Eric Zuesse – The US has the World’s Most Insincere Government


The US has the World’s Most Insincere Government

It Pretends to be A Democracy and A Republic, but it Actually Represents Only the Richest o.1% of the Richest 1%, the Richest Hundred Thousandth, of Americans, and This has Been Empirically, id est, Scientifically, Proven by All of the Scientific Analyses of the Truth or Falsehood of that Cardinal Claim, to Being A Democracy. So, the US Government is Actually an Aristocracy, One Dollar One Vote, Just like A Corporation is, that’s One Share One Vote, Not at All A Democracy, A One Person One Vote Government. The Claim that the US Regime Uses in Order to ‘Justify’ Its Attacking, Invading, Issuing its Own Illegal Sanctions against, and Otherwise Seeking to “Regime Change,” Other Governments, such as in Iran 1954, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973, Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, and at Least 60 Other US Overthrown and Replaced Governments after 1945, Many of Which had Been Democratically Elected but All of Which were Replaced by Fascist Regimes that the US Regime Itself Installed, is that the US Government Is A Democracy. No Other Government in the Entire World is So Hypocritical as to Use the Lie that It is A Democracy as Being AJustification’ for its Overthrowing and Replacing, by Fascist Regimes, No Less, Any Government that It, in Its Sheer Arrogance, chooses to “Regime Change.” Even Hitler wasn’t that Insincere, he, Instead, Condemned, and Publicly Despised, Democracy. The US Regime isn’t as Honestly Despicable.

Here are Merely A Few Typical Examples of the US Regime’s Government Overthrow Operations, displaying the US Government’s Aristocratic Character.

The October 1965 through March 1966 Indonesian Government Extermination of Anywhere from 500.000 to Two Million Indonesian Supporters of Communism and of Any Other Left Wing, Each and Every Left of Center, Political Party, Including Supporters of Indonesia’s Leader, General Sukarno, who had Some Leftist Supporters, was Probably Masterminded, Ordered, by US President Lyndon B Johnson, on Behalf of the Owners of the Mega Corporations Who were Backing the US Democratic Party and Republican Party. Certainly, LBJ was behind this ‘Ethnic Cleansing’, Even Well before It Began. As Early as March 1965, Johnson’s People were Privately Vitriolic against Sukarno, Who was Making Noises about Land Reform and Possibly Nationalizing Natural Resources. After All, How Else can an Agrarian Aristocracy Otherwise be Disempowered? And How Else can It become Replaced by A Democracy? For example, on 18 March 1965, 118. Memorandum from the Under Secretary of State, Ball, to President Johnson opened “Our Relations with Indonesia are on the Verge of Falling Apart. Sukarno is Turning More and More toward the Communist PKI. The Army, Which has Been the Traditional Countervailing Force, has its Own Problems of Internal Cohesion. Within the Past Few Days the Situation has Grown Increasingly More Ominous. Not Only has the Management of the American Rubber Plants been Taken Over, but There are Dangers of an Imminent Seizure of the American Oil Companies.” The Coup Started on 1 October 1965, General Suharto was Installed to Replace Sukarno, and Promptly began the Extermination Campaign. But he didn’t Know Whom to Slaughter, So, as One Excellent Review of Vincent Bevins’s Excellent Book about the Slaughters, The Jakarta Method, Washington’s Anti Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World, Succinctly put the Matter, “The US provided Arms, Training, Communication Equipment and Lists of Thousands of Real and Alleged Leftists to Be Killed. US Owned Plantations furnished Lists of ‘Troublesome’ Employees. US Officials Repeatedly sent Cables to the Leader of the Butchery, General Suharto, to Kill the Leftists Faster.” Other Fine Reviews of this Book are Here and Here. However, like the Other Books that have Been Published about that Extermination Campaign, Bevins’s Focus isn’t on the Masterminds Who Planned and Bribed to Get It Done, Its Beneficiaries, but Instead on the Physical Perpetrators and their Victims. The Coup and Extermination’s Ultimate Beneficiaries aren’t Named, nor Identified. The US did that in Conjunction with Other Members of the American Gang, Mainly in Europe. The Judge in the International People’s Tribunal Stated that The United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia were All Complicit to Differing Degrees in the Commission of these Crimes against Humanity. It was, in Fact, A Rhodesist Operation, Done for the US and Allied, Especially The Netherlands, Aristocracies.

Now, in the Post Soviet Era, the US Government’s Ultimate Aim has Been to Get its Nuclear War Headed Missiles Placed into the Closest Nation of All to Moscow, which is Ukraine, just 300 Miles Away from The Kremlin, So as to Be Able to Decapitate Russia’s Central Command there, by A Blitz Five Minute Nuclear Missile Strike, after Getting Ukraine into NATO. And Here has Been the Sequence of Historically Important Events and Realities regarding that Ukraine Matter.

