Eric Zuesse – The Top Owners of America’s President Elect Joseph Biden (billionaires plus the $ 902,000,000+ from the merely rich)

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The Top Owners of America’s President Elect Joseph Biden (billionaires plus the $ 902,000,000+ from the merely rich)

Some of the top owners of America’s President Elect Joe Biden are entirely secret because a corrupt US Supreme Court, in the infamous 2010 Citizens United case, encouraged not only corruption but corruption that’s entirely secret or “dark money. However, most of the individuals who purchased Biden to become the US President did so under the previously existing laws, which require public reporting of their donations.

Here, then, are the top ten publicly known donors to the Biden campaign, but these are all via some sort of Political Action Committee or PAC, and therefore most are in conjunction with other billionaires and centi millionaires, instead of entirely solo donations.

Top Contributors, federal election data for Joe Biden, 2020 cycle

totals include subsidiaries and affiliates

Contributor Total

Bloomberg LP Michael Bloomberg $ 56,796,137
Future Forward USA largely Dustin Moskowitz $ 29,917,229
Priorities USA | Priorities USA Action Hillary backers $ 25,841,199
Asana Moskowitz & Rosenstein $ 21,937,902
Sixteen Thirty Fund dark money $ 19,874,655
Democracy PAC George Soros $ 19,000,000
Senate Majority PAC Democratic billionaires $ 12,371,874
American Bridge 21st Century largely Soros $ 10,260,573
Paloma Partners Donald Sussman $ 9,016,248

Euclidean Capital James Simons $ 7,006,805

The 11th largest (which will now be shown) happens to be not Democratic billionaires but Republican billionaires. However, Michael Bloomberg, the former Republican Mayor of NYC, was Biden’s largest donor, and therefore could also be considered to be a Republican donor to Biden’s campaign.

Defending Democracy Together Republican billionaires $ 6,776,862

In other words: the distinction between Republican billionaires and Democratic billionaires is no longer quite clear. Although the manicured Public Relations for each of the two major Parties accentuates the ideological differences between the two, those differences have greatly decreased, except that on the US Supreme Court the Republican ‘Justices’ are far right (extremist conservatives) whereas the Democratic ‘Justices’ are centrist (liberals). None are, at all, progressives. Progressives don’t exist on that Court. The numbers and natures of that Court’s unanimous decisions make clear that no leftist jurist (progressive or otherwise) sits there. Whereas some billionaires are centrist and others are far right, none are any sort of leftist. Nor does any leftist candidate for national political office receive any donation from any billionaire but only from poor and middle class donors. Both of America’s Parties represent mainly the interests of billionaires, and this has been documented in the only scientific studies that have been done of the subject. America is an aristocracy not a democracy.

In addition to those and other donations that were made either entirely or mainly by particular billionaires, Biden’s campaign utilized “bundlers,” or well connected wealthy individuals who invited other well connected wealthy individuals to their private fund raising parties for Biden’s campaign; and the list that the Biden campaign assembled of all its bundlers who raised at least $ 100,000 for the campaign will be presented here. However, first will be noted the hostile reader comments reactions when the early version of this list – which then was of bundlers who had raised at least $ 25,000 for the campaign – was made public at the Democratic Party website which is written and run by Taegan Goddard, “Political Wire,” which headlined on 27 December 2019, prior even to the earliest of all the state primaries and caucuses, Biden Discloses His Bundlers, and the 36 reader comments there were overwhelmingly hostile, such as “Gee Taegan, could you make it seem any more suspicious and improper?” Those readers were angry that a Democratic Party news site would publish an indication that their Party utilizes the same corrupt practices that the Republican billionaires’ Party does. They weren’t grateful for the non partisan information they had just received, but wanted it not to have been made public. No other news site did publish it – only Goddard’s site did. And, when, at the end of all of the campaigns the Biden organization issued its legally obligatory final financial reports, on 1 November 2020, neither Goddard nor any other news site published it: “Once burned, twice shy,” and Goddard didn’t want to get “burned” again.

So, here is that final list, of the 902 Biden bundlers who raised over $ 100,000 each for him – totaling at least $ 902,000,000 for him – (which list has never before been published, except at its source).

listed on 1 November 2020

The following individuals have raised at least $ 100,000 for our campaign and affiliated joint fundraising committees.

