Eric Zuesse – The Russia China Iran Alliance

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The Russia China Iran Alliance

NATO, the US Government, and all other “Neo Conservatives” (adherents to Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 Plan for a Global US Empire that would be run, Behind the Scenes, by the United Kingdom’s Aristocracy) have been Treating Russia, China, and Iran, as Neing their Enemies. In consequence of this, Russia, China, and Iran, have Increasingly Been Coordinating Their International Policies, so as to Assist Each Other in Withstanding (Defending Themselves Against) the Neo Conservative Efforts that are Designed to Conquer Them, and to Add Them to the Existing US Empire.

The US Empire is the Largest Empire that the World Has Ever Known, and has Approximately 800 Military Bases in Foreign Countries, All over the Planet. This is Historically Unprecedented. But it is – like all Historical PhenomenaOnly Temporary. However, its Many PropagandistsNot Only in the News Media but also in Academia and NGO‘s (and Rhodesists Predominate in All of Those Categories) – Allege the US (or UK US) Empire to be Permanent, or else to be Necessary to Become Permanent. Many suppose that “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” won’t Necessarily Relate to the United States (id est, that America will Never Fall from Being the World’s Dominant Power); and, so, they believe that the “American Century” (which has Experienced So Many Disastrous Wars, and So Many Unnecessary Wars) Will –  and even Should –  Last Indefinitely, Into The Future. That Viewpoint is the Permanent Warfare for Permanent Peace Lie: it asserts that a World in which America’s Billionaires, Who Control the US Government (and the American Public Now have No Influence over Their Government Whatsoever), should Continue theirRule Based International Order’, in which These Billionaires Determine WhatRules will be Enforced, and WhatRuleswon’t be Enforced; and in which Rules Based International OrderInternational Laws (Coming from the United Nations) will be Enforced ONLY If and When America’s Billionaires want them to be Enforced. The Ideal, to Them, is an All Encompassing Global Dictatorship, by US (and UK) Billionaires.

In other words Russia, China, Iran, and also any Nation (such as Syria, Belarus, and Venezuela) whose Current Government relies upon Any of Those Three for International Support, don’t want to become Part of the US Empire. They don’t want to be Occupied by US Troops. They don’t want their National Security to Depend upon Serving the Interests of America’s Billionaires. Basically, they want the UN to Possess the Powers that its Inventor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had Intended It to Have, which were that it would Serve as the One and Only International Democratic Republic of Nation States, and, as such, would have the Exclusive Ultimate Control over all Nuclear and other Strategic Weapons and Military Forces, so that there will be No World War III. Whereas Rhodes wanted a Global Dictatorship by a Unified US UK Aristocracy, their ‘Enemies’ want a Global Democracy of Nations (FDR named it “the United Nations), Ruling over All International Relations, and being Settled in UN Authorized Courts, having Jurisdiction over all International Relations Issues.

In other words: they don’t want an Invasion such as the US.and iIs Allies (Vassal Nations) did against Iraq in 2003 – an Invasion without an Okay from the UN Security Council and from the General Assembly – to be Able to be Perpetrated, ever again, Against ANY Nation. They want Aggressive Wars (which US and Allied Aristocracies ‘Justify’ as Being Necessary to ImposeDemocracy’ and ‘Humanitarian Values’ on Other Nations) to be Treated as Being the International War Cimes that They Actually Are.

However, under the Prevailing Reality – that International Law is Whatever The US Regime Says It Is – a UN Controlled International Order Doesn’t Exist, and maybe Never Will Exist; and, so, the US Regime’s Declared (or Anointed, or Appointed) ‘Enemies’ (because None of Them Actually is Their EnemyNone Wants To Be in Conflict against the US) propose instead a “Multilateral OrderTo Replace “the American Hegemony” or Global Dictatorship by the US Regime. They want, instead, an International Democracy, like FDR had Hoped For, but they are Willing to Settle Merely for International Pluralism – and This is Land Always Has Been) called “an International Balance of Powers.” They recognize That This (Balance of Powers) had Produced WWI, and WWII, but – Ever since the Moment when Harry S Truman, on 25 July 1945, Finally Ditched FDR’s Intentions for the UN, and Replaced that by the Cold War for the US to Conquer the Whole World (and then formed NATO, which FDR would Have Opposed Doing) – they want to go back (at least temporarily) to the pre WWI Balance of Powers System, Instead of To Capitulate to the International Hegemony (America’s Billionaires, the Controller of the US Empire).

So: the Russia China Iran Alliance isn’t Against the US Regime, but is merely doing whatever they can to Avoid Being Conquered by It. They want to Retain Their National Sovereignty, and Ultimately to Become Nation States within a Replacement UN which will be Designed to Fit FDR’s Pattern, Instead of Truman’s Pattern (the Current, Powerless, Talking Forum UN).

Take, as an Example of what they fear, not only the Case of the Rhodesists’ 2003 invasion of Iraq, but the Case of America’s Coup against Ukraine, which Obama had started Planning by No Later than 2011, and which by 2013 entailed his Scheme to Grab Russia’s Top Naval Base, in Crimea (which had been Part of Russia from 1783 to 1954 when the Soviet Dictator transferred Crimea to Ukraine). Obama installed Nazis to run his Ukrainian Regime, and he hoped ultimately for Ukraine To Be Accepted into NATO so that US Missiles could be Installed There on Russia’s Border only a Five Minute Missile Flight Away from Moscow. Alexander Mercouris at The Duran headlined on 4 July 2021, Ukraine’s Black Sea NATO Dilemma, and he clearly explained the Coordinated US and Allied Aggression that was Involved in the US and Allied Maneuvering. US and Alied ‘NewsMedia hid it. Also that day, Mercouris bannered “In Joint Statement Russia China Agree Deeper Alliance, Balancing US And NATO”, and he reported a Historic Agreement between Those Two Countries, to Coordinate Together to Create the very EurAsian Superpower that Rhodesists have Always Dreaded. It’s exactly the Opposite of what the US and Allied Regimes had been Aiming For. But it was the Response to the Rhodesists’ Insatiable Imperialism.

To drive both Russia and China Into a Corner was to Drive Them Together. They went Into the Same Corner, Not Different Corners. They were Coming Together, not Coming Apart. And Iran made it a Threesome.

So: that’s how the US Regime’s AppointedEnemies’ have come to Join Together into a Virtual Counterpart to America’s NATO Alliance of Pro Imperialist Nations. It’s a Defensive Alliance, Against an Aggressive Alliance – an Anti Imperialist Alliance, Against a Pro Imperialist Alliance. America’s Insatiably Imperialistic Foreign Policies have, essentially, forced its ‘Enemies’ to form their Own Alliance. It’s the only way for them to survive as Independent Nations, given Truman’s Abortion of FDR’s Plan for the UN – the Replacement, by Truman of that, by the UN.that became created, after FDR died on 12 April 1945.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse is the Author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910 – 2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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