Eric Zuesse – Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean WWIII

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Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean WWIII

Just like when US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s American Government, during the 1962 Cuban Crisis, warned that Soviet missiles in Cuba would mean World War III, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s Russian Government warned, on 20 December 2021, that if its adjoining nation of Ukraine becomes a NATO member (which would present the danger of US missiles only a seven minute flight time away from Moscow) would mean WWIII.

Soviet Communism is gone, the Soviet dictatorship is gone, the Soviet response to NATO, the Warsaw Pact, is gone; but America and its allies have continued the Cold War against Russia; and, now, finally (after decades of NATO expansion right up to Russia’s borders), Russia has laid down the gauntlet to them, just as America had laid down the gauntlet to the Soviet Union and its allies, in 1962, regarding Cuba.

Russia’s RT News bannered on December 20th, Russia promises ‘military response’ to any further NATO expansion. Of course, any “military response” would be against NATO – all of it – and probably within less than an hour, most people on both sides of that nuclear war would be either dead or doomed soon to die – and even throughout the world there would be billions of deaths. No military conflict between Russia and America (and its ‘allies’ or vassal nations) would be able to remain non nuclear, because whichever side would be losing any non nuclear war would promptly release all of its nuclear stockpile against the other, and so the nuclear exchanges would become a part of any US versus Russia war.

The reader comments at that news report were informative, especially if a reader there clicks onto “Best” so as to be reading first the most “like”ed of the reader comments (and this means that the most representative of all of the comments are being posted at the top). Here they are.

COMMENTS – “BEST” (the top listed ones)


About time. NATO expansion must stop, because NATO’s intentions are not good. This organization has done a lot of damage in the last 25 years, and it must be reigned in.

Sun Tzu  TheFishhv2

NATO is a defense organization pal, they never attacked anyone!

1Beak1  Sun Tzu

How true as they were in Libya, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Colombia – What a wretched Liar.

LaCarreta  Sun Tzu

NATO in its 72 years of existence never defended a single member state only attacked, bombed, invaded a number of foreign nations.

NWOD  Sun Tzu

LOL, NATO is an aggressive imperialist enterprise. It has NEVER acted defensively – name a time it has – and every single war, battle, sabotage, and threat it has engaged in has been aggressive, unlawful and evil.

TheCruXx  Sun Tzu

And how can you explain it to the world, that NATO was in several wars, when NO ONE ATTACKED THEM, OR ANYONE OF THEM. Kinda odd for a defense club.

LeftForward  Sun Tzu

The best defense?

Libertarian4Eva  TheFishhv2

When Russia is done with eastern Europe, think they’d mind coming to our US Southern border? It’s not like it is defended at all, anyone can get through, and frankly the Russian troops would be good business for Texas. Considering our true enemy is in Washington DC, I think it would be a good breath of fresh air to have the visitors.


One should keep in mind that during the 1990 negotiations between the Soviet Union and the US led Western “bloc” over the issue of German Reunification (the so called Fall of the German Wall), the Western side promised that NATO would not expand itself into Eastern Europe. And yet, expand it did – and it has been expanding, and getting very close to Russia. To this day, Washington maintains a policy of “encircling” and “containing” Moscow. In fact, declassified documents that became public in 2017 show us that between 1990 and 1991, security assurances against any such NATO enlargement were given to Soviet authorities by Western leaders of the highest level. This 1990 promise was broken, which makes Russia the aggrieved party – and not the other way around, as US narratives would have it. Basically, the son called Iron Curtain fell, while its western counterpart (NATO) has grown larger and stronger – even though the Cold War supposedly ended. And that brings us to the current crisis.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910 – 2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean WWIII from EndlessWar

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