Name, City, State

Daniel Abbasi, Riverside, CT
Jamal Abdi, Arlington, VA
Kevin Abel, Atlanta, GA
Joyce A Aboussie, Saint Louis, MO
Alyson L Abramowitz, Sunnyvale, CA
Thomas Abt, Cambridge, MA
Jerry Acker Huntington, Woods, MI
Karen R Adler, New York, NY
Matthew L, Adler, Miami Beach, FL
Michael M Adle, Coral Gables, FL
Sara & Robert Adler, Washington, DC
Ijaz Ahmad, Old Westbury, NY
Matthew Aks, Washington, DC
David Alberga, La Jolla, CA
Andrew Albertson, Washington, DC
John D Aldock, Bethesda, MD
Valerie Alexander, Chicago, IL
County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, Upper Marlboro, MD
Roger C Altman, New York, NY
Wa’el Alzayat, Washington, DC
Joyce Amico, Aspen, CO
Hady Amr, Arlington, VA
Jennifer Anderson, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Mailer Anderson, San Francisco, CA
Philip Angelides, Sacramento, CA
Mark Angelson, New York, NY
Paulette Aniskoff, Washington, DC
Mark Arabo, San Diego, CA
Robert Arbour, Los Angeles, CA
Joe Asher, Las Vegas, NV
Senator Toni Atkins, San Diego, CA
Scott Atlas, Houston, TX
Magalie & Jean Philippe Austin, New York, NY
Ambassador Nicole Avant, Encino, CA
Felice Axelrod, New York, NY
Kenneth Baer, Bethesda, MD
Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, Washington, DC
Bela Bajaria, Studio City, CA
Laura Day & Frank Baker, New York, NY
Senator Tammy Baldwin, Madison, WI
John Ballon, Glendale, CA
Marcia Balonick, Highland Park, IL
Amy Banse, Philadelphia, PA
Ambassador Robert C Barber, Cambridge, MA
Brice & Houston Barnes, Tallahassee, FL
Judith Barnett, Washington, DC
Roger Barnett, West Palm Beach, FL
Lisa Blue Baron, Dallas, TX
Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee, WI
Natalie & Brett Barth, Garden City, NY
Ambassador Matthew Barzun, Louisville, KY
Jeremy Bash, Chevy Chase, MD
Ambassador Denise Bauer, Belvedere, CA
Jonathan Baum, Mission Hills, KS
Representative Joyce Beatty, Blacklick, OH
Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles, CA
Ambassador Colleen Bell, Los Angeles, CA
Senator Michael Bennet, Denver, CO
Mitchell W Berger, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jim Berman, New York, NY
Joshua Berman, Chevy Chase, MD
Andi Bernstein, Pasadena, CA
Hildy Kuryk & Jarrod Bernstein, Brooklyn, NY
Peter J Beshar, Rye, NY
Megan C Beyer, Alexandria, VA
Shailen Bhatt, Washington, DC
Ajay Bhutoria, Fremont, CA
Jeffrey P Bialos, Mc Lean, VA
Elisa & Robert Bildner, Livingston, NJ
Eryn Bingle, Riverside, CT
Adam Blackwell, Washington, DC
Janet A Blanchard, Beverly Hills, MI
Lisa & Jeff Blau, New York, NY
Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, Piedmont, CA
Ambassador Alan Blinken, Ketchum, ID
Leslie Bluhm, Chicago, IL
Neil Bluhm, Chicago, IL
Senator Dianne Feinstein & Richard Blum, San Francisco, CA
Matthew Blumenthal, Stamford, CT
Michael Blumenthal, Nashville, TN
Governor Lisa Blunt Rochester, Wilmington, DE
Elan Blutinger, Washington, DC
Dayna Bochco, Los Angeles, CA
Christopher Boies, New York, NY
Ambassador Amy Bondurant, Key West, FL
Mary Pat Bonner, Washington, DC
Carol N Bonnie, San Francisco, CA
Rob Bonta, Alameda, CA
Senator Cory Booker, Newark, NJ
Ahmed Boomrod, Dearborn, MI
Paul Boskind, New York, NY
Beverly Bove, Wilmington, DE
Crandall & Erskine Bowles, Charlotte, NC
Jill Louis & Randy Bowman, Dallas, TX
Bob Brady, Wilmington, DE
Peter Bragdon, Portland, OR
Jake Braun, Chicago, IL
Bob Satawake & Ambassador Wally Brewster, Dallas, TX
William J Brodsky, Chicago, IL
Representative Anthony G Brown, Bowie, MD
