Eric Zuesse – Why does the U.S. Government Support Nazis All around the World?

Why does the U.S. Government Support Nazis All around the World?

On November 7th, I headlined “U.S. and Allies Vote For Nazism at U.N.”, and opened:

Annually, each year, since 2005, the U.S. Government has been one of only from 1 to 3 Governments to vote in the U.N. General Assembly against an annual statement by the General Assembly against racism and other forms of bigotry — an annual Resolution condemning it, and expressing a commitment to doing everything possible to reduce bigoted acts. For the first time ever, on November 4th, America was joined not only by one or two voting against it, but 55 nations, and almost all gave as reasons that Russia was for it and has invaded Ukraine. Ukraine is the only country that has almost always been joining America in opposing such resolutions; and many countries now vote against the resolution because Ukraine always does, and thus vote in solidarity with Ukraine against Russia — condemn the resolution because Russia supports it. 

I didn’t cite specific instances, but I have previously reported on several of them — for example, on 21 June 2015, I had headlined “America’s U.N. Ambassador Continues Standing Up for Nazis”, and opened:

Recently, President Barack Obama’s friend whom he appointed to represent this country at the United Nations visited Ukraine and used the Ukrainian-language translation and variant of the German Nazi Party’s “Deutschland über alles,” or  “Germany above all,” to honor Ukraine’s own racist fascists, that nation’s ideological nazis, whom the U.S. had used in February 2014 for overthrowing Ukraine’s neutralist democratically elected President. This was not our U.N. Ambassador’s first foray into international nazi political pandering.

On 21 November 2014, Samantha Power, America’s U.N. Ambassador, had, in fact, been one of only three out of the 173 nations at the U.N., who voted against a resolution that condemned nazism and all forms of state-sponsored bigotry, and that specifically condemned Holocaust-denial; and she gave as the reason, that the resolution offended the government of Ukraine; but Ukraine wasn’t even mentioned in it. Canada voted against it because the United States did; and the United States voted against it because Ukraine did. Both Canada and U.S. were thus supposedly copying Ukraine. 

Ukraine happens to be the world’s only country that has two nazi, or racist-fascist, political parties. One of them, Svoboda meaning “Freedom,” had originally been named the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine (inverting Hitler’s National Socialist Party of Germany), until the CIA advised them to change that to “Svoboda” so that the U.S. public (who take pride in “freedom”) could accept them. The other, Right Sector, provided the storm-troopers who carried out the extremely violent February 2014 overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, while the “Maidan” demonstrations against him had been organized by one of the two co-founders of Svoboda, Andrei Parubiy, who was even called the “Commandant of Maidan.” Obama relied upon Parubiy to succeed. Parubiy did; and his chief assistant, Dmitriy Yarosh was the head of Ukraine’s other nazi party, and had trained the storm-troopers. Parubiy and Yarosh were a perfect team. It was a skillful Obama job.

The current Ukrainian government came to power with Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department making the key appointments both during those ‘democracy’ demonstrations and then finally in determining who would lead the new government. (The founder of the ‘private CIA’ firm, Stratfor, called it “the most blatant coup in history.”) And, then, this new Ukrainian government commenced an ethnic cleansing campaign against the residents of its Donbass region, which had voted more than 90% for the Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew. If Donbass’s voters survive within Ukraine, then Obama’s government won’t stand a chance of staying in power in future elections. So, these people have to be gotten rid of. Obama needed nazis in order to stand even a chance of getting rid of the people in Donbass. He needed the nazis first in order to win power in Ukraine, and then in order to be able to hold it (via that ethnic cleansing). Andrei Parubiy became the head of Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ (ATO) to exterminate (and/or drive out) the residents in Donbass; and Dmitriy Yarosh became the provisioner of the storm troops who supplied the terror within the now-rump Ukraine, such as by means of the burning-alive of regime-opponents inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building on 2 May 2014.

Our U.N. Ambassador, Ms. Power, recently visited the scene of this overthrow, in Kiev, and she presented there “Remarks at the October Palace,” on 11 June 2015. Her first big applause-line to the assembled hyper-nationalists was: “As one of the great rallying cries of the Maidan put it: Ukraina po-nad u-se! Ukraine above all else! [Applause.]” That phrase resonates deeply among Hitler-admirers in Ukraine’s population. (There aren’t many of them, but they’re America’s most devoted supporters in Ukraine, who associate America with hatred of Russia.)

Here is a video of that phrase (“Ukraine above all!”) being used frequently by Ukraine’s nazis — their “Ukraine über alles!” As they make clear by their accompanying phrase, “Russians on knives!” their craving to kill Russians, just as much as Hitler’s nazis — the original ones — craved to kill Jews. …

Another of my articles from November 7th headlined “Why Nazis Overwhelmingly Support Ukraine Against Russia”, and it proved that they do, and explained that after World War II, which ended with the failure of Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” to conquer the Soviet Union — which victory by the Soviets sealed Hitler’s defeat and had cost the Soviet Union 27 million dead while the U.S. had had only less than 420,000 dead from WW II — U.S. President Harry S. Truman, upon the advice of his hero, who was General Dwight Eisenhower, reversed on 25 July 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s anti-imperialistic foreign policy, and set America instead upon the ultimate goal of taking control over the entire world (global control by America’s to-be military-industrial complex), which goal of world-conquest had been Hitler’s goal for Germany to achieve. So, there was a natural reason for the U.S. Government, after Hitler had been defeated, to take up the nazi banner of racist international-corporate universal control over the entire planet, but for America instead of Germany to control.

Furthermore: on 24 February 1990, U.S. President GHW Bush started secretly informing the heads-of-state of America’s ‘allies’ or vassal-nations that though the Soviet and communist side in the Cold War would soon end, America’s and their side in it would continue on until Russia itself finally becomes totally controlled by the U.S. Government — that this is and always was an imperialistic war on ‘our’ side, never really an ideological one (communist versus capitalist).

