Eric Zuesse – US Finally admits Ukraine Bombs Zaporizhzhia S Nuclear Power Plant

Ukraine Nuclear Authority gives Update on Zaporizhzhia Power Plant Now in Russian Hands (gif iNow)

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Several Reported Injured in Strikes Near Zaporizhia Nuclear Plant (gif Yahoo News)

Woman Killed, Homes Destroyed as Rockets Strike Zaporizhzhia Regiin (gif Yahoo News)

IAEA Team Arrives in Zaporizhzhia Ahead of Nuclear Plant Visit (gif Yahoo News)

US Finally admits Ukraine Bombs Zaporizhzhia S Nuclear Power Plant

Unnamed American Officials, according to the New York Times, have admitted that the Explosives fired against Ukraine S Nuclear Power Plant in Zaporizhzhia have been Fired against the Plant by Ukraine S Government, Not by Russia S Government, and Furthermore these Officials make Clear that Ukraine S Attacks against the Plant are A Key Part of Ukraine S Plan to win it S US Backed and Advised War against Russia, on the Battle Fields of Ukraine, using Ukrainian Soldiers.

Zaporizhzhia is A City in Ukraine that is in Russian Controlled Territory, and Ukraine S Strategy is to destroy the Ability of the Plant to function, so that Areas Controlled by Russia will No Longer be able to Benefit from that Plant S Electrical Power Output. The United States Government helped Ukraine S Government to come up with this Plan, according to the New York Times.

This Information was buried by the Times, 85% of the Way Down A 1.600 Word News Report they published on September 13th, titled The Critical Moment Behind Ukraine’s Rapid Advance, in which it stated that, “Eventually, Ukrainian Officials believe their Long Term Success requires Progress on the Original Goals in the Discarded Strategy, including Recapturing the Nuclear Power Plant in Zaporizhzhia, Cutting Off Russian Forces in Mariupol and Pushing Russian Forces in Kherson Back across the Dnipro River, American Officials said.”

When International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Inspectors arrived at that Plant on September 1st, after A Lengthy Period of trying to get there to inspect it but which was Blocked by Ukraine S Government, and the IAEA started delivering Reports regarding what they were finding at the Plant, No Mention has, as of Yet, been made concerning Which of the Two Warring Sides has been firing those Bombs into the Plant. Even when the IAEA headlined on September 9th Director General S Statement on Serious Situation at Ukraine S Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, and reported that the Plant S Ability to operate “has been Destroyed by Shelling of the Switchyard at the City S Thermal Power Plant, leading to A Complete Power Black Out in” the Entire Region, and that “This is Completely Unacceptable. It can Not stand.”, and closed by saying they “Urgently call for the Immediate Cessation of All Shelling in the Entire Area,No Mention was made as to which of the Two Sides was shooting into the Plant in order to disable it, and Which of the Two Sides was firing out from the Plant in order to protect it against that Incoming Fire. Previously known was only that the City of Zaporizhzhia has been and is under Russian Control Ever since March 4th. Consequently, All News Media and Reporters have known that (since Russia was Inside and Ukraine was Outside) Russia has been Defending the Plant and Ukraine has been Attacking It, but until “American Officials” let Slip, in this News Report, the Fact that This has indeed been the Case there, No Western News Medium has Previously published this Fact, Not Even buried It in A News Report.

So, although Nothing in this Regard may Yet be considered to be Official, or Neutral, or Free of Fear or of Actual Intent to Lie, there Finally is, at the Very Least, buried in that News Report from the New York Times, A Statement that is Sourced to “American Officials,” asserting that this is the Case, and the Times also lets Slip There that this “Shelling” of that Plant is an Important Part of the Joint US Ukraine Master Plan to Defeat Russia in Ukraine. It is Part of the Same Master Plan, which the US Government recommended to Ukraine S Government, and which also included the Recent Successful Retaking by Ukraine of Russian Controlled Land near the Major Ukrainian City of Kharkov, which City S Recapture by Ukraine is also Included in the Master Plan. Both Operations, the Shelling of the Nuclear Power Plant, and the Recapture of that Land near Kharkov, were, of that Master Plan, According to the New York Times

The Times Report asserts that

Long Reluctant to share Details of their Plans, the Ukrainian Commanders started Opening Up More to American and British Intelligence Officials and seeking Advice. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser, and Andriy Yermak, A Top Adviser to Mr Zelensky, spoke Multiple Times about the Planning for the Counter Offensive, according to A Senior Administration Official. General Mark A Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Senior Ukrainian Military Leaders Regularly discussed Intelligence and Military Support.
In Kiev, Ukrainian and British Military Officials continued working Together while the New American Defense Attaché, Brigade General Garrick Harmon, began having Daily Sessions with Ukraine S Top Officers.

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