Jordan C Brown, Los Angeles, CA
Governor Kate Brown, Portland, OR
Kristin Brown, Arlington, VA
Sam Brown, Silver Spring, MD
Sam Brown, Basalt, CO
Russell Budd,  Dallas, TX
Lauren Budding, Brookline, MA
Susie Tompkins Buell, San Francisco, CA
Jules Buenabenta, San Marino, CA
Susie Buffett, Omaha, NE
Molly Buford, Washington, DC
Doug Bunch, Washington, DC
Ronald Burd, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Jonathan Burgstone, San Francisco, CA
Ebs Burnough, London, London
Sean Burtom, Los Angeles, CA
Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, IN
Bradley Butwin, Old Westbury, NY
Brook Byers, Menlo Park, CA
Owen Byrd, Palo Alto, CA
Andrew C Byrnes, Redwood City, CA
Luitenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, Middletown, CT
Sonya & Tom Campion, Seattle, WA
Trisha Cardosom, Los Angeles, CA
Thomas Carnahanmm, Saint Louis, MO
James Carneym, Washington, DC
Lea Carpenter, New York, NY
Martha & Senator Tom Carper, Wilmington, DE
Leonard Carr, West Orange, NJ
Michael Carusi, Palo Alto, CA
Senator Bob Casey, Scranton, PA
Yolanda Cash Jackson, Hialeah, FL
Eric Casher, Albany, CA
Timothy Ceis, Seattle, WA
Ann Mei Chang, Washington, DC
James S Chanos, New York, NY
Swadesh Chatterjee, Cary, NC
Mike Cherry, Chicago, IL
Richard A Chesley, Chicago, IL
Mark Chorazak, New York, NY
Representative Judy Chu, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Clark, Saint Louis, MO
Robert A Clifford, Chicago, IL
David G Cluni, New York, NY
Regina Montoya & Paul Coggins, Dallas, TX
Andrew Cohen, Los Altos, CA
Bruce Cohen, New York, NY
David Cohen, Chevy Chase, MD
David Cohen, Philadelphia, PA
Jason S Cohen, Saint Louis, MO
Phyllis Cohen, Houston, TX
Senator Dick Cohen, Saint Paul, MN
Isobel Coleman, Locust Valley, NY
Michael Coleman, Columbus, OH
Conway Collis, Pasadena, CA
Josh Connolly, Washington, DC
John M Connors Jr, Boston, MA
Ron Conway, San Francisco, CA
Senator Chris Coons, Wilmington, DE
Jeffrey Coopersmith, Seattle, WA
John Cordisco, Newtown, PA
Michael Smith & Ambasador James Costos, Santa Monica, CA
Jackson Cox Johnson City, TN
Morgan Cox, Dallas, TX
Stephen Cozen, Philadelphia, PA
Barbara Grasseschi & Tony Crabb, Healdsburg, CA
Eric Cramer, Philadelphia, PA
Sheila Creal, Los Angeles, CA
Honourable Claire Cronin, North Easton, MA
Daniel Cruise, New York, NY
John Crumpler, Durham, NC
Representative Henry Cuellar, Laredo, TX
David Culver, Washington, DC
Nelson Cunningham, Washington, DC
Brooks Cutter West, Sacramento, CA
Ryan Cwach, Yankton, SD
Gary Czaplewski, Fox Point, WI
Fatema Dahodwala, Andover, MA
Bartholomew J Dalton, Wilmington, DE
Margaret & Secretary John Dalton, Washington, DC
Lee Daniels, Los Angeles, CA
Representative Sharice Davids, Roeland Park, KS
Eric Dayton, Wayzata, MN
Representative Deb Haaland, Albuquerque, NM
Carlos Del Toro, Alexandria, VA
April McLean Delaney & Representative John Delaney, Potomac, MD
Kath Delaney, Kensington, CA
Representative Rosa L DeLauro, New Haven, CT
Anastasia Dellaccio, Washington, DC
Representative Val Demings, Orlando, FL
Anita Denning, Takoma Park, MD
Bill Derrough, Brooklyn, NY
Steve Dettelbach, Solon, OH
Representative Ted Deutch, Boca Raton, FL
Representative Debbie Dingell, Dearborn, MI
Evan Dobelle, Pittsfield, MA
John Doerr, San Carlos, CA
Sean Domnick, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Ambassador Eileen Donahoe, Portola Valley, CA
Michael Donatelli, Chicago, IL
Mark Donig, Atherton, CA
Senator Joe Donnelly, Granger, IN