During 2003 – 2009, Only around 20% of Ukrainians had Wanted NATO Membership, While around 55% Opposed It. In 2010, Gallup found that Whereas 17% of Ukrainians Considered NATO to Mean “Protection of Your Country,” 40% said It’s “A Threat to Your Country.” UkrainiansPredominantly saw NATO as an Enemy, Not A Friend. But after Obama’s February 2014 Coup in Ukraine, Ukraine’s NATO Membership would Get 53.4% of the Votes, One Third of Ukrainians, 33.6%, would Oppose It.” However, Afterward, the Support Averaged around 45%, Still over Twice as High as had Been the Case Prior to the Coup. Ukrainians became Switched Regarding that Matter, Favoring NATO instead of Opposing It, because the Billionaires Who fund the Winning Political Candidates and Who control the Media in the US and in Ukraine, had Propagandized there Heavily after the Coup, and those Governments and Media have Been Portraying Russia as Being Ukraine’s Enemy, and America and the EU and NATO, Which, Prior to the Coup, were Viewed by Ukrainians as Being their Enemy, as Being instead Ukraine’s Friends. So, Ukrainians, after the US Coup, wanted to Join the EU, and to join NATO.

Immediately after Obama’s Coup that Grabbed Ukraine, his Installed New Government there began its Ethnic Cleansing So as to Get Rid of Enough Millions of Ukrainians who had Voted for the Neutralist, Neither Pro American nor Pro Russian, Ukrainian President whom Obama had Overthrown, in Order to Enable the New, Pro US Government Regime in Ukraine to Be Able to Continue on, through ‘DemocraticElections, in Which All Candidates would Be Anti Russian. And that has Brought Us to Today in Ukraine. Russia Finally invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, in Order to Prevent that Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse, an Enemy’s Nuclear Missile Being Positioned Only 5 minutes Away from Decapitating Russia’s Central Command, from Happening.

What this Turnabout in Ukrainian Public Opinion showed was the Extreme Effectiveness of the US Regime’s Propaganda, Public Deception Campaign, after the Coup had Been Prepared and had Used the Media during 2014, and Even More So after the Coup was Perpetrated and the US Junta Regime and its Controlled ‘NewsMedia drenched the Public with Anti Russian Propaganda After the Coup, So that Ukraine, Which Only A year or Two after Its Public had Viewed NATO as Being their Enemy, Prior to 2013, Switched to instead Viewing NATO as their Craved For Protector, against What Most Ukrainians, Only A Year or Two before, had Been Viewing to Be Their Protector, Which was Russia. Of Course, after Russia Ultimately Responded to America’s Grab of Ukraine and Invaded Ukraine in 2022, Vast Majorities of Ukrainians Now View the Invading country, Russia, as Being their Enemy.

Key Here is the Fact that by Taking Over A Country, First by subverson, Which in the Case of Ukraine was Being Called The Orange Revolution and Installed the Pro US Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko into Power in 2004, and Later by Means of an Outright Coup to Finish the Job in 2014, Public Opinion can Thus Be Effectively Turned Upside Down. This has to Be Done in Order that the US Installed Regime can Subsequently become ‘Democratically’ Elected and thus Institutionalized, by That Duped Public. The US chooses ONLY Its Stooges to Contest in the Future Elections. One example of this US Control was Biden’s Sending UK’s Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson into Kiev Right after the Final Draft of the Peace Treaty had Been Negotiated between Ukraine and Russia in April 2022 was Ready for Zelensky’s Signature and, According to Ukraine’s Lead Negotiator, David Arahamiya, Johnson instructed Zelensky Not to Sign the Deal, Which would Have Given Ukraine All It wanted but Required It to Return Ukraine to Being Neutral between Russia and America, in Short, Johnson Carried from Biden the Message that if Zelensky would Sign, then Very Bad Things would Happen to Zelensky. Already, Back in 2019, the Far Right Ukrainian Para Military Leader Dmytro Yarosh, who had Run the Ukrainian Gunmen for America’s Coup in Kiev, Warned Zelensky that if he would Back Down in Ukraine’s War against Russia, Zelensky would Be Assassinated. So, Zelensky knew that his Life Depended upon his Following Washington’s Orders. Subsequently, the Pro War Wall Street Journal Headlined Document from 2022 Reveals Putin’s Punishing Terms for Peace and the Alleged “Punishing Terms” were Specified as Having been, “The Draft Treaty States that Ukraine, While Being Allowed to Pursue European Union Membership, Wouldn’t Be Allowed to Join Military Alliances such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. No ForeignWeapons would be Allowed on Ukrainian Soil. Ukraine’s Military would Be Pared Down to A Specific Size. Russia Sought to Limit Everything from the Number of Troops and Tanks to the Maximum Firing Range of Ukrainian Missiles. The Crimean Peninsula, Already Occupied by Russia, would Remain under Moscow’s Influence and Not Be Considered Neutral. Moscow Also Pushed for the Russian Language to Operate on an Equal Basis with Ukrainian in Government and Courts, A Clause Kyiv hadn’t Signed Off On, According to the Draft Document. The Future of the Area of Eastern Ukraine Covertly Invaded and Occupied by Russia in 2014 [that’s an Outright Lie, the Donbass had Voted over 90% for the President that Obama had Just Overthrown, and Refused to Be Ruled by Obama’s Chosen Thugs, It wasn’t Russia’s Army but the Local Residents Who were Fighting There against the Obama Imposed Regime], wasn’t Included in the Draft, Leaving it up to Putin and Zelensky to Complete in Face to Face Talks. That Meeting Never took Place.” In Other Words, the “Punishing Terms” were to Undo Obama’s Coup but Not Its Immediate Aftermath the 16 March 2014 Plebiscite in Crimea to Return to Being Part of Russia as It had Been until 1954.

