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The West now acknowledges that it is fascist

On April 11th, Germany again (though this time only implicitly) acknowledged that the reason why the war in Ukraine has been continuing after the 2015 Minsk II agreements, which were supposed to create the preconditions for peace, is that Ukraine refuses to comply with those commitments.

Buried in an item published on April 8th by Germany’s Government is an outright admission that what has been blocking peace in Ukraine since 2014 is not Russia – such as the US Government and its allies (such as Germany’s Government) allege – but their ally Ukraine’s Government, which has only been pretending to want peace there, while blocking even the possibility of peace.

When an employee of a state owned ‘news’ medium (Deutsche Welle) is granted by that employer the use of that medium to declare publicly, to the world, that the official position of that Government (Germany), which had alleged that Russia has been to blame for the lack of peace in Ukraine, was a lie in order to deceive their Public (Germans), then this is doing more than to acknowledge that that Government (Germany) is, itself, a dictatorship (lying to its own people). No one can deny that this Government, which has been lying about this reality for the past eight years, is a fascist dictatorship, because it is capitalist instead of communist, and so Germany’s Government is certainly not a communist dictatorship.

Furthermore, since this admission is being made about the central matter in international relations during the past decade – the actual conquest, by the Global (US) Empire of which that person’s employer (Germany) is a vassal Nation, against a Nation (Ukraine) that borders on the main Nation which has remained independent from this Empire (Russia) – then this publication is an announcement, to the world, that one’s own Country (Germany) is a part of a larger Global Empire (the US Empire) that actually controls one’s own Country (Germany) and which foreign Imperial Power (the US Government) is therefore exploiting not only that conquered Nation (Ukraine) which borders the independent Nation (Russia), but is also exploiting the announcer’s own Nation, and so this is an announcement that the entire Global Order is an enormous fascist international dictatorship (the US Empire) – a Global fascist Empire, of which one’s own Nation (Germany) is merely a part.

Those “agreements” were initiated in 2014 by Germany’s Government, plus two others, those of France, and Russia. And this statement, on Deutsche Welle (a German Government site), is saying that Ukraine signed them only because it had to, but never had any intention of adhering to them – and never did adhere.

That statement is referring to the 5 September 2014 Minsk Protocol and its follow on 12 February 2015 Minsk II agreement, to stop the ethnic cleansing by Ukraine’s Government, which was aimed to get rid of the Russian speaking Ukrainians who lived in Ukraine’s far eastern Donbas region, which borders Russia. This ethnic cleansing, which was unimaginably bloody, was being done by the US imposed coup Ukrainian Government, which in 2014 had seized power away from the legitimately and democratically elected Government of Ukraine, which had received the votes of over 90% of the voters in that region (shown in dark purple on the electoral map – that region is called “Donbas,” the place where this ethnic cleansing, including firebombing by the US backed Ukrainian Forces, was done) and which therefore broke away from Ukraine soon after that coup. If those voters were to continue living inside Ukraine and being Ukrainians, then the US president Barack Obama imposed new Ukrainian regime wouldn’t have been able to survive any subsequent Ukrainian election but would have become thrown out by the voters, which is why this ethnic cleansing was being done in Donbas, by the Obama imposed Ukrainian regime. The objective of the ethnic cleansing there was to get rid of the people but keep their land. All of this has been hidden from publics in The West (including in Germany), because The West is the US empire and needed its public to be deceived about all of this, while it was happening. Now that eight years have passed since the coup, it’s no longer quite so necessary to maintain the lies.

The Minsk agreements were negotiated between Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia – the four Normandy Format participants. The initial contacts had been discussions between Angela Merkel, François Hollande and Vladimir Putin, all three of whom wanted the Obama initiated slaughter in Donbas to stop, and Merkel and Hollande forced Ukraine’s Poroshenko to accept the Minsk agreements, or else Germany and France would block further International Monetary Fund loans, which have been keeping the post coup Ukrainian Government afloat. That was leverage which Germany and France had over the US regime – the Empire isn’t entirely a one way street.

The statement that

In recent weeks, Ukrainian officials have talked about the futility of further talks on the implementation of the 2015 Minsk accords. (…) Putin should have realized by now that no Government in Kyiv will ever fulfill the 2015 agreements.

was by Konstantin Eggert, a columnist for Deutsche Welle, Germany’s Government owned international broadcaster. His article was published on 8 April 2021, and headlined Opinion: Vladimir Putin hedges his bets on Ukraine. It was, in effect, reporting that the Minsk agreements, which Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande had initiated, were being constantly violated by Ukraine’s Government, and which “no Government in Kyiv will ever fulfill.” However, since Germany’s Government is a vassal of the US regime, which latter had installed that Government (which was blocking fulfillment of the Minsk agreements), Mr Eggert was instead writing hostilely against Putin, rather than against Obama, and Trump and Biden, and against Ukraine’s Yatsenyuk, and Poroshenko and Zelenskiy. This article opened “Vladimir Putin is trying to force the United States and the EU to put pressure on Ukraine’s Government. The Russian strongman’s experiences since 2014 make him think he just might succeed, DW’s Konstantin Eggert writes.” Eggert’s article stated that

Putin is infamously loath to be seen as weak and cornered. His reaction to such situations is invariably one of bravado and to intimidate his opponents. The Russian Army’s buildup on Ukraine’s borders, accompanied by the hysteria in Russian State media, looks like such a response “[I] am not afraid! Reckon with me!

No mention is made there that Russia’s buildup on Russia’s side of its border with Ukraine is in response to Ukraine’s buildup of its troops on the other side of that border – it has been reported instead as if this were Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, instead of Ukraine’s aggression against Donbass. Russia has constantly warned that if Ukraine invades Donbass yet again, then Russia itself will, this time, defeat Ukraine there.

On 10 November 2014, I headlined How Our People Do Their Extermination Jobs In Ukraine and discussed rare video of the secret execution of non combatants who supported the Donbas resistance fighters. It’s like the Nazis did. But, this time, America is the Nazi regime, and Ukraine’s Government is like Quisling’s, or Pétain’s, et cetera.

Almost nothing of the reality that is being reported here, of any of this, has yet been published in The West, because The West is the US Empire and exists only by constantly lying about the world outside the United States. Therefore, this article was submitted on an exclusive basis to each of the MainStream Media in the Empire before being generally distributed, and none accepted it.

Obama had won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Is this a real world version of George Orwell’s dystopic novel 1984?

On April 13th, Alexander Mercouris (whom I consider to be peerless as a commentator on international affairs) issued a video titled Lavrov Harshly Rebukes Erdogan on Ukraine, and provided his distinctively four dimensional chess account of the moves that are now going on regarding Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. On that same date, he also did a similar commentary regarding Israel, Iran, and the United States. Apparently, we are now at a turning point in world history.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of
 CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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