Eric Zuesse – The US Government’s Many Lies About the War in Ukraine

The US Government’s Many Lies About the War in Ukraine

On June 1st, the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, delivered A Speech at What the Associated Press calls Asia’s Premier Security Conference, which Meeting was Held in Singapore, and Yesterday I Wrote about his Falsification There of the Issue of When the War in Ukraine Started and Who Started It, Which he Alleged to Have Been on 24 February 2022 when Russia Invaded Ukraine. As I documented in that Article, the War Actually began in February 2014 when US President Barack Obama’s Administration Perpetrated in Ukraine A Coup d’État that Replaced A Neutralist Democratically Elected President of Ukraine by A Rabidly Anti Russian Regime there Which was Selected by Victoria Nuland Whom President Obama had Assigned to Prepare the Coup and to Select the People Who would Run Ukraine after the Coup, Which Latter she did in A Telephone Conversation on 27 January 2014 to the US Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt Instructing him to Make the New Leader of the Government Be Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Whom She Referred To as “Yats. As I Pointed Out and Documented There, that Coup produced the War in Ukraine, and I Noted that Even the Secretary General of NATO and the President of Ukraine have Publicly Acknowledged that the War in Ukraine Started in 2014, Not in 2022, such as the US Government alleges.

Here are Other False Statements that the US Secretary of Defense Made in that Speech Concerning the War in Ukraine.

In February of 2022, Russia’s Unprovoked Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World, and this Region. And Since Then, Putin’s War of Aggression has Provided Us All with A Preview of A World that None of Us would Want. It’s A Glimpse of A World Where Tyrants Trample Sovereign Borders, A World Where Peaceful States Live in Fear of their Neighbors, and A World Where Chaos and Conquest Replace Rules and Rights.

But Russia’s Lawless Invasion Also Reminds Us that Free Countries Can Rally Together to Help the Victims of Aggression.

Regarding Austin’s Phrase Unprovoked Invasion: Russia’s First Strategy against Further Enlargement of NATO was to Demand, on 15 December 2021, to the US Government,  and, Two Days Later, to America’s Main Anti Russian Military Alliance, NATO, that NATO would Never Add Any New Member Nations, Especially Not Ukraine. This Demand was Firmly Rejected, on 7 January 2022, by both America and its NATO Arm. This Turn Down to Russia was Even Worse than When Gorbachev had Repeatedly Gotten Verbal Statements from the US Regime that if the Soviet Union’s Communism and Warsaw Pact, 1955 Mirror Organization against America’s 1949 Military Alliance against the Soviet Union, would End, then NATO would Not Be ExpandedOne Inch to The East”, id est, Up to Russia’s Border, but then NATO Expanded All the Way to The East and Doubled in Size, Right Up to Russia’s Border. But this Time, Regarding Ukraine, Whose Border is Only 317 Miles away from The Kremlin and is the Nearest of Any Country’s to The Kremlin and So Endangers Russian National Security Even More than Any of the Others do, since A Nuclear Missile Placed There would Take Only 5 Minutes to Blitz Annihilate Russia’s Central Command, that 7 January 2022 NO! to Russia Meant that the Only Way Now for Russia Not to Be Nuclearly Checkmated by the US Regime would Be for Russia to Do this Re Neutralization of Ukraine by Force. It was Exactly the Same Thing, but In Reverse, As was the American President JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis Threatening the Soviet Union that if They wouldn’t Stop their Placement of Missiles in Cuba, then the United States would Invade either Cuba or the Soviet Union in Order to Prevent That from Happening. For the USDefenseSecretary Austin to Call what Putin and Russia did in February 2022Unprovoked” is Exactly the Same as Saying that the Soviet Regime’s Plan to Place its Missiles in Cuba Constituted No Provocation for Kennedy and the United States to Threaten Both Cuba and the Soviet Union with WWIII if They wouldn’t Stop that Plan. Secretary Austin in his June 1st Speech was Implicitly Condemning President Kennedy as Having Been A Tyrant” Who “Tramples Sovereign Borders” because he had Threatened an “Unprovoked Invasion of Cuba.”

Regarding Austin’s Sentence Russia’s Lawless Invasion Also Reminds Us that Free Countries can Rally Together to Help the Victims of Aggression”, If Kennedy’s Concern to Protect against What would Likely Otherwise Become A Blitz Nuclear Attack against the United States from Cuba and the Soviet Union and would have Been “Lawless,” and the Aggression in Such an Instance would Have Come from JFK and America instead of from Cuba and the Soviet Union, then How Sane is Today’s US Government to Be Believing or Claiming to Believe that Way, and So to Charge that Black is White and White is Black, and that Good is Bad and Bad is Good?

Of Course, in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the first Aggression had Actually Been by President Eisenhower, to place US Missiles in Turkey, Which Largely Caused the Soviet Union to Try to Place its Missiles in Cuba So as to Match That. But in the Matter of Ukraine Not Cuba, the US Regime has No Excuse Whatsoever for What It is Doing.

Any Country that Geo Strategically Allies Itself with the United States against Russia is TrulyNeoNazi, because that’s What the US Government Now is, It’s the Post WWII, Modern Operation Barbarossa N° 2, American Version, of Nazi Germany. And those “Allies” of America are Simply Others of Today’s Version of the Axis Powers.

What made Nazi Germany Unacceptable to the World was its Objective to Become the World’s First Ever All Inclusive Empire, Dictating to All of the World’s Other Nations. How is that Any Different than is Today’s America, except by Being Far More Hypocritical about It and Claiming to Be and to Represent “Democracy” to the Entire World. No Empire Ever can be Democratic, for the Simple Reason that It’s A Dictatorship over Other Nations. That’s What Nazi Germany’s Regime wanted to Expand throughout the World, and It is Today What the American Regime, which Truman started, wants to Expand throughout the World.

Then, the US Secretary of ‘Defense’ said that,  Putin’s Imperial Aggression against Ukraine has Echoed around the World. Adolf Hitler had his Josef Goebbels and Numerous Other Propagandists, and Joe Biden has his. Mr Austin might As Well Have Been Saying that US President John F Kennedy was Guilty of “Imperial Aggression.”

Investigative Historian Eric Zuess’s Latest Book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about How America Took Over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels extract the World’s Wealth by Control of Not Only their ‘NewsMedia but the Social ‘Sciences’, Duping the Public.
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Eric Zuesse – US Government Denies the History of the Ukraine War

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