John Driscoll, Stamford, CT
Joy Drucker, Washington, DC
Senator Tammy Duckworth, Chicago, IL
Patricia Duff, New York, NY
Shefali Razdan Duggal, San Francisco, CA
Mayor Mike Duggan, Detroit, MI
Senator Dick Durbin, Springfield, IL
Fred DuVal, Phoenix, AZ
Pamela Eakes, Seattle, WA
Leni Eccles, Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Blair W Effron, New York, NY
Paul Egermann, Weston, MA
Roger Ehrenberg, New York, NY
Kimberly Marteau Emerson & Ambassador John Emerson, Beverly Hills, CA
Robert Epstein, Boston, MA
Joseph Eyer, Washington, DC
Marisa Faitelson, Buffalo, NY
Joseph L Falk, Miami, FL
Sim Farar, Woodland Hills, CA
Mark Feierstein, Arlington, VA
Jonathan Feigelson, Bronx, NY
Henry Muñoz & Kyle Ferari Muñoz, San Antonio, TX
Genine & Josh Fidler, Naples, FL
Steven Fineman, New York, NY
Sam Fischer, Encino, CA
Jon Fisher, Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Andrew Fishman, Sag Harbor, NY
Paul Fishman, Montclair, NJ
Michael Fleming, Los Angeles, CA
Wayne Flick, Los Angeles, CA
Honorary Michèle Flournoy, Bethesda, MD
Cynthia & Edsel Ford, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Chip Forrester, Nashville, TN
Representative Bill Foster, Naperville, IL
David Fraga, Brooklyn, NY
Atticus Francken, Normal, IL
Ambassador Meryl Frank, Highland Park, NJ
Sophie Lynn & David Frederick, McLean, VA
Vicky Free, Matthews, NC
Bill Freeman, Nashville, TN
Commissioner Nikki Fried, Tallahassee, FL
Anita Friedman, San Francisco, CA
Bart Friedman, New York, NY
David L Friedman, Boulder, CO
Vincent Frillici, Washington, DC
Carol & Louis W Frillman, Seattle, WA
Rep. Martin Frost, Alexandria, VA
Shanti A Fry, Cambridge, MA
Glen S Fukushima, Washington, DC
Ambassador Edward Gabriel, Washington, DC
Representative Ruben Gallego, Phoenix, AZ
Lise Strickler & Mark Gallogly, New York, NY
Barbara Gamson, Houston, TX
Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles, CA
Ambassador Tony Gardner, London, UK
Laetitia Garriott De Cayeux, Austin, TX
Kathleen Gasperine, Concord, MA
Victoria Gavito, Austin, TX
Susie & Michael Gelman, Chevy Chase, MD
Mike Gerber, Philadelphia, PA
Vanessa Getty, San Francisco, CA
Jim Gianopulos, Beverly Hills, CA
Ambassador Gordon Giffin, Atlanta, GA
Leslie Gilbert Lurie, Los Angeles, CA
Nancy & Ambassador Mark Gilbert, Park City, UT
John Gile, Los Angeles, CA
Scott Miller & Tim Gill, Denver, CO
Michael Gilmore, Spokane, WA
Merle & Barry Ginsburg, Stuart, FL
Libby & Ambassador Mark Gitenstein, Seattle, WA
Catherine & Brent Gledhill, Chicago, IL
Robert J Glovsky, Boston, MA
Daniel Goetzel, Bethesda, MD
Matt Gold, Bethesda, MD
Barbara Goldberg Goldman, Potomac, MD
Jill Goldman, Los Angeles, CA
John D Goldman, Atherton, CA
Steven M Goldman, New York, NY
Claire & Brian Goldsmith, Beverly Hills, CA
Russell Goldsmith, Beverly Hills, CA
Alicia Goldstein, New York, NY
Eric Goldstein, Brooklyn, NY
Ehren Gonzales, Fenton, MI
Basil Gooden, Richmond, VA
Barry Goodman, Farmington Hills, MI
Bob Goodman, Mamaroneck, NY
Sherri Goodman, Washington, DC
Gail Gordon, Phoenix, AZ
Felice Gorordo, Coral Gables, FL
Barry Gosin, Bedford Corners, NY
Ilene Gotts, New York, NY
Jonathan Gray, New York, NY
Gabriele & Jonathan Greenwald, McLean, VA
Representative Jim Greenwood, New Hope, PA
Chad Griffin, Los Angeles, CA
Kathleen Grillo, Arlington, VA
Jane Whitney & Lindsey Gruson, Washington, CT
Patrick Guarasci, Milwaukee, WI
Jeffrey Gural, New York, NY
Jeremiah F Hallisey, San Francisco, CA
Nora Halpern, Bethesda, MD
