Eric Zuesse – The Stupid Insanity of Biological Warfare R&D

The Stupid Insanity of Biological Warfare R&D

There is much speculation that the Corona Virus 19 or CoVid 19 was invented in A Research and Development (R&D) Biological Warfare (BW) lab, which might have been one in China, the US, or perhaps some other country; but, if that is the case, then that country S entire Military top brass and Commander in Chief (CiC) are not merely stupid but insane, for the following very simple reason: NO weapon is usable in War if it cannot be effectively and controllably targeted, and BW weapons cannot be effectively and controllably targeted they are contagious and respect no national boundaries and therefore endanger instead of protect the people who live in the country that has such A stupid and insane government, A government that is doing BW R&D. Any such government (any country that is doing BW R&D) is so bad that it needs to be immediately overthrown by its own population, because its own population is being mortally and severely threatened by that government’s stupidity and its insanity: its entire military top brass including its CiC must therefore be placed on trial for possible treason, at least in Order to more accurately define the very meaning oftreason,” A term whose meaning is not yet sufficiently clearly defined. Is there no due diligence requirement for public servants? Is there no accountability at all for any public servant who harms the public, no matter how badly? Public office entails enormous power, which is why it is so sought; but, along with that power needs to come full accountability. Does that exist? If not, is the nation effectively, then, A dictatorship?

Ever since at least 1952 (, the US Government has actually been doing R&D (research and development) into the use of bacteria and Viruses as weapons to conquer countries that it wants to add to its empire (“allies,” or vassal nations not merely friendly nations but instead governments, including some barbaric dictatorships, that would prejudicially favor the products of US based international corporations; this is the US international corporate empire that became the US Government S supreme international relations policy objective to expand globally starting on 26 July 1945 (, and that was carried out in Western EUrope by means of America’s post War Marshall Plan ( other policies all imperialistic but covered over with ideological andnicey nicey patinas, like A gold plating, as ‘anti communism and democracy and protecting human rights’). That Biological Warfare (BW) R&D tactic was part of America Santi communist campaign, and it started in this American imperial invasion mainly against North Korea but also against China ( The US Government lied and denied that it was true, but subsequently an international scientific team investigated exhaustively into the matter and published the evidence which showed that it had, in fact, happened. Mainly the North Korean population had been bombed with contagious bacteria (, but (as is common with R&D) the hoped for results from this experiment (in this case an uncontainable spread of A deadly infection only in the bombed area) failed. Unfortunately, that failure (of an insanely stupid program) did not terminate the US Government S BW R&D, and the same US regime remains in place and continues to this day.

For example, the great investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva headlined on 20 September 2018, “‘Diplomatic Immunity Used to Traffick Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret Military Program ( and opened as follows.

Lugar Center for Public Health Research in Tbilisi, Georgia (foto Twitter)

Lugar Center for Public Health Research in Tbilisi, Georgia (foto Twitter)

The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for A secret US Military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.
This Military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries ( across the World. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under A $ 2.1 billion Military program Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP,, and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.
Instead of investing in the health of its own citizens the US government has spent $ 161 million of US taxpayer money on the Lugar Center in Tbilisi for research on deadly diseases and biting insects abroad (Al Mayadeen TV).
The secret facility is located just 17 km from the US Vaziani Military Airbase in Georgia S capital Tbilisi.
The Pentagon biolaboratory is heavily guarded. All passers by within A radius of 100 m are filmed although the Military biolaboratory is located within A residential area.
I am being filmed while talking to local residents on the street near the Pentagon biolaboratory and I want to know why the security guards are filming me (Al Mayadeen TV).
The security guards warn me that if I do not comply, show my passport and leave this place, I will be arrested. My official request to the Lugar Center for access to the facility and for interviews has also been rejected.

