Eric Zuesse – US Government Walks Back Lie Against Russia But Says that Russia Must Be Apologizing

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US Government Walks Back Lie Against Russia But Says that Russia Must Be Apologizing

On April 15th, the Biden Administration, which has been saying that Russia probably placed a “bounty” on corpses of US soldiers in Afghanistan, said that, actually, “US intelligence only had ‘low to moderate’ confidence in the story,” but “This information puts a burden on the Russian Government to explain its actions and take steps to address this disturbing pattern of behavior.” For good measure, the US Government has now added yet more sanctions against Russia.

Adam Rawnsley and Spencer Ackerman of The Daily Beast headlined on the 15th, US Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops, and reported that “Translated from the jargon of Spy World, that [statement from the Biden Administration] means the Intelligence Agencies have found the story is, at best, unproven – and possibly untrue.

This lie had first been broadcasted on the front page of the New York Times on 26 June 2020, under the headline Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill US Troops, Intelligence Says, and they reported that

American Intelligence Officials have concluded that a Russian Military Intelligence Unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban linked Militants for killing Coalition Forces in Afghanistan – including targeting American Troops – amid the Peace Talks to end the long running war there, according to officials briefed on the matter. The United States concluded months ago that the Russian Unit, which has been linked to assassination attempts and other Covert Operations in Europe intended to destabilize the West or take revenge on turncoats, had covertly offered Rewards for successful attacks last year.

The following day, the Washington Post bannered “Russian Operation targeted Coalition Troops in Afghanistan, Intelligence finds”, and reported that

A Russian Military Spy Unit offered bounties to Taliban linked Militants to attack Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, including US and British Troops, in a striking escalation of the Kremlin’s hostility toward the United States, American Intelligence has found. The Russian Operation, first reported by the New York Times, has generated an intense debate within the Trump Administration about how best to respond to a troubling new tactic by a nation that most US Officials regard as a potential foe but that President Trump has frequently embraced as a friend, said the Officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive Intelligence matter.

Repeating their performances regarding numerous other such lies – including against Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and threat of “a mushroom cloud that was allegedly only six months away” on 7 September 2002 – America’s trashpapers of record (the nation’s two ‘top’ ‘news’ papers) have done yeoman’s work for Lockheed Martin and other ‘DefenseIndustry Corporations, by deceiving the American public to support a Military Industrial Government of Perpetual War and of Fake Dangers, when the Real Dangers against the American People continue to grow domestically and to rot away America’s economy.

The beneficiaries of this scam are called America’s “Deep State,” and they rule here no matter whether serving Republican Party Billionaires or Democratic Party Billionaires.

This scam on behalf of America’s Billionaires is called “Neo Conservatism,” but it really is only American Imperialism, and it has already destroyed Vietnam, Iran, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine, and many other countries. More gradually, however, it has been destroying America itself.