Eric Zuesse – The June 27th Biden Trump Debate didn’t Affect the Polls, it’s Still near A Tie

The June 27th Biden Trump Debate didn’t Affect the Polls, it’s Still near A Tie

The composite of Polls titled 2024 General Election, Trump versus Biden shows only Trump versus Biden and indicates slight if any movement toward Trump and away from Biden after the June 27th Debate. The biggest spread between the two Candidates had been +4.3% for Trump on January 27th, but, now, on July 2nd, it’s only +2.3% for Trump, and, so, right now, Biden is doing better than he was on January 27th, and nobody knows where things will be on November 5th.

The more comprehensive composite of Polls titled Presidential General Election Polls 2024 includes also Kennedy, West, and Stein, and likewise shows no significant change after the Debate, and, though Kennedy way outscores the other two “Third PartyCandidates, he’s still only around 10% on average, and not drawing substantially more from one than from the other of the two major Party Candidates so, he isn’t likely to be a spoiler between them.

Consequently, the performance of the two major Party Candidates in the July 27th Debate is not, as of yet, significantly affecting the contest in any way.

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