Eric Zuesse – The Newly Elected Leader of Taiwan says he’s the Only Legitimate Ruler over All of China

The Newly Elected Leader of Taiwan says he’s the Only Legitimate Ruler over All of China

The Newly Elected Leader of Taiwan, Lai Ching Te, said in his May 20th inaugural speech, that all of China is one country, which is ruled by the Leader of Taiwan, himself. His argument for this was that when the Forces of, the Truman backed, Chiang Kai Shek, who were beaten by the Forces of Mao Tse tung, escaped to the Japanese occupied Island of Taiwan after Japan was defeated in WWII, they set up A Government there and proclaimed it to be the Government of China and created AConstitution’ for it that asserted itself to be the Constitution for All of China.

However, according to the Constitution of the Republic of China, Taiwan, which was publicly announced on 1 January 1947, that narrative is simply Not True, the escapees from Mainland China who had set up that Government in Taiwan, made no claim at that time alleging they controlled and ruled over anything but “Taiwan.” On the other hand, the Truman Administration got Taiwan’s Government appointed to the China Seats at the UN Security Council and General Assembly, and this remained in force until 25 October 1971 when Mainland China received those Seats instead.

Lai’s Speech ignored this historical fact, that the Constitution alleged to pertain only to Taiwan, and stated the opposite, by using the following argument,

We have A Nation in So Far as We have Sovereignty. Right in the First Chapter of our Constitution, it says that “The Sovereignty of the Republic of China shall Reside in the Whole Body of Citizens,” and that “Persons Possessing the Nationality of the Republic of China shall Be Citizens of the Republic of China.” These Two Articles tell us Clearly, The Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are Not Subordinate to Each Other. All of the People of Taiwan must Come Together to Safeguard our Nation, All Our Political Parties Ought to Oppose Annexation and Protect Sovereignty, and No One should Entertain the Idea of Giving Up our National Sovereignty in Exchange for Political Power.

The US Empire Propaganda vehicle, Britain’s Financial Times, grudgingly headlined on May 21st, China has A Point about Taiwan’s New Leader, Lai Ching Te’s Language on Sovereignty has Already Strayed from the Path taken by his More Cautious Predecessor, and reported,

China is Right to Say that Lai is Straying from the Path of his Predecessor Tsai Ing Wen, A Leader Whom China Refused to Engage but Who Managed to Keep A Delicate Peace. And Some Question the Wisdom of Taking Such A Gamble at A Time of High Tension.

“Lai’s Stance is A Step Back towards More Confrontation, Undoing Much of Tsai’s Line,” says Chao Chun Shan, A Taiwan Academic Who Advised Tsai and her Three Predecessors on China Policy. He Argues that It Puts China’s Leader Xi Jinping in A Difficult Spot. “Xi doesn’t Want A Showdown Now, before the Result of the US Election is Clear.”

Lai Ran for President with A Pledge to Follow Tsai’s China Policy and Preserve the Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait. ()

But Critics say Lai Deviated from his Promises this Week during an Inaugural Address that Used Conspicuously Different Language, while Also Spelling Out Some of the Facts that Most Jar Beijing.

They failed to identify what ‘Facts’ they were referring to there, but said only,

He cited the ROC Constitution’s Language that Sovereignty Resides with the People, Who are of ROC Nationality. “This Tells Us Clearly, the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are Not Subordinate to Each Other,” he concluded.

While this Textual Analysis may Verge on Hair Splitting, China Policy Experts Say Lai is in Danger of Upending the Ambiguity that has Provided Political Space to Allow Beijing’s Territorial Claim to Sit Alongside Taiwan’s de Facto Independence without Sparking Conflict.

“He is Raising the Stakes by Stressing A Difference in Sovereignty between the Two Countries,” says Tso Chen Dong, A Professor at National Taiwan University who has Advised the Kuomintang (KMT), the Opposition Party that Embraces the Notion of Taiwan Being Part of A Greater Chinese Nation. The KMT argues the ROC’s Territory, under Its Constitution, Still includes All of China, What divides It from Beijing is Not A Battle over Sovereignty, but A Question of Jurisdiction.

Even the Pro US Empire Course Hero” online site gets the history here right when it says,

In 1949, China Ended A Long Civil War. The Victorious Communist Forces led by Mao Zedong Established their Capital in Beijing. About Two Million Supporters of the Losing Side, Known as the Nationalists, Retreated to Taiwan. China was Divided between Two Governments, One on the Mainland and One in Taiwan, that Each Considered Itself China’s Legitimate Ruler. The Government on the Mainland Never Gave Up Its Claim on Taiwan, and Taiwan Never Declared Independence.