Ever since 1990, that is — now in a bare-faced way — what it is and has been. And, so, the international nazi or racist-fascist-imperialist movement is and has been using nazis worldwide to advance its cause.

There is no mystery as to why worldwide nazis support and are supported by the U.S. Government. Writing from the UK, Craig Murray bannered on 18 June 2019, “The Ugly View of Western Democracy”, and focused on the UK’s and U.S.’s nazi treatment of Julian Assange for the crime of exposing the truth.

Of course, none of the sources that are cited and linked-to here are published by mainstream, nor even by most of the non-mainstream, news-media in the U.S. and its vassal-nations (‘allies’) — it’s totally censored-out by them.

Ukraine is central to this because no country’s border is anywhere nearly as close to Moscow as is Ukraine’s; and, so, it was natural for the U.S. to crave to place its missiles in Ukraine on Russia’s border only five minutes of missile-flying time away from decapitating Russia’s central command and (so the hope is) blitz-conquering Russia. Not only is Ukraine the closest but it also is — especially in its regions near Poland — the world’s most-nazi nation (other than post-WW-II America).

These are simply facts, overwhelmingly documented but kept secret.

On November 4th, Hugo Turner bannered “The History of Fascism [actually nazism — racist fascism] in Ukraine Part I: The Origins of the OUN 1917-1941”, and he described and documented in detail the origin a hundred years ago of nazism in Ukraine. His key passage was this, and it makes clear the Ukrainian origin of nazism simultaneous with the start of Germany’s own Nazi Party:

The Austro-Hungarian Empire encouraged extreme Ukrainian nationalism seeing Ukrainians as a vital counterbalance to the rebellious Poles. The area the Ukrainians or Ruthenians lived in was known as Eastern Galicia. This was the situation when Stepan Bandera [the top leader of Ukraine’s nazis] was born in 1909. The OUN had its origins entirely in this western controlled part of Ukraine. In the wake of World War 1 and the Russian Civil War this territory would be controlled by a reborn Poland once again in the form of Poland’s Second Republic. The Second Republic also included the Western Ukrainians in Volhnyia part of Russian Ukraine conquered in its war against the Soviets.

Over the centuries Ukrainian aristocrats in Poland had decided to assimilate and become Polish nobles. Thus most of the Ukrainians were peasants. Poland also encouraged the creation of the Greek Catholic Church, which continued to follow the Orthodox Christian rite while subordinate to the Roman Pope instead of the Orthodox Patriarch. By Bandera’s time the Greek Catholic Church was an important element of Western Ukrainian identity and many OUN leaders like Stepan Bandera were the children of Greek Catholic priests, who were also hard-core Ukrainian nationalists. While swearing loyalty to the Polish state the Greek Catholic Church would enrage the Polish government by acting to support the OUN ringing church bells when OUN members were executed, or as a warning when police were on the way to disrupt Ukrainian nationalist events and holding memorial services, called Panakhydas, for various “heroes of Ukraine”. They were adopted as nationalist martyrs in the OUN cult.

Ukrainians in western Ukraine were mostly peasants (until 1848 they were serfs) working for Polish landlords and their Jewish managers. West Ukraine thus gave birth to a nationalism that was full of hatred for Jews and Poles. The OUN would target both for extermination. The OUN would combine traditional Ukrainian anti-Semitism with Nazi “racial science.” However Poland was an authoritarian military dictatorship. This was another major influence on the OUN who lived in Poland. Dmytro Dontsov found it much safer to vilify the Russians and the Soviet Union who were enemies of Poland than to risk the wrath of the Polish state. Dontsov was a former Marxist who argued that Ukrainian nationalism should purge itself of all elements of socialism or democracy both of which he blamed for the failure to establish a Ukrainian state. By 1922 Dontsov had found his model in Mussolini’s fascist Italy. He was even more impressed by Hitler and the Nazis. Dontsov translated these fascist thinkers into Ukrainian. He also wrote the introductions for fawning biographies glorifying Mussolini and Hitler. He popularized fascism, anti-Semitism and Russophobia among the students of Bandera’s generation. His vulgarized version of the philosophy of Nietzsche, Fichte, and Rousseau argued that Ukrainians must cast aside conventional morality and be willing to commit any crime if it meant the birth of a Ukrainian state. Dontsov praised fanaticism as a virtue. However he resisted numerous invitations to join the OUN for fear of being arrested by the Polish government.

All that Truman’s and Eisenhower’s people needed to do was to harvest Ukraine’s and other European nazis for first the anti-Soviet, and then the anti-Russian, war.

It was a natural progression, and no single nation is as central to it as is Ukraine.

On 7 July 2012, some anonymous person posted to youtube an explosive 1992 BBC documentary about the CIA’s “Operation Gladio” titled Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC”, which that individual had filmed from his or her TV set and posted to youtube because the BBC itself had refused to. (Back in 1992 they didn’t yet know that the Deep State would be continuing the Cold War, but they found out soon afterwards.) It has been copied nearly 900 times to the main Web-archive by viewers who are afraid that maybe youtube will eliminate it. It is, of course, very grainy, but has shocking personal testimonies from ‘former’ aristocratic supporters of Hitler and of Mussolini who had worked with the CIA after WW II in order to terrorize Europeans with false-flag operations (terrorist incidents) which they had set up in their countries to be blamed against ‘communists’ and the Soviet Union instead. Ukraine has been and is a part of this CIA operation. Its being supported by nazis worldwide is simply natural. It is what today’s American and Ukrainian Governments are — America as the global-imperial center, and Ukraine as its now main vassal-nation.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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