James Halpert, Washington, DC
Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, Mill Valley, CA
Carol Hamilton, Beverly Hills, CA
William Hammack, New Orleans, LA
Taylor Hanex, New York, NY
Kari & Craig Hanson, Menlo Park, CA
Maria & Jeff Harleston, Los Angeles, CA
Deborah L Harmon, Chevy Chase, MD
Honourable Richard Harpootlian, Columbia, SC
Peter Harrell, Atlanta, GA
Scott B Harris, Marshall, VA
Ambassador Jane Hartley, New York, NY
Evan Haymes, New York, NY
Andrew B Hayward, San Francisco, CA
Tiffany & Alexander Heckler, Miami Beach, FL
Melissa K Hedden, Columbus, OH
Senator Martin Heinrich, Albuquerque, NM
Caitlin Heising, Atherton, CA
Rebecca Heller, Piedmont, CA
Joyce Hendricks, Warren, NJ
Tom Hendrickson, Zebulon, NC
Jonathan Henes, New York, NY
Stephen Herrmann, Wilmington, DE
Vicki & Ambassador Bruce Heyman, Chicago, IL
Ambassador Douglas Hickey, San Francisco, CA
Representative Jim Himes, Cos Cob, CT
Galen Hines Pierce, Houston, TX
Philip Hinkle, Washington, DC
Senator Mazie Hirono, Honolulu, HI
Honourable Fred Hochberg, Miami Beach, FL
Michael Hochman Chadds Ford, PA
Roger Hochschild, Winnetka, IL
Reid Hoffman, San Francisco, CA
Andrew Hohns, Philadelphia, PA
Andy Holland, Omaha, NE
Robert R Hoopes Jr, Bethesda, MD
Andrew Howard, Los Angeles, CA
Chrisette & Reginald Hudlin, Beverly Hills, CA
Mabelle & John C Hueston, Corona Del Mar, CA
Representative Jared Huffman, San Rafael, CA
Brandon Hurlbut, Venice, CA
Nomaan Husain, Houston, TX
Asti Hustvedt, New York, NY
Susie Hwang, Palo Alto, CA
Frank Islam, Potomac, MD
RepresentativeSteve Israel, Oyster Bay, NY
Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Houston, TX
Leslie Jacobs, New Orleans, LA
Kiran Jain, Berkeley, CA
Hamilton (“Tony”) E James, New York, NY
Ken Jarin, Newtown, PA
Tahir Javed, Beaumont, TX
Representative Pramila Jayapal, Seattle, WA
Shavar Jeffries, Newark, NJ
Leonard Jernigan, Raleigh, NC
Carrie & Coddy Johnson, Pacific Palisades, CA
Eartha & Lonnie Johnson, Spring, TX
Matthew Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
Peter Johnson, Gates Mills, OH
Star Jones, Chicago, IL
Deborah Jospin, Chevy Chase, MD
Karla Jurvetson, Los Altos, CA
Senator Tim Kaine, Richmond, VA
Sonny Kalsi, New York, NY
Mitchell A Kamin, Los Angeles, CA
Jonathan Kaplan, San Francisco, CA
Ramesh Kapur, Winchester, MA
Barry Karas, Los Angeles, CA
Brad Karp, New York, NY
Martha Karsh, Beverly Hills, CA
Phil Karsting, Washington, DC
Alex Katz, New York, NY
Jill Alper & David Katz, Grosse Pointe, MI
Jed Katz, Mill Valley, CA
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Los Angeles, CA
Janet Keller, Laguna Beach, CA
Lisa Kelley, Menlo Park, CA
Michael Kempner, New York, NY
Frank Kendall, Falls Church, VA
Representative Joe Kennedy, Boston, MA
Vicki Kennedy, Boston, MA
Vicki Kennedy, Los Angeles, CA
David W Kenney Jr, Denver, CO
Walter Kerr, New York, NY
Aleen Keshishian, Los Angeles, CA
Alan C Kessler, Philadelphia, PA
Dan Kessler, Denver, CO
Amed Khan, Suffern, NY
Shahid Khan, Framingham, MA
Joe Kiani, Irvine, CA
Sheldon Kimber, Walnut, CA
Simon Kirk, New York, NY
Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolis, MN
Benjamin B Klubes, Bethesda, MD
Susan & Bill Knapp, Van Meter, IA
Gabriel Kohan, Bethesda, MD
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, San Francisco, CA
Josh Kramer, Washington, DC
Orin Kramer, Englewood, NJ
Michelle Kraus, Palo Alto, CA
Lisa & Peter A Kraus, Dallas, TX
Ali & Brian Kreiter, Norwalk, CT
Douglas Krupp, Boston, MA
