Eric Zuesse – The Power of Propaganda + POLL, Half of French Youths are Willing to Die to Help US and Allied Billionaires Take Over Russia

The Power of Propaganda

The propaganda about propaganda is that it’s only direct deceit against the public by the Government, like America’s Founders thought to be the case when they wrote the First Amendment to the US Constitution, but, in an aristocracy, which is a Government by only the super rich, who control the ‘news’ media by owning it and by funding it with their corporations’ advertisements, propaganda is actually instead by and represents the people who, behind the scenes, control the Government, because the real Government is the one behind the facade, the facade being the elected political leaders, and these actually controlling individuals are the aristocrats, the billionaires, the super rich, who are the mega donors to political campaigns, the few individuals who donate more than half of all the money that is being spent in political campaigns, to fool the public to vote for one group of billionaires’ nominees, against another group of billionaires’ nominees.

In a modern fascist country, the aristocracy control by pretending to be instead a democracy by means of these (s)elections’, so that its subjects, ‘citizens’, are controlled by lies instead of by violence, this method is far more efficient than the old method, which was much more frictious. The public then willingly serve the aristocracy, by being deceived that they don’t but instead serve themselves or ‘the country’, in ‘a democracy’ because of those (s) elections’.

Throughout the collective West, the US empire,  this has been the model ever since US President Harry Truman, on 25 July 1945, accepted the advices from both General Dwight Eisenhower and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which told him that unless the US Government would ultimately take over the entire world, the Soviet Union would, and so Truman established America’s military industrial complex, including its subversion agency the CIA, for that purpose, all inclusive global empire. From that moment on, America has been controlled by the controlling owners of its armaments manufacturers and their sub contractors. This way, those firms would control their chief market, which is the American Government and its colonies, ‘allies’.

It functions not only in the United States but in all of its colonies. For example: France.

In France, the public have been overwhelmingly deceived to believe that when Ukraine’s Government radically changed in February 2014, that had been a democratic revolution, by and for the people of Ukraine, instead of an American coup, by the US Government, on behalf of America’s billionaires.

Here is some of the irrefutable evidence that it was instead an American coup. Just click on it to see that evidence, if you don’t already know it to be the case.

However, the French media have hidden that evidence from the French public. They think that Vladimir Putin started the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, and are ignorant that Obama started it in his February 2014 coup and had been planning that coup ever since at least June 2011.

Here is what has resulted from this hiding of truth and spreading of lies about Ukraine:

Armée, Ces Trois Chiffres qui Illustrent un “Regain de Patriotisme.” des Jeunes Français

Army, These Three Figures which illustrate A “Renewed Patriotism” among Young French people, LET’S GO CHILDREN, Young French People seem Ready to Go to Qar if Necessary

Defense and Citizenship Day, formerly JAPD, and army advertising spots finally seem to have an effect on new generations. Or would it rather be the current context which encourages young French people to participate in the military effort? In any case, there is a “renewed patriotism” among 18 – 25 year olds, according to an unprecedented study on young people and war, carried out in 2023 and published Friday [March 29th] by organizations of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Strong trends emerge in the perception of military issues.

“There is a revival of patriotism which responds to a need for meaning, commitment, to feel useful,” explained to AFP the author of the study, Anne Muxel, research director at the CNRS and director delegate of the CEVIPOF political research center.

More than One in Two Ready to Enlist in the Event of War

Among the striking figures from this sociological study, the first on the subject since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. To the question, “if the protection of France required that the country engage in war in Ukraine, would you be ready to commit to defending your country?”, 51% of those questioned answered “yes”, including 17% “yes absolutely” and 34 “yes perhaps”. Nearly a quarter of boys, 24%, answered “yes absolutely”, compared to 12% of girls.

Even more striking, without mentioning a particular country, 57% of the young people questioned declared themselves ready to enlist under the flags “in the event of war”.

A Third of Young People in Favor of A French Presence in Ukraine

Furthermore, almost a third of young French people, 31%, declared themselves in favor of a deployment of French troops in Ukraine, compared to 17% of those aged 50 and over, even before the option was mentioned by Emmanuel Macron. on February 26 .

