Eric Zuesse – Two Ways that Trump Spread Corona Virus 19 in US

Trump takes off mask, 6 oct 2020 (foto heal White supremacy)

Two Ways that Trump Spread Corona Virus 19 in US



On 12 May 2020, two hundred and twenty five labor organizations signed a letter to Antonin Scalia’s son Eugene Scalia who was Donald Trump’s appointed Secretary of Labor, and it urged his Department to change its policies “that address the standards that apply under the federal U [nemployment] I [insurance] law to determine when workers remain eligible for regular state UI or P [andemic] U [nemployment] A [ssistance] if they leave work or refuse to work due to COVID 19 health and safety concerns.” In more common language, an economist Jared Bernstein headlined in the Washington Post six days later on May 18th, The Labor Department is forcing workers back to jobs that could make them sick and he explained that Scalia’s Department “has issued guidance that virtually ignores health risks and encourages employers to report workers who refuse job offers [while unemployed] so their unemployment payments can be taken away. The agency is busy urging employers to snitch on ‘claimants that have turned down suitable work.’” Trump’s Labor Department ignored the labor organizations’ letter. Then, a barista headlined at Huffpost on 22 January 2021, I Work In A Coffee Shop In Montana. Anti-Maskers Have Made My Job Hell.” She complained that the many customers who refused to wear masks were causing her to fear working there – she was blaming those customers, but not Trump. However, Trump and his Labor Secretary were responsible and simply didn’t care about the safety of workers, such as her, and were instead encouraging employers to force these workers to stay on the job, though doing so endangered themselves and their co mworkers. Millions of infected workers were infecting others because not to would cause them to become fired and could ultimately force them into homelessness. Maybe the billionaires who funded Trump’s political career profited from such exploitation of their employees, but nationally this policy helped to increase the spreading of Corona Virus 19. Also, since so many of those bottom of the totem pole employees are Blacks and Hispanics, etcetera, this Trump policy helped to cause the drastically higher infection rates that have been reported among such groups.



On 15 July 2020, the Washington Post headlined As the Corona Virus crisis spins out of control, Trump issues directives – but still no clear plan and reported that, “health professionals have urged the White House to offer a disciplined and unified national message to help people who are fatigued more than five months into the crisis and resistant to changing social behaviors, such as wearing masks and keeping a distance from others. Trump, for instance, refused to be seen publicly wearing a mask until last weekend, when he sported one during a trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.You can get a really strong and eloquent governor who can help at the state level, but it does seem like we need some more national messaging around the fact that for many people, this is the most adversity they’ve faced in their life,’ said Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.” Every country (such as China, Vietnam, Venezuela, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, and Finland) that has been far more successful than America is at having a low number of Corona Virus 19 cases (and deaths) per million residents has dealt with the pandemic on a national and not merely local basis, but all of the worst performing countries (such as America, which now is at 76,407 “Total Cases per One Million population) have not.

It therefore also stands to reason that which ranks all 50 states according to how high is the number of Corona Virus 19 infections per million inhabitants, shows (and links to the data proving) that “In 2016, the top 17 [most Covid infected states] voted for Trump, and the bottom five voted for Clinton. All but three of the top 24 voted for Trump.” The correlation of high Corona Virus infection rate with Trump voting was astoundingly high. Trump, it seems, gave the high infection rate states what they had wanted. But what he gave to America is the highest Corona Virus 19 infection rate of any nation that has at least 11 million population. It is the seventh highest Corona Virus 19 infection rate among all 219 reporting nations. Trump’s policies produced the type of results that had been expected by well informed people around the world.