George Krupp, Chestnut Hill, MA
Nicholas Kukrika, East Hampton, NY
Norm Kurz, Bethesda, MD
Sima Ladjevardian, Houston, TX
First Lady Annie & Governor Ned Lamont, Greenwich, CT
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta, GA
Donna Langley, Los Angeles, CA
Sherry Lansing, Los Angeles, CA
Alexander Laskey, Washington, DC
Alex Lasry, Milwaukee, WI
Marc Lasry, New York, NY
Lindsay Lassman, San Francisco, CA
Paul Laudicina, Scottsdale, AZ
Bonnie Lautenberg, New York, NY
Sam Lauter, San Francisco, CA
Jeannie & Jonathan Lavine, Boston, MA
Susan Leal, San Francisco, CA
Representative Barbara Lee, Oakland, CA
Dania Leemputte, Chicago, IL
Michael L Lehr, Philadelphia, PA
Janni Lehrer Stein, San Francisco, CA
Jon Leibowitz, Bethesda, MD
Brian Lemek, Potomac, MD
Derek Lemke Von Ammon, Washington, DC
Tom Leonard, Philadelphia, PA
Bel Leong Hong, Gaithersburg, MD
Alan Leventhal, Boston, MA
Shellie Levin, Miami, FL
William A Levin, Muir Beach, CA
Clifford B Levine, Pittsburgh, PA
Ambassador Suzan G LeVine & Eric LeVine, Seattle, WA
Randi & Jeffrey Levine, New York, NY
Ginger Lew, Naples, FL
Loida N Lewis, New York, NY
James Lieber, Spencertown, NY
Tim Lim, Washington, DC
Jennifer Lin, Los Angeles, CA
Nate Loewentheil, New York, NY
Bonnie Datt & Chris Lowe, New York, NY
Travis Lowe, Washington, DC
Christopher Lu, Arlington, VA
Claire Lucas, Washington, DC
Ellen & Andrew Luger, Minneapolis, MN
Heather Lurie, Denver, CO
Arthur Luxenberg, Great Neck, NY
Tracy & Eric Lynn, Saint Petersburg, FL
Kerman Maddox, Los Angeles, CA
Asif Mahmood, Bradbury, CA
Neil Makhija, Philadelphia, PA
Ambassador Noah Mamet, Marina Del Rey, CA
Susan & Stephen Mandel, Greenwich, CT
Chris Mann, New York, NY
Jeffrey Marburg Goodman, Arlington, VA
Giulia Marchiori, London, London
Govenor Jack Markell, Wilmington, DE
Claire DeMatteis & Michael Marquardt, Wilmington, DE
Amb. Capricia Marshall, Washington, DC
Stacy Mason, Palo Alto, CA
Brian Mathis, Hermosa Beach, CA
Rep. Doris O Matsui, Sacramento, CA
Melissa Maxman, Washington, DC
Dorothy McAuliffe, McLean, VA
James McClave, New York, NY
Stephanie McClellan, Philadelphia, PA
Carol Butler & Win McCormack, Portland, OR
Suzanne Sinegal McGill & Thomas McGill, Medina, WA
Brian McGlinchey, Wilmington, DE
Virginia McGregor, Scranton, PA
David McKean, Washington, DC
Dennis Mehiel, White Plains, NY
Alexander Mehran, San Francisco, CA
Aaron Mendelsohn, New York, NY
Laura Michelman, Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Miller, New York, NY
John W Miller, Milwaukee, WI
William H Miller III, Baltimore, MD
Stacey & Eric Mindich, New York, NY
Farooq Mitha, Washington, DC
John Monsky, New York, NY
RepresentativeGwen Moore, Milwaukee, WI
Kara Moore, New York, NY
Joyce A Moorehead, Sterling, VA
John Morgan, Lake Mary, FL
Sarah Morgenthau, Washington, DC
Representative Seth Moulton, Salem, MA
Nader Mousavi, Los Altos Hills, CA
Scott Mulhauser, Washington, DC
Senator Chris Murphy, Hartford, CT
J Byrne Murphy, Chevy Chase, MD
Janee Murphy, Tampa, FL
Representative Patrick Murphy, Jupiter, FL
First Lady Tammy & Govenor Phil Murphy, Red Bank, NJ
Ryan Murphy, Encino, CA
Georgia Murray, Boston, MA
Heather Murren, Las Vegas, NV
Charles Myers, New York, NY
Liz Naftali, Studio City, CA
Shekar N Narasimhan, Dunn Loring, VA
Laura DeBonis & Scott A Nathan, Boston, MA
Marc Nathanson, Beverly Hills, CA
Brandon Neal, Washington, DC
Mark Nejame, Windermere, FL
Ana Janaina Nelson, Washington, DC
Grace & Senator Bill Nelson, Orlando, FL
Glenda Newell Harris, Oakland, CA
