Eric Zuesse – Why do the US and its allies hide these facts from the public?

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth! MH17 (foto Sott)

Why do the US and its allies hide these facts from the public?

Why have these exculpatory proofs of the falsehood of US and allied anti RUssia accusations all been HIDDEN FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE PUBLICS by the US and its allies?

The latest are document dumps and accompanying detailed explanations and translations of the revealed documents, and are from Bonanza Media ( That’s a Finland based website ( Their “Bonanza Leaks” on 24 February 2020 ( shows photos of the official transcriptions of the witnesses’ testimony to the official Joint Investigative Team (JIT) which the US allied Dutch Government operates in order to convict RUssia for the shoot down of the MH17 Malaysian airliner on 17 July 2014 above the civil War zone in Ukraine. It includes an accompanying video presentation of these documents, from a day earlier, on February 23rd, titled “Bonanza Media LeaksTalk” ( That video includes this: “Australian police confirm that these are authentic documents” (in response to Bonanza Media’s having supplied Australian police with the photos), and “these are original documents,” which their video shows. Then, they showed their documents to the JIT’s own office in Netherlands, which refused to comment. One document, from the Director of the Military Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands, to the public prosecutor of the National Prosecutor’s Office on Counter Terrorism, PO Box 395, 3000 AJ Rotterdam, dated 21 September 2016, opens (this being the official Dutch translation, but the original Dutch being also shown), “Herewith, I am informing, pursuant to Section 38 of the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2002, of data that is possibly of importance for the criminal investigation into the crashing of flight MH17.” After stating the evidence they had accumulated from witnesses and from allied Government intelligence agencies, this document closes: “On this basis MIVD [Dutch Military Intelligence Agency] draws the conclusion that from these two RUssian ground based air systems near Rostov na Dona [the only two RUssian bases that possibly would have been associated with the shoot down of the MH17] no missile launch took place on 17 July 2014.” More information about the Bonanza Leaks disclosures can be found from the investigative journalist John Helmer in Moscow, headlining on February 25th, “NATO Military Intelligence Agencies Repeatedly Reported in Secret There Was No Evidence of a RUssian Buk Missile in Eastern Ukraine or Firing on MH17.”(

As I have documented on many occasions (, even the JIT’s own ‘case’ against RUssia, regarding the MH17 shoot down, is founded upon and cites ‘evidence’ which actually disproves RUssia’s involvement, and proves that this downing was instead a Ukrainian Government operation. As I said at that link, “US President Barack Obama had become desperate for something to happen that would persuade German Chancellor Angela Merkel to endorse added sanctions against RUssia regarding Ukraine, but I had had no idea, until now, as to what direct involvement, if any, he had had in the actual setting up of the MH17 shoot down.” But he has hardly been alone in this effort. Not only Barack Obama but also now Donald Trump are implicated in it Trump for his continuing Obama’s guilt in it and cover ups about it.

The US is a bipartisan dictatorship ( Is that opinion? It is all documented, in the links. This (like the US Government’s having been behind Ukraine’s downing of the MH17) is therefore still news instead of history; but it remains news only because it still remains hidden in the US and its allied regimes; it is NOT “opinion. It will remain news as long as the US and allied blackout of the evidence remains in effect. And the US dictatorship has long been not only domestic but international as well, a dictatorship over what it calls its ‘allies’ and even over some countries which claim to to be ‘neutral (

Another example of this international dictatorship is that the supposedly UN authorized and not US controlled OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), which is really controlled by the US Government, routinely lies when it needs to in order to protect the US Government from being publicly revealed to have perpetrated an international War crime (

Another example is that the US Government was complicit with the Saudi Government in producing and enabling the 9/11 attacks to happen, and in blaming those attacks (, and Islamic terrorism generally (, upon a nation which is on friendly terms with RUssia’s Government: Iran (though Israel’s Government might have been informed in advance that the attacks were going to happen, no evidence exists that they were involved in funding and planning the operation, but Saudi Arabia was,

Another example is that the US Government has been hiring and arming Al Qaeda in Syria as its main force to lead the overthrow of Syria’s Government (, and America’s EUropean allies have provided crucial help to that effort (

Another example is that the entire case for sanctions against RUssia is pure lies (

Furthermore, the much publicized British alleged ‘RUssian novichok4 March 2018 Salisbury England poisoning of the RUssian British double agent Sergei Skripal and of his visiting daughter Yulia was never conclusively sourced as having been at all a RUssian operation (; and both of the victims are being held against their wills in UK though they seem to want to return to RUssia, but are prohibited from being able to communicate to the public or to answer any questions out of the presence of their British and American holders (basically being imprisoned by UK without any trial and with not even an appearance in court). Julian Assange has been imprisoned in various places in England for around ten years before finally getting a show trial hearing recently ( in order to enable him to be extradited for final intended destruction in the US, whereas the Skripals have been totally blocked from public access now for around two years. In both instances, the ‘news’ is not seriously credible ( As John Helmer concludes at the very end of his comprehensive recently released book Skripal in Prison (, “If Sergei and Yulia Skripal are not allowed by the British services to answer Putin’s question [‘What kind of information can he possess?’], the British are answering the question themselves. In the imprisonment of the Skripals to this day, there is the proof that it was not the RUssians who attacked them two years ago.” Chapter 23 of Helmer’s book is a reprint of his 8 December 2019 online article, “The Skripals Under US Control at a USAF Nuclear Bomber Base in Fairford, Gloucestershire” (, and it clearly proves the US Government’s participation in their imprisonment. Such US involvement does not fit, at all, with the propagandized ‘news’ reports about the Skripal case. Obviously, that smear against RUssia’s Government is just another in a long list of such deceptions by the US and its allied governments.

Another example is that the US Government lied about WMD in Iraq, and it lied about RUssiagate, but those were lies which were actually for the opposed two factions of America’s billionaires (, Democratic Party billionaires versus Republican Party billionaires), and this factionalism by the billionaires, against each other, is behind the Government’s lying and counter lying. It just confuses the American public, while doing nothing to stop the mass deceptions that distract all of the public from the abuses against the non billionaire public, by all of the billionaires, of both of the billionaires’ political Parties. On Iraq, invading and occupying it was supported almost 100% by congressional Republicans, voting to back a Republican President (while 56% of Democratic Senators did, but 44% did not). However, on the RUssiagate impeachment effort against President Trump, which after the Mueller Report became switched to Ukrainegate (which likewise was anti RUssia), nearly 100% of Democrats voted Yea, and nearly 100% of Republicans voted Nay ( Similarly, back in 1998, almost 100% of Democrats voted against impeaching Bill Clinton, and almost 100% of Republicans voted for his impeachment ( Truth in both cases was totally sacrificed, especially because neither of those Presidents was being charged with what was actually the given President’s most harmful actions; only minor and dubious grounds were being presented for the President’s removal in each of the two cases. For a long time now, US politics is only a squabble between Republican billionaires and Democratic billionaires, while the country itself just decays, from policies that one or the other factions of America’s aristocracy end up imposing upon the entire Government.

This is not reportable in America’s Main Stream Media, though all of it is factual and is so deeply documented as to be almost beyond any reasonable dispute.

What constitutes “news” in such a country? Only what satisfies the needs of its dictators. And that’s the least reportable fact of all.

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 19102010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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