Lai did in his Inaugural Speech go even Beyond declaring Taiwan’s Independence, he declared himself to be the Ruler of all of China, including Mainland China. He is demanding to reverse the fact that Mao won that Civil War and that Chiang lost the Civil War.

By contrast, the Financial Times article said “Lai Spoke of ‘China throughout. He Also Tackled the Controversial Issue of Sovereignty Head On.”

The tactics by which US and allied Propaganda vehicles warp meanings, and warp realities, 180 degrees to their exact opposites, are instructive models for any of the sophistry professions.

Also on May 21st, the house organ of the Real China headlined “’Global Times Editorial | Lai Style Taiwan Independence’ Agenda is A Dead End and opened,

On May 20, Lai Ching Te Assumed the Role of Taiwan Region’s New Leader and Delivered his Inaugural Speech. Lai Shamelessly Stated in his Speech that “The Republic of China Taiwan is A Sovereign, Independent Nation” and “the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are Not Subordinate to Each Other,” Spewing Various “Taiwan Independence” Fallacies and Hostile Provocations against the Chinese Mainland, Once Again Exposing his Stubborn Nature as “A Worker for Taiwan Independence.” This Speech can Be Described as A Blatant “Taiwan Independence Manifesto” and “A Declaration of Harm to Taiwan.” It is Extremely Dangerous, and the Taiwan Compatriots should Be Particularly Vigilant and United in Opposition.

We Noticed that in this Speech, the Term “Democracy” was Mentioned 31 Times, and “Peace21 Times, Which Precisely Exposes the Anxiety of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Authorities, They are Well Aware that What They are Doing Now is Pushing Taiwan into A Dangerous Pit of War and Danger, Hence Desperately Using “Democracy” as A Fig Leaf and Talisman to Cover Themselves. It is Clear to All Discerning Eyes that the So Called “Democracy” is Nothing but Inferior Make Up Smeared on the Face of “Taiwan Independence,” Unable to Conceal its True Face of “Seeking Independence by Relying on Foreign Support and by Force.”

In the Positioning of Cross Straits Relations, Lai Boldly defines the Two Sides of the Straits as “Two Countries,” Listing “Taiwan,” “Republic of China Taiwan,” and “Republic of China” as So Called “National Names,” Further Advancing on the “One China, One Taiwan” Path of “Taiwan independence.” This Blatant “Two States” Theory can Not Change the Fact that Taiwan is Only A Part of China, Nor can It Stop the Historical Trend of Reunification of the Motherland. Its Only Effect is to Exacerbate the Tension in the Taiwan Straits and Make Taiwan Society Pay A High Price for the Reckless Gamble of “Taiwan Independence.”

While Treating Compatriots from the Mainland as “Foreigners,” Lai in his Speech regards Western Anti China Forces as “Family Members,” throughout the Speech Filled with Servility and Begging for Mercy from Western Anti China Forces, Which is Very Shameful. In Order to Gain the Support of Western Anti China Forces, he Claims that “The World Greeting A New Taiwan,” Taiwan is “An Important Link in the Global Chain of Democracies,” ” Taiwan is Strategically Positioned in the First Island Chain,” and So On. These Remarks of Selling Out Taiwan Treat the Hard Earned Social Achievements and Wealth Accumulated by the Taiwan Residents for Decades as Offerings to Anti China Forces in The West, Reducing Taiwan to A Pawn of the US and Giving It the Appearance of “Unworthy Descendants.”

Even More Dangerous is the Subtle Manifestation of the Arrogant Ambition of “Seeking Independence by Force” in his Speech. On the One Hand, Lai Echoes the Fallacies of Certain Western Countries, Smearing the Mainland as AThreat“, on the Other hand, he Attempts to Indoctrinate the Residents in Taiwan into Cannon Fodder for “Taiwan Independence,” Openly Advocating for Raising the Citizens‘ “Defense Awareness,” Fully Exposing the Sinister Intention of Sacrificing Innocent People on the Island for the Selfish Desire of “Taiwan Independence.” (…)

The US Government said, and signed with China’s Government, in 1972, the Shanghai Communique, including The US Side Declared, The United States Acknowledges that All Chinese on Either Side of the Taiwan Strait Maintain There is But One China and that Taiwan is A Part of China.” George W Bush’s Administration tried unsuccessfully in 2007 to outlaw internationally the phrase “Taiwan is A Part of China”, and, so, the Shanghai Communique has remained the official US Government policy to this day. It hopes to get China to invade Taiwan in order for the US to have A supposed pretext to then ‘Defend that Independent Nation’ ‘against China’s Aggression’, by invading China.

