Eric Zuesse – Why the US is Increasingly Unfit for World Leadership

Why the US is Increasingly Unfit for World Leadership

Andrey Sushentsov, the leading Professor at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s MGMO University, and one of Russia’s top Geo Strategists, headlined on June 28th, Why the Russia US Conflict will Outlast the Ukraine Crisis, Moscow must Look at Washington as A Long Term Threat, and he opened,

The Desire of the US to Dominate and Its Refusal to See Other Countries as Equals, Willing and Able to Assume Equal Responsibility for Peace and Stability, is the Short Answer to the Question of Why Moscow Washington Relations can Not Get Out of the Current State of Crisis. This Attitude Also lLeads the US to the Same Difficulties in its Relations with China, India and Even Some of its Own Allies, such as Turkey. 

The Russian and Chinese Position is Buttressed by the Principle that Peace is the Result of Compromise between the Major Centers of Power, and that without their Mutual Agreement, without Equality, Mutual Respect, a Willingness to Recognize Each Other’s Interests, and Adherence to the Principle of Non Interference in Internal Affairs, a Stable Order is Impossible. The US believes, However, that Peace is a Deterministic Given, and that No Special Effort is Needed to Maintain It. This leads to Paradoxical Solutions, the More Weapons, the More Peace. The West is Not Yet Ready to Become Just One of the Atlanteans Holding Up the Sky. It Still Believes It should Be in Charge. ()

All of that is correct, and the reason why it is, is that ever since George W Bush became America’s President in 2001, the US Government has been ruled not only by Neo Conservative, id est, Pro US Imperialistic, Presidents, but by US Congresses whose seats have been filled more than 95% by fellow Neo Conservatives, and, as a consequence, America now spends more than $ 1.5 Trillion each year on its Military, half of which is funded outside of the US Defense Department so as to Fool the World to Think that It’s instead only around $ 900 Billion per year, while its Federal Government’s debt has risen by $ 5 Trillion in the past four years, which is only $ 1.25 T per year, which is only 83% as much as the Nation’s annual Military expenses are, which means that all other expenses by the US Federal Government will inevitably soon be reduced each year by around $ 250 Billion per year. Those Non Military annual expenses constitute $ 5 T, $ 6.5 T minus $1.5 T, so that from now on, the Non Military part will be reduced by 5%, $ 25 T | $ 5 T, each year, or else the growth in the Federal Debt will be $ 1.5 T per year instead of $ 1.25 T per year, or else the current $ 1.5 T US annual spending on its Military will be cut down to $ 1.25 T per year, which would mean that the very top priority of the almost 100% Neo Conservative US Government, which is its Military spending, will have to become annually reduced at least by 5%, by that almost 100% Neo Conservative Government, which won’t happen unless there is a Second American Revolution, which replaces all of these Officials by Government Officials who will be like what Professor Shushentsov says will be needed in order to prevent yet further build up to a WWIII Global Nuclear Annihilation.

Alternatively, the growth in the Federal debt will no longer be $ 1.25 T annually, but instead $ 1.5 T annually; but, if that happens, then Global Investors will disinvest in US Industries, which will also mean that the Billionaires who control the US Elected Officials by means of their Political Donations, Lobbyists, News Media, Think Tanks, et cetera, will see their net worths decline because Foreign Investors will be withdrawing. So, that path forward will be even less acceptable to them than the other paths will be.

Perhaps the Neo Conservatives will say that this is Russian Propaganda, or Chinese Propaganda, or Iranian Propaganda, or by some other country that Neo Conservatives hope to conquer, but they won’t be able to contest any of this by the numbers, because all of these numbers come from the US Government itself. The actual Propagandists are the Neo Cons themselves, and they are funded by US Billionaires, who have been profiting from all of this. By contrast, nobody has paid me anything in order to research and write this. I always write only what the data display. In the case of my own country, the US, what the data display is why the US is Increasingly Unfit for World Leadership. The Neo Conservatives, including all US and Allied Billionaires, are that reason why. They, themselves, are the reason. And they have enough money to be able to destroy America,  and maybe the World.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels extract the world’s Wealth by control of not only their ‘NewsMedia but the social ‘Sciences’, duping the Public.
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