Eric Zuesse – We’re Now at the Biggest Turning Point in Human History

We’re Now at the Biggest Turning Point in Human History

The biggest Empire that the World has ever known is now starting to collapse. It’s the American Empire, which has become desperate on all three of its major current fronts. Ukraine against Russia, Israel against Palestine, and Taiwan against China. This article will first provide the historical background to place these current events into perspective, so that the historical significance of these impending US Imperial defeats can be understood, and it will then close by linking to well informed commentaries on the by now clear desperation of the Leaders of the US Empire, including its colonial stooges, all of which Leaders appear to be panicking, trapped now as their Lies are becoming increasingly exposed.

So, this is about the culmination of this Empire, and its imminent decline. All of post Agrarian human history, ever since the creation of the first two International Corporations, the British East India Company in 1600, and the Dutch East India Company in 1602, has been Imperialistic, spreading an aristocracy’s exploitation Internationally, by means of indebting and enslaving a foreign Nation’s public, via Invasion and coerced commerce that, after Conquest, employs the local aristocracy as its agents there, to extract, and to take for themselves a portion of, the wealth from the now colony’s populace, and so to enrich its stockholders. This was the very Creation of Capitalism, and now it is finally becoming successfully challenged.

Prior to Capitalism was Feudalism, the Agrarian form of aristocracy, which Capitalism, or “Corporationism”, changed Into Fascism, the Corporate form of aristocracy, Replacing the prior, feudal, form of aristocracy. In fact, Mussolini, the first formulator and advocate of Fascism, named, and used as a synonym for Fascism, Corporationism, in recognition of this fact, that Fascism is based upon International Corporations, and can not even exist without them. Adolf Hitler, a Racist Fascist, or ideological nazi, aspired, with his World War Two, to achieve in his Third Reich, or Third German Empire, the World’s first and only All Encompassing Global Empire. However, he lost that Global War, when the Soviet Union crushed his Forces and proceeded on to take Berlin, thus causing Hitler to commit suicide on 30 April 1945. In Germany, his suicide was not revealed to the public. instead, Germans were told that the Fuehrer Fell Yesterday in his Command Post in the Reich Chancellery, Fighting to his Last Breath for Germany, against Bolshevism. For the Nazis, that War was primarily against Jews, and secondarily against Russians, and the term “Bolshevism” there represented Both of those Nazi targets, so, to characterize Hitler’s death as having been produced by “Bolshevism” conveyed to the German people that Hitler had been martyred in order to do his all to protect Germany from Both of their most hated enemies. With his death, a week before Germany’s unconditional Surrender, the “Thousand Year Reich” effectively came to its end. The formalities, the official signings of the Capitulation forms, occurred in the following week, during May 2nd through 8th, with the last of the Surrenders being to the Soviets, on May 8th. The Nazi Generals were all aiming to surrender to America’s Generals because they expected and received far less hostility from Truman’s Government than from the Stalin’s, who would have killed them, the US instead protected them, and placed some of them into the West German Government against the Soviet Union. Therefore, Germany’s Generals chose to sign Germany’s Formal Surrender to the Americans, in Reims, France, on May 7th, instead of in Berlin, to the Soviets, on May 8th. Eisenhower rushed the Surrender so as to claim to have defeated Hitler. As the UK historian saidEisenhower’s Desire for Germans to Sign the Total and Unconditional Surrender document in his HQ had Been Fulfilled and the Prestige of the United States had Been Greatly Enhanced.” Signing to the Soviets would have been humiliating for the Nazis. Whereas the Soviet Union had lost over 25 million people in WWII and was in ruins from Germany’s War, America had lost fewer than 500,000 from it, and was thriving at War’s end, so, by the choices of Eisenhower and of Hitler’s Generals, the Victory against Germany went to America, instead of to the Soviet Union, which Mainly had actually conquered Germany. Then, starting on 25 July 1945, just three months after the intensely Anti Imperialistic US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died, FDR’s immediate successor, the pro Imperialist Harry S Truman, decided for the United States to Achieve the hyper Empire that Germany had just Failed to achieve in WWII, the World’s first All Encompassing Global Empire, and all US Presidents since that time, except for John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who near the end turned Against Imperialism and then promptly became assassinated by the Truman created CIA for that, have likewise Shared that hyper Imperialistic objective, called Neo Conservatism”, because America’s billionaires, the people who profit from expanding their Empire and who fund both of America’s political Parties and so control the US Government, Demand that America must expand its Empire until the US Government will control the entire planet.

However, all signs now point to the present moment in history as constituting the time when the US Empire is Failing in All of its Major Initiatives and will almost inevitably be declining. A US Centric World is thus increasingly becoming replaced by an Asia Centric World, whose Leading Powers will be China and Russia.

The following are good discussions of the US Government’s consistent failures of its International policies during the present century, id est, starting in 2000. The American Empire has reached its peak and will likely now be declining. All of the Governments that the US wants Yet to conquer have only contempt now, for the US Government and for its colonies, the American Empire, The collective West, NATO against Russia, and AUKUS and Japan against China, as is discussed and explained in the following video interviews,

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Hyper Imperialism: US NATO’s Dangerous and Decadent New Stage, with Vijay Prashad

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Colonel Douglas MacGregor Reveals TRUTH on Israel War

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Project Ukraine Risk of Collapse with Garland Nixon

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The Taiwan China Dispute Explained, and Where the US Fits In

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to US and allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘News’ media but the social ‘Sciences’, duping the public.

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