On 19 July 2023, I headlined and documented BIDEN WANTS TO INVADE | CONQUER CHINA. It opened,

His Plan is to Arm Taiwan and Entice It to Announce its Complete Independence from China, that Taiwan is No Mere Province of China but instead an Independent Country, which Announcement would Then Immediately Force China Either to Invade China or Else to Accept Taiwan’s Becoming A Separate and Independent Country.

Taiwan’s new Leader has complied with that, even in his Inaugural Address. Will Biden go to War against China in the months leading up to the November 5th US elections if China invades Taiwan in order to make clear to Taiwan’s voters that they had been suckered by US Imperial Propaganda to choose as their ‘President’ someone who would declare that Taiwan is not only Independent of China but Ruling over China? How much international backing would the US Regime have if it did that?

Taiwan’s Billionaires, like Taiwan’s public, are hardly unified about whether Taiwan should concede that it is A Province of China. as it long had been, On 7 August 2023, the Hong Kong based South China Morning Post headlined Two Titans of Tech are Offering Two Very Different Views of Taiwan and reported that whereas Foxconn’s leader Terry Guo was opposed to the Independence Movement and thought it wouldn’t win power, “Morris Chang, Founder of Taiwan Semi Conductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Who is Often Called the Godfather of the Island’s Tech Industry, said he didn’t Think There was Likely to Be A War across the Taiwan Strait,” and,

We All Hope He is Right, but of Course He would Say That. After All, Some Washington Politicians have Openly Declared that at the First Sign of Conflict, the US Military would Blow Up All of TSMC Chip Foundries to Deny Them to the Mainland Chinese.

These Billionaires are aware that the Independence Movement threatens them, but do nothing about it. On the other hand, Radio Taiwan International headlined on 16 August 2022, UMC Founder: KMT Needs to Give Up ‘One China policy’” and opened:

United Micro Electronics (UMC) Founder Robert Tsao says the Kuomintang (KMT) Party needs to Give Up its One China Policy. He Made the Remarks in an Interview with Radio Taiwan International on Tuesday.  The UMC is the World’s Second Largest Contract Microchip Maker.

Tsao Reently Announced he is Donating NT $ 3 Billion, US $ 100 Million for Taiwan’s Defense. As China has Been Elevating Its Military Threat against Taiwan, he said the People of Taiwan Need to Be Determined to Strengthen the Nation’s Defense Abilities to Deter China from Attacking Taiwan.

He Criticized the Opposition KMT’s 1992 Consensus Policy in Which Taiwan and China Agree to One China, but Each Side has Its Own Interpretation. He Said That’s because China has Never Accepted Another interpretation.

On 15 January 2024, Australia’s Financial Review bannered Billionaire Urges Taiwan to ‘Prepare for the Worst’”, and reported,

Billionaire Robert Tsao warns that Taiwan’s 23 Million People must Be Prepared for an Eventual War with China, Even though the Risk of an Invasion has Eased while Xi Jinping Fights Economic Challenges at Home.

The 76 Year Old Founder of One of Taiwan’s First Semi Conductor Manufacturers has Retired from Big Business to Devote his Life to what he Believes is Protecting the Island Nation’s Interests from its Aggressive Neighbour.

So, not only is he not doing nothing about it, but he is actually encouraging what America’s Government is encouraging, by its donating US Weapons to Taiwan, an Open Public Declaration of Taiwan’s Independence from China.

The only difference from Lai’s policy is that the policy of Tsao and unofficially of the current US Government is that Taiwan and China are Two Separate Countries and are At War against Each Other.

That policy, of course, is exactly what the World’s Biggest Armaments Manufacturers, which are Headquartered in the United States, would want and lobby for. Whether Tsao is receiving any behind the scenes financial benefits from the US for this isn’t yet known.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the World after World War II in order to enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels extract the World’s Wealth by control of not only their ‘NewsMedia but the social ‘Sciences’, duping the public.
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