And there is also the US Regime’s Hypocrisy about Its Supporting “A Two State Solution” to the Problem of Israel and the Palestinians while at the Same Time demanding that the Palestinians must FIRST Accept the Legitimacy of the Israeli State, Which would Mean their Surrender in the War between the Palestinians and the Zionists that has Been Going On Ever since the 1948 Founding of Israel and the Massive Ethnic Cleansing, or “Nakba”, of the Palestinians that was Perpetrated by the Zionists Starting in 1948 and Now Being Continued by Israel’s Current Ethnic Cleansing to Get Rid of the Palestinians in Gaza. That Surrender, which the US Regime demands from the Palestinians, would Also, by Law, include Acceptance by the Palestinians of Cancellation of their Right of Return to the Lands that the Zionists had Stolen from Them in and Since 1948, the Land Thefts, and Property Thefts, that are Continuing to This Very Day in the West Bank and Not ONLY in Gaza. So, the US Government DOESN’T Accept, and at the UN has Continually Blocked the Very Possibility of, ATwo State Solution to the Crisis” Ever since 1948, of the Ongoing and Never Yet Concluded War between the Zionists and the Palestinians. Either Those Thefts and Mass Murders by the Israelis will Be Reversed, or They won’t, and the US Government has Always Demanded that They won’t Ever Be Reversed. Who Benefits from this American Israeli Con Game? It’s the Manufacturers of the US Made Weapons that the US Government has Been and is Donating, Many Billions of Dollars Each and Every Year, Courtesy of US Taxpayers, for Israel to Buy US Made Armaments, Donated Annually to the Apartheid Israeli Regime.

On 23 April 2024, I Headlined A MASTERPIECE OF POST WWII US HISTORY, Christopher Simpson’s 1988 BLOWBACK and Documented How the Spirit of Hitler Took Over the US Government on 25 July 1945. But the US Regime is A Lot Slicker than Hitler’s was; and Whereas his Regime Aimed Mainly against Jews and Secondarily against Russians, America’s Aims Mainly against Russians and Secondarily against Chinese. But, in Both Instances, the Ultimate Objective has Been the Same, to Achieve an Uncontested All Inclusive Global Empire. the World’s First and Only All Encompassing Dictatorship over All Other Nations. It would Be Monumentally Profitable for America’s Billionaires, so, the Demand for It is Bi Partisan, Required by the Billionaires Who fund Both of America’s Political Parties.

This Post 25 July 1945 US Government defiles the Great Heritage that America’s Founders had Established in the US Revolution Throwing Out the British Aristocracy Here and Embodying Anti imperialistic Values in the US Constitution, the World’s Most Progressive National Constitution that had Ever Been Written Up till that Time, and in Its Amendments. This American Government defiles instead of Continues to Reflect that Great Anti Imperialism Achievement, by Our Founders. This is No Longer A Constitutional Government, at All, and It is Definitely NOT A Democratic Government, but It is Instead an Imposed Government, A Governmentally Imposed Aristocracy, Which deceives More Effectively than Any Regime in History Ever has.

So, the Post 1945 US Government has Consistently Been Establishing A World Record for Deceiving the Public.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse’s Latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America Took Over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave It to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels Extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘NewsMedia but the Social ‘Sciences’, Duping the Public.
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