Eric Zuesse – Why A Second American Revolution is Necessary for the Entire World

Jeanine Áñez, self-declared president of Bolivia (foto Cámara de Senadores del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia)

Why A Second American Revolution is Necessary for the Entire World

On November 11th, the very disturbing but clearly true “Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia” ( was posted to the Web. That anonymous author documented the evilness of the overthrow of Evo Morales in Bolivia, and the threat now clearly posed to the world by the U.S. regime – a spreading cancer of expansionist fascism, led from Washington. But, even more than this, he indicated that unless the individuals who are responsible for the advancing fascism are executed, there won’t be any real hope for democracy anywhere in the world. Either this impunity will stop, or else the spread of the U.S. international dictatorship – not only by CIA coups such as this, but by illegal international invasions such as of Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, Syria 2012-, and Yemen 2015-, – will continue and will engulf in misery ultimately the entire world. He makes clear the complicity of U.S. ‘news’-media in the lies that ‘justify’ this coup (and ‘justified’ those invasions). It’s, by now, clearly the way the U.S. regime functions. Of course, none of those media will publish any such truth; they all cover-up constantly for the regime, because they actually are an essential part of it (all of these invasions and coups are based on nothing but lies, and the media are a necessary part of that). Censorship in America is thus actually extreme, and constant.

For example: how many U.S.-and-allied media have even reported that fascists took over in Bolivia ( Instead, we’ve got newspaper editorials such as the New York Times blaming the extraordinarily successful and popular democratically elected President of Bolivia for the coup which overthrew him and replaced him by fascists (, and never using the wordcoup,” except once derisively, by saying that “British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, cried ‘coup’” – as if it weren’t a coup – and making no mention whatsoever that it had been done by committed fascists). This ‘news’-paper’s ‘news’-report the prior day had been headlined with the ridiculously anodyne “Bolivian Leader Evo Morales Steps Down” (, and it asserted that “Mr. Morales was once widely popular,” as if he weren’t still so, and as if all of the polling as well as the last Presidential election showed him still to be “widely popular” (, but the CIA-and-oligarchs’ organized fascist mob hated him, and brought him down. Will the CIA and generals, and Bolivia’s oligarchs, be executed for that? Of course, they should be. If they aren’t, then how can democracy ever be restored there? It’s one, or the other – it’s continuation of the dictatorship, or else it will be restoration of the democracy – at this stage. There can be no ‘reconciliation’, now. This is an irreconcilable state of war that exists between the coupsters and the Bolivian people. There will be bloodshed – and the more so as the coupsters remain in power and Morales not be quickly restored fully to the powers to which he had repeatedly been popularly elected. However, he won’t be able safely to return to his home and his homeland, unless and until the coupsters are executed, because, otherwise, they certainly would execute him first, and he would never be able to feel safe there.

Because of what the coupsters did, this will inevitably be a war to the death – and not only for the principal persons on each side, but for hundreds, or probably thousands, of their followers. What the coupsters did has thus precipitated, inevitably, massive future bloodshed in Bolivia. And yet the U.S. regime’s lying press supports what was done. The truths that they know they hide from the public (such as they did, for example, about the ‘WMD in Iraq’ lie that ‘justified’ invading Iraq, This constant lying will be necessary in order for the U.S. regime’s extensions such as the OAS and the IMF to provide the coupsters the public support that will enable the Bolivian coup-regime to be granted international ‘legitimacy’, which will be necessary in order for that regime’s actions to be treated as legally valid and binding in international business.

Will it be even possible for Bolivia’s economic progress during the period of Morales’s leadership of Bolivia, 2006-2019, to continue?:

BOLIVIA, 2006-2018:
GDP 16.4 in 2006 became 29.1 in 2018; that = +77% GDP under Morales.
External debt 56.59 in 2006 became 33.78; that = -40% external debt under Morales.
Road-quality 1.98 in 2006 became 3.4 in 2018; that = +72% in road-quality under Morales.
Literacy in 2007 (earliest year studied) = 90.743%. 2012 (latest year studied) = 94.461. Illiteracy declined 40%.
Poverty-rate 59.9% in 2006 became 34.6% 2018. Poverty declined 42%.
Inequality of wealth 56.7 in 2006 reduced to 44.0 in 2017 (latest year studied). It declined 22%.

A fascist-imperialist country (such as Germany was under Hitler, and Italy was under Mussolini) can experience economic improvement by extracting (stealing) wealth from its colonies, but Bolivia would instead be one of the U.S. regime’s colonies; it’s not the imperial regime itself. Some of America’s 607 billionaires might be receiving those extractions, but the Bolivian public certainly won’t.

Another recent example of this spreading cancer of the U.S. regime’s fascism was the U.S. coup that installed a rabidly fascist regime in Ukraine during February 2014 ( Even today, the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media cover that coup up, too, as having been a ‘democratic revolution’ (how much of what is shown on that linked video was reported honestly in media such as the New York Times and Fox News?). Furthermore, when the EU learned, after the coup was over, that it had been a coup (instead of the democratic revolution they had thought it to have been), they were shocked, but plodded on to take Ukraine into the EU ( because they mistakenly thought that this would be of benefit to the EU nations, and not recognizing that it would turn out to be instead an albatross, which, even today, is nowhere closer to meeting EU standards than it had been on the day of the coup, and is actually far less so than it was even back before the coup occurred (

How can the public, in any country, possibly control the Government if they are being so viciously and routinely lied-to by the Government and by its ‘news’-media? Democracy is impossible in such a country as this. It is a sham. Multiple political parties don’t mean that they’re not all controlled by the 607 U.S. billionaires – some who are Democrats, and others who are Republicans, but all of whom are actually lying fascists (, how many of them fight against American imperialism – “neoconservatism” – or does any of them? I’ve not found any). Clearly, dishonesty rules, and it’s bought by the few individuals who control most of the nation’s wealth (and ‘news’-media). Here is an example within the U.S. itself: the 2016 U.S. Presidential ‘election’, which was actually a Presidential selection, by the billionaires (

Even decades after the entirely illegal tortures that the CIA perpetrated after 9/11 and which produced no usable information, the CIA officials and George W. Bush are not prosecuted for having broken both American and international laws, and the mere fact of that illegality has made impossible any court-trial anywhere of the alleged terrorists who remain at Guantanamo ( The U.S. regime is rampant and unrestrained illegality, lying, and it’s even blatant violence, and injustice, all with no accountability whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the only global solution would be a second American Revolution, but, this time, the news-media are far less honest than in 1776, and so almost no support exists amongst the U.S. population for doing that. Consequently, the outlook for the future, worldwide, is grim. If the warning (hidden by the media as it is), this time from Bolivia, is not heeded, how can this cancer ever be stopped from engulfing the entire world?

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  1. I think that people have to known about the “Revoluciôn molecular disipada” y “Revoluciôn democrãtica”. Vladimir Lenin and others Terrorists manuals, explains how to create chaos, violence, extortion to let the “revolutionary” people (like Fidel, Chavez, Maduro, Cristina Kirchner) take the power with rules against the constitutional laws and votes. Propose to reach power by violence and not by democratic process.

    South American people, we don’t want to be in a future like “slaves” nor of US nor of Russia or China

    There is an amount of corruption in our countries people can not imagine.

    It is necessary to find a solution for the poor people in South America. And respect for the culture of each country. But it’s not true that the solution is going to be helping reach the political power to the most corrupt people.

    The 70% of Bolivian people think there has not been any coup in his country. The 70% of Bolivian people don’t want Evo Morales again in power now.

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