors prefer Biden over Sanders, up 63 points from February; two thirds of blacks say the same, a 34 point increase.
Eighty percent of Sanders backers say they’ll vote for Biden against Trump; as noted, 15% say they’d back Trump (this is familiar: twenty percent of Sanders supporters said they’d vote for Trump in spring 2016).

How bad was it in 2016? It definitely accounted for Hillary’s losing to Trump in the three crucial states: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania ( Although the early estimate that “Nearly Half of Sanders Supporters Won’t Support Clinton” turned out to have been an over estimate, the final real figures still were quite substantial, and far more than accounted for Hillary’s losses in each one of those three crucial states. So: they’re doing it again. And maybe they’ll blame RUssia, and blame Sanders, for it, like Hillary did in 2016. A con job requires not just a deceiver but a believer. But to be conned repeatedly that is plain stupid.

The lying New York Times headlined misleadingly on 28 March 2017, “A 2016 Review: Turnout Wasn’t the Driver of Clinton’s Defeat” (, and reported that, “it’s clear that large numbers of white, working class voters shifted from the Democrats to Mr. Trump,” and hid the fact that, as McClatchy newspapers headlined on 1 May 2017, “Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost” ( and that this reason was that “Obama Trump voters, in fact, effectively accounted for more than two thirds of the reason Clinton lost.” Those voters did “turn out,” but for Trump instead of for her and, yet, the Times said it wasn’t a “Turnout” problem. Of course, they simply lied. This is how billionaire controlled Media deceive enough of the stupid in order to sway ‘elections’: they do it by misreporting the reality.

The stupid never learn from prior experience, but only repeat prior experience. There is a difference between learning and repeating. Repeating can be done merely by memorizing, but learning requires real intelligence.

Those suckers chose the candidate they had been spoon fed to misbelieve would have the higher likelihood of beating Trump the propagandized lie (and it was a lie, being that Hillary (and now Biden) would be more electable than Sanders. This stupidity is the reason why Americans in the coming November 3rd election will be choosing between two candidates both of whom are themselves stupid, incompetent, and disastrous for everyone except perhaps their own billionaire sponsors, who had financed their campaigns.

The idiots want America to be run like a business, but the problem is that it already is. And to the stockholders in it (mainly the billionaires), their own benefits are vastly more important than the benefits to the public the billionaires’ corporations’ employees and consumers the taxpayers (other than themselves if they even pay taxes, or at least taxes that are higher than the subsidies they receive from the government). Collectively, the billionaires get the government that they have bought (, and everybody else gets the scraps that are left over. And this is how it happens.

What could turn things around for Biden? Over 100,000 US Corona Virus deaths ( could, even if Biden would have handled the crisis just as atrociously as Trump did (of course, Sanders wouldn’t have, but apparently he’s gone from the contest now).

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 19102010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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