Joyce Newstat, San Francisco, CA
Dominic Ng, Pasadena, CA
Mark Nichols, Little Rock, AR
Thomas Nides, Washington, DC
Steven Nissen, Los Angeles, CA
Suzanne Nossel, New York, NY
Representative Glenn Nye, Arlington, VA
Roger Nyhus, Seattle, WA
Peter O’Keefe, Washington, DC
Todd O’Malley, Scranton, PA
Michael O’Neil, Chicago, IL
Charles M. Oberly III, Wilmington, DE
Steven Okun, Singapore, Singapore
Esther Oppenheimer, Boise, ID
James Ozment, Bethesda, MD
CA Sec. of State Alex Padilla, Porter Ranch, CA
Eduardo Padron, Miami, FL
Lazar Palnick, Pittsburgh, PA
Nalini Pande, Arlington, VA
Hong Pang, Greenwich, CT
Simon Pang, San Gabriel, CA
Amb. Joseph R Paolino Jr, Providence, RI
Eric Paquette, Los Angeles, CA
Deven Parekh, New York, NY
Michael Parham, Seattle, WA
Cookie Parker, View Park, CA
Roshann Parris, Leawood, KS
Satya Patel, Burlingame, CA
Carrin F. Patman, Houston, TX
Sharon L Patrick, New York, NY
Alan J Patricof, New York, NY
C Cary Patterson, Texarkana, TX
Matthew Paul, Des Moines, IA
Nancy & Stephen Paul, Beverly Hills, CA
Jim Pederson, Phoenix, AZ
Clay Pell, Providence, RI
Alexis & Laurence Pelosi, Oakland, CA
Carrie Pendolino, Burlingame, CA
Carol Pensky, Washington, DC
Dana Perlman, Los Angeles, CA
Douglas H Phelps, Denver, CO
David Phillips, Irvington, NY
Laurinus Pierre, Miami, FL
Patrick Pinschmidt, Alexandria, VA
Tara Pinto, Rockville, MD
Leah Pisar, New York, NY
Charlie Pohlad, Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca & Robert Pohlad, Minneapolis, MN
Govenor Jared Polis, Denver, CO
Joseph Power, Chicago, IL
Rahul Prakash, San Francisco, CA
Paula Pretlow, San Francisco, CA
Lisa S Primus, New York, NY
Lisa S Pritzker, San Francisco, CA
Penny . Pritzker, Chicago, IL
Melissa Prober, Brooklyn, NY
Nicholas Prouty, San Juan, PR
Chuck Pruitt, Shorewood, WI
William Pugh, Bethesda, MD
Allison Putala, Washington, DC
Christian Quilici, Arlington, VA
Phil Mercado & Todd Quinn, Los Angeles, CA
Norman Radow, Atlanta, GA
Bryan Rafanelli, Boston, MA
Deepak D. Raj, Princeton, NJ
Amb. Azita Raji, Belvedere, CA
Erik Ramanathan, Wayland, MA
Rion Ramirez, Bainbridge Island, WA
Lorna & Wade Randlett, San Francisco, CA
Madhavan Rangaswami, San Francisco, CA
Deborah & Ronald Ratner, Cleveland, OH
Micki & Michael, Rawlings Dallas, TX
Phil Recht, Los Angeles, CA
Heidi Crebo Rediker & Doug Redike Jr, Washington, DC
Clinton T Reilly, San Francisco, CA
Govenor Ed Rendell, Philadelphia, PA
Joyce E Rey, Beverly Hills, CA
Ambassador Julissa Reynoso, New York, NY
Joseph . Rice, Mount Pleasant, SC
Katherine Rice, Mill Valley, CA
Rep. Cedric Richmond, New Orleans, LA
Margaret Crotty & Rory Riggs, New York, NY
John Roberti, Bethesda, MD
Diane M Robertson, Carrboro, NC
Stephanie Robinson, Kentfield, CA
Robert Roche, Las Vegas, NV
Desiree G Rogers, Chicago, IL
John W Rogers Jr, Chicago, IL
Jeffrey Roh, Seattle, WA
Susan Roos, Foster City, CA
Eric Rosand, Washington, DC
State Senator Jim Rosapepe, Washington, DC
Daniel Rosen, New York, NY
Marvin Rosen, New York, NY
Lee Rosenberg, Chicago, IL
Lizanne Rosenstein, New York, NY
Peter Rosenstein, Washington, DC
Jennie Rosenthal, Cincinnati, OH
Jon Rotenberg, Boston, MA
Shannon Rotenberg, Burbank, CA
Evan Roth, New York, NY
Tom Rothman, Los Angeles, CA
Neil Rothstein, Redwood City, CA
Stefanie Roumeliotes, San Francisco, CA
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Amb. Miriam Sapiro, Washington, DC
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Marc Zwillinger, Bethesda, MD