A Majority for Compulsory Military Service

A large majority of respondents, 62%, consider that “it would be a good thing to once again establish compulsory military service”, abolished in 1997 and partially reintroduced by several European countries such as Sweden.

Furthermore, more than half of them are “possibly considering a career in the armed forces”, good news for an institution which in 2023 experienced a deficit between departures and recruits of some 3,000 personnel.

20 Minutes, 2 April 2024


Here is some additional information about the deceit against the French public by French and American billionaires, regarding Ukraine and Russia.

POLL, Half of French Youths are Willing to Die to Help US and Allied Billionaires Take Over Russia

Half of French 18 – 25 year olds in a recent poll supported instituting a military draft in France to force themselves to join the army in order to become sent to Ukraine to help US and allied billionaires win their war against Russia in Ukraine so that those billionaires will ultimately take control over Russia, the world’s largest and most natural-resources rich country.

Of course, those youths aren’t aware that this is what the war in Ukraine is actually about, they’ve instead been deceived to think that it’s an imperial war started by Putin in 2022, rather than an imperial war started by Obama in 2014 when Obama’s Administration engineered a very bloody coup which removed the democratically elected neutralist President there and replaced him with a rabidly anti-Russian US selected leader who immediately started an ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of enough of the former President’s voters so that when future elections would he held in Ukraine, only rabidly anti Russian rulers would be elected, and that this ethnic cleansing campaign to solidify Obama’s coup started the war in Ukraine, Putin did not. The goal of Obama, and of the billionaires who had funded his political campaigns, was to get Ukraine into NATO so that America could place a nuclear missile there only 317 miles, or five minutes of missile flying time, away from The Kremlin, checkmate against Russia. Those French youths don’t know anything about any of that, because their nation’s ‘news’-media hide it from them.

Their nation’s ‘news’ media had similarly hidden from their parents the unassailable fact that in 2003 when the US invaded and destroyed, that video had been quickly removed by YouTube, Iraq, it was 100% on the basis of lies to the American people, just as the US and allied war in Ukraine against Russia is), and that America is no democracy but instead a profoundly corrupt country whose Government is controlled by its billionaires, who are determined to extend their empire throughout the entire world. And these youngsters also don’t know that France’s billionaires, like the billionaires in all other US colonies, are part of the American international gang and are likewise determined to take over Russia for the American empire.

Mainstream media, and some of the non-mainstream media too, are funded by billionaires, and those are propaganda media not authentically journalistic. Having endless amounts of funding means that when the public are polled, the results show opinions that are overwhelmingly shaped by the few people who are billionaires. This makes democracy impossible. Obviously, therefore, the rights of all of the super rich need to be cut way back in order for democracy to be able to exist, at all. Any attempt to do that would cause massive amounts of propaganda saying that it would be discrimination against the super rich. But it’s necessary in order to prevent the super rich from preventing democracy. Furthermore, any common criminal has his rights cut way back by the Government, but produces far less harm to society than a billionaire produces, to prevent democracy is a crime so vast that it dwarfs all of the crimes that are committed by all of the ordinary criminals put together. So, all of that propaganda will be just as false as the other propaganda that billionaires fund. With vast personal wealth, there needs to come vast personal obligations, and any billionaire who opposes those obligations is an enemy of the public and deserves to be treated as such, in spades. Otherwise, justice will never be possible; democracy will never be possible.

Until I recently used the title The Power of Propaganda to refer to the findings from this poll in France, all of the findings from a Google search of that phrase were about WWII, and almost all of those were about Nazi propaganda. The few that weren’t, described propaganda from America’s Government during WWII. However, that media image, presenting this phrase as not having relevance to the Cold War and extending right up to now, is entirely false; and, since the power of propaganda explains why most French youths want their Government to force them to fight and maybe die in Ukraine for a war that’s actually by the US and allied billionaires to capture Russia to add it to their empire, this phrase has crucial relevance to any dictatorship, even today. This American dictatorship is a collective dictatorship, it’s an aristocracy instead of a monarchy, but it’s really no better than a one person dictatorship, such as Napoleon and Hitler wanted to impose.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to US and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’, duping the public.
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