Secret experiments at night

However, I go back at night when the laboratory is seemingly still working. No matter how far the distance the air is laden with the smell of chemicals. This smell coming from the Lugar Center at night is blown by the wind to the residential area. Local residents from the Alexeevka neighbourhood, where the laboratory is located, complain that dangerous chemicals are being secretly burnt at night and that hazardous waste is being emptied into the nearby river through the laboratory S pipes.

Gaytandzhieva there was reporting on what is clearly A US BW R&D facility, and so there can be little reasonable doubt that the US Government is so insatiably voracious as to be placing the entire World S safety at risk in Order to advance its imperialistic objective.

What use can there actually be for this R&D? Whom does it actually benefit? Has any US President, or any member of the US Congress, pressed to defund all such taxpayer financed operations and to prosecute the persons who created them? Is there no accountability? The United States has A higher percentage of its population in prison than does any other country on this planet, and so why are not perhaps half of them released and maybe just A thousand of the key individuals who did this immense harm placed there instead? Why is this not being investigated by the same US Government that created the problem? Is there no accountability except against the poorest (such as in America)?

There are allegations that the Government of China likewise engages in this stupid and insane R&D. Consequently, the Editor in Chief of China S Global Times newspaper, Hu Xijn, headlined on May 18th, “If Corona Virus did not originate in China, Trump team S campaign strategy will collapse ( and he said via A YouTube.

The World Health Assembly was held on Monday. The European Union is proposing an investigation into the origin of the Corona Virus. As long as the investigation is scientific and fair, Beijing has no cause for concern. I think that Washington is the one that should be worried. Beijing has maintained that the Corona Virus is an enemy of humankind no matter where in our global society it came from. Beijing has always taken this stance, which is shared by the majority of the World S countries. Only Washington has politicized the Corona Virus S origins as A way to divert responsibility toward China for the US federal government S ineffective handling of the pandemic. Now that early COVID 19 cases in the US are still being discovered, I believe the Trump administration has become very nervous. If the investigation finds that the Corona Virus did not originate in China, or even finds that it originated in the US, the Trump team S campaign strategy will collapse. As long as the WHO leads the investigation, and investigates China, the US and the whole World, it will be A good thing. If it finds that the Corona Virus originated in China, the US political offensive has already spent most of its energy. If it finds the opposite, which might be the case, it will be A heavy blow to the Trump administration.”

If the Corona Virus did originate in A Chinese BW R&D lab, then the next question is: who actually benefits from that R&D? All such individuals should be tried at the International Criminal Court (like America S never were) for violating the existing international laws against such weapons’; but, also, the question would be essential to pursue, of why such stupid and insane weapons are being pursued who benefits from ANY such R&D. Is it not blatantly clearthat the Corona Virus is an enemy of humankind no matter where in our global society it came from”? That’s the point here. The United States Government is this stupid and insane, but is China S also?

As regards the penalties that ought to be imposed against any such perpetrators, there is something else that is clear, and it is that A distinction must always be made between institutional criminality that is unintentional but the result only of failure to carry out due diligence in other words, purely A result of incompetence versus institutional criminality that entails the CEO S actual intention to achieve some criminal goal?

If the CoVid 19 Virus resulted from A purely natural cause, then wherever it became created is irrelevant to any valid political or geopolitical consideration, and all of the current speculations accusing others for its existence are sheer evil and entirely inexcusable — and should therefore be potentially prosecutable after the fact as having been such, because the making public of such by now proven false allegations would constitute international defamation, of one country against another, A common but very dangerous international crime, which has even produced World Wars. Hitler was especially famous for doing that.

If it instead resulted from blunders at a BW R&D lab, then the individuals who perpetrated the blunder and who were supervising them, up to and including the Commander in Chief, need to be replaced and to become liable for criminal negligence under that nation S own laws.

If it instead resulted from not merely criminal negligence but also criminal intention, then anyone including up to the CiC – who played A role in that then criminal plan needs to be publicly executed, after conviction by the International Criminal Court.

Unfortunately, we live in an internationally lawless World. The inmates run the asylum.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910 2010, and of  CHRIST S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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