To organize an event that produces $ 100,000+ for a US Presidential candidate is not like organizing or funding a PAC for the candidate, but it’s the bargain basement way to buy a piece of that person. Like I previously reported (on 26 January 2020, before any of the caucuses and primaries).

On 27 November 2007, C Span showed a Joe Biden Town Hall. A brief clip from that was posted online as User Clip: Joe Biden 2007, Money in Politics, and here’s my transcription from what I consider to be the most revealing (about Biden’s values) part of it.

27 November 2007, Iowa Town Hall

(0:40) “People who accept money [from lobbyists] aren’t bad people. But it’s human nature. You go out and bundle $ 250,000 for me, all legal, and then you call me after I am elected, and say “I would like to come and talk about something.” You didn’t buy me, but it’s human nature, you helped me. I’m going to say, “Sure, come on in.(…) What it does mean, it means that the front of the line is always filled by people whose pockets are filled, people who are special interests. Most of you are no part of any special interest.”

He went on there to promise that if elected President he will change that, by campaigning constantly (AFTER winning the Presidency – not BEFORE) against the corrupt system which had made him President. He thinks that his audience will believe in the tooth fairy, if only he tells them that the tooth fairy exists and that he’s it. The deceptive irrelevant line from all of the corrupt candidates is the same: “I’m the most electable one! But corrupt people constantly lie, and nobody is actually certain whom the “most electable” one is; but that’s really not even the question here. What the Democratic primaries are actually about isn’t about beating Trump. He’s not even a candidate in the Democratic primaries. They’re not about ‘beating Donald Trump’, but instead about whom the person will be that’s going to be running against Trump in the general election. The primaries won’t be selecting the next President. They will only narrow the field of contenders, to two. Which two? That’s the question here.

Of course, lots of Democrats think that any Democrat will be better than Trump. And lots of Republicans believe that Trump is better than any Democrat.

Biden was talking there regarding not the billionaires but the merely wealthy and well connected individuals who had raised in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for him – each one of them.

The billionaires aren’t in “the front of the line,” nor even in any “line”; they are instead maybe visitors for private meetings with the President, or else on the phone with him, or else (if the matter is illegal) maybe sending one’s private agent to meet privately with that billionaire’s private agent. This is how the business of the US Government – the business of America’s democracy – is getting done, nowadays. My own guess is that the two biggest owners of Joe Biden now are Michael Bloomberg (representing mainly the financial industries or “Wall Street”) and Bernard Schwartz (representing mainly the military industries or “MIC”).

As for any mere voter, that person gets his or her ‘news’ from corporations that are owned by and or serve the billionaires (such as Bloomberg or Schwartz or Bezos or Musk or etcetera), and gets his or her views from that ‘news’, so is less than being a pawn on the American chessboard, where that aristocracy are  the ‘king’. The country is jointly controlled by the Republican billionaires and the Democratic billionaires.

A reasonable expectation would be that Biden will serve the billionaires, though his rhetoric will be phrased to be acceptable to the voters. So, that will be no basic change. America will remain an aristocracy, no democracy.

Originally